Rarebonusium Trophy in Mercury Hg

  • Rarebonusium


    Discover all 10 of the Bonus Levels in the Rare Earth Elements content pack.

    How to unlock Rarebonusium

    There are 10 levels that you will have to complete, one for each bonus level. In order to unlock it, it’s not enough to just complete the level, but you will have to get all of the bonuses (not targets, just the bonus target) in each level. Since there are only three groups in the DLC, you will only need to have at least 50 atoms to unlock all of the levels. The difference here is that you do not need to complete the challenges for the trophy. You just need to unlock them.

    The bonus levels and the levels that you need to complete are listed below.

    • Antineodynium – Neodynium [Nd]
    • Antithorium – Thorium [Th]
    • Antineptunium – Neptunium [Np]
    • Antigadolinium – Gadolinium [Gd]
    • Antiterbium – Terbium – [Tb]
    • Anticurium – Curium [Cm]
    • Anticalifornium – Californium [Cf]
    • Antiholmium – Holmium [Ho]
    • Antilutetium – Lutetium [Lu]
    • Antilawrencium – Lawrencium [Lr]

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