Mensa Material Trophy in Mensa Academy

  • Mensa Material


    Achieve a score of 160+ in Test mode.

    How to unlock Mensa Material

    This is best left until last. The test uses several of the mini-games so if you leave it until the end, you will know how to deal with all of the proposed questions/problems. The trophy pops when you get your results. Check here for tips/details on all 27 mini-games

    • If you're getting tied down on one question, try moving to another. It can help
    • Remember to pause the game to save some time
    • Have a pen/paper/calculator nearby
    • You have an average of 30 seconds per question
    • There is room for error, but not much so stay focused ( I got 162 and I also got 4 questions incorrect. So there is room for error with this one.)
    • If you don't get it in a couple of attempts, try the mini-game in which you struggle. Do this by going to Coach mode and then select the game you wish to play
    • Try getting the questions that you can definitely answer, answered first. By using the and buttons you can cycle through the questions; using the button brings you to the overview

    The mini games which feature in the test are listed below:

    1. Alchemy - Logic
    2. Chain Reaction - Logic
    3. Decoder - Logic
    4. Equilibrium - Numeracy
    5. Mixed Up - Language
    6. Number Relations - Numeracy
    7. Sequences - Logic
    8. Symballistics - Logic
    9. Symsums - Numeracy
    10. Word Deductions - Language

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