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    How to unlock Gold Award

    While playing Men's Room Mayhem, you will have a set of 3 objectives in the Start Menu to complete, ranging from reaching certain waves to obtaining specific bonuses. Once an objective has been completed, it will be checked off and replaced with a new one at the end of your current game. This means that if you would like to speed up your objective earning a bit, you can purposefully lose or even just hit restart in the Start Menu (although this option will not upload your score).

    There are 24 gold level objectives to complete. Below I have included a list of the different challenge types encountered in the game, as well as some tips to help achieve them:

    • Complete X Waves Without Any Mayhem
      • This is self explanatory. This will be easiest to accomplish in the first waves of a new match using whatever map you are most comfortable on. I personally found the first level, the hotel, and the beach the easiest levels to navigate but this may differ from player to player.
    • Reach Wave X/Go X Waves Without Any Fights
      • Similar to the above, except that patron accidents are allowed. Again use whatever map you are most comfortable on and simply be careful when drawing your paths.
    • Reach Wave X Without Any Mayhem
      • This is actually extremely easy because it simply means that your mayhem meter must be empty when the stage begins, so as long as you use the cleaning minigame to take care of any blood/accidents you will complete this challenge.
    • Score X Points in a single game/wave
      • These challenges will typically come fairly easy as you advance to the higher waves so you really just need to focus on surviving. If you're having trouble earning points, you receive a higher point multiplier with more patrons on the screen, so you can attempt to leave extra patrons on the screen instead of sending them to the exit.
    • Reach Wave X
      • Again simply focus on surviving. Find which maps you are most comfortable navigating and stick to those.
    • Serve X Patrons in a single wave/game
      • This will typically require you to reach Wave 6 or higher. Simply keep advancing and you'll eventually reach enough patrons.
    • Have X Patrons on Screen at Once
      • See Toilet Trouble for my strategy on fitting large numbers of patrons on the screen at one time.
    • End a Wave with X Mayhem
      • I'd recommend trying to knock this out in the early waves. You can intentionally cause fights and accidents near the end of the wave to reach the necessary mayhem level.
    • Break Up X Fights in a Single Wave/Game
      • As usual, I recommend trying to knock this out in the early waves as it is easier to keep track of all of the patrons. Intentionally start fights by directing two patrons into one another and then tap them again to break up the fight.
    • Get X Etiquette Bonuses in a Single Wave/Game
      • Etiquette bonuses are received by leaving an empty toilet between two patrons. It's easier to earn this bonus on maps with more toilets. I personally had the easiest time using the hotel and beach maps.
    • Get X Near Miss Bonuses in a Single Wave/Game
      • Near Misses occur when two patrons nearly collide but don't. You will likely accumulate these naturally while playing but if you don't, you can deliberately draw paths for your patrons that nearly intersect or direct them towards one another and turn one away at the last minute.
    • Get X Close Call Bonuses in a Single Wave/Game
      • Close Call bonuses occur when a patron reaches a toilet just before having an accident. A patron will have a timer over their head indicating time until accident and you will earn a Close Call bonus if a patron reaches a toilet when the timer is at 3 or lower. This is one of the more difficult challenges at higher levels as it involves a lot of shuffling patrons around the screen and creates a lot of backed up traffic.
        The beach map is in my opinion the best map to complete this challenge, as you can divide the traffic between the top and bottom sections of the screen. Draw long curved paths for the patrons to the top group of urinals and their accident timers will be just about at the right level as they are reaching those toilets, but adjust paths if necessary to buy yourself a few more seconds. As soon as these patrons are done, direct them to the exit and off the screen to clear space. Additionally, you will need to manage a few patrons on the bottom of the screen, keeping them out of each others way. I would keep a few at the bottom of the screen and start sending another wave of 3 patrons to the top as the top patrons are finishing.
    • Get X Hands Washed Bonuses in a Single Wave/Game
      • Hands Washed bonuses are earned by having patrons stop and wash their hands at a sink before directing them to the exit of the men's room. These challenges are relatively simple at first but get quite difficult when they reach the level of 16/18/20 in a single wave. I recommend using either the festival or the circus level as they both have 3 sinks as opposed to 2 found in most maps. You also will need to reach around Wave 6-8 before you'll be able to get enough patrons to reach the higher tiered challenges.
        Below I have included an image showing the path I used on the festival map, which will work best for Waves 6-8 (before that there are too few patrons and above too many). Essentially, you want to direct three people into the first three stalls in a wide arc and then up to the corresponding sinks. Once they have all finished washing their hands, I swipe all 3 (moving from right to left) to the exit. Meanwhile, think of the red path as overflow. In other words, if traffic on your main path starts getting backed up, send a person on the red path all the way around to the end stall (marked with a red 1) in order to create a buffer and make sure your main path is still flowing smoothly. The next time you need a buffer, send the patron to the urinal marked with the red 2 and so forth. Should you get an opportunity you can squeeze these patrons into the sinks, as they will wait at their assigned toilet until you touch them. Keep in mind that not all patrons move at the same speed, so any path you use will be a little bit luck dependent and will require your constant attention to avoid any unforeseen hiccups.

    Additionally, Majin Meza put together a video showing the same basic route plan in order to supplement the written description:


    • Get Close Call/Near Miss/Hands Washed Bonus with Specific Character in Specific Map
      • Simply play the indicated map and follow the advice for whatever bonus is needed when the special character appears.

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  • Is anyone else having a lot of trouble with getting 20 hands washed in a single wave? Tried following the picture and YouTube video as best as I can yet still can't accomplish it

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