• Estimated trophy difficulty: 5/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 52 (10, 31, 9, 1, 1)
  • Online trophies: 1 (1)
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 25 hours (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 6
  • Number of missable trophies: 16
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: Yes, but only on specific trophies.
  • Additional peripherals required?: No


Mega Man X Legacy Collection (letter, not number) is a collection of Mega Man X, Mega Man X2, Mega Man X3 and Mega Man X4, originally released on SNES (X-X3) and PS1 (X4) and now ported to the PS4.

The X series is a continuation of the original series, taking place 100 years later and staring X, Dr. Light’s final creation. It is a fast paced, side scrolling platformer with some minor RPG elements in later games. As in the original Mega Man, you will run, jump, shoot and dash your way to 8 robot masters, steal their weapons and then ultimately take on a gauntlet of stages to get to the final big bad.

Also included in this collection is a new mode called X-Challenge, which is a battle royal of X versus 2 of the robot masters from Mega Man X to Mega Man X6. Bosses from X7 and X8 are not included due to the 3D design of those games.


  • Satoryu
  • Killbomb
  • Legrooos
  • Duckky



Mega Man X1-X3
- X-Buster
- Jump
- Dash
- Left Weapon Select
- Right Weapon Select
- Menu

Mega Man X4/X Challenge
- X-Buster/Z-Saber
- Jump
- Dash
- Special Weapon
- Next Special Weapon
- Previous Special Weapon
- Giga Attack

Rookie Hunter mode

A new easy mode that can be activated in game by pressing or before launching a game. It significantly reduces damage to a point where most attacks won't even hurt you. Spike death and pitfall death only inflict damage. Finally, it does not disable any trophy that does not SPECIFICALLY say it cannot be used.


Step 1: Mega Man X

Beat the original Mega Man X on normal difficulty. Take the game at your own pace and learn it before really going for all the trophies if you must, but it’s not recommended to lower the difficulty.

Specifically in this game only, X does not begin with a dash move. It must first be found. Once you have access to the stage select, I suggest starting with Chill Penguin. It’s the fastest, most efficient way to get things rolling, as the dash move will be directly in your path and is incredibly helpful.

On this step you should/can earn:

In Buster We Trust
Nobody Nose My Sorrow
Just Plain Dillo
Gimp My Ride
Pretty (Devastating) In Pink
Never Hearts to Be Careful
First Armor
In the Heart of Battle
It's Over
How Long Will He Keep Fighting ?

Step 2: Mega Man X2

Beat Mega Man X2 on normal difficulty. Make sure to collect all the power ups. Once you’re comfortable with the game, attempt each of the special requirement trophies you might have missed on your first playthrough.

On this step you should/can earn:

Size Matters Not
Half the Sponge He Used to Be
Covert Ops
Take Your Time
Dodge This
Friendly Neighborhood Mega Man
Second Armor
The Price of Peace Is Often High
Zero Squared
Attack Me if You Dare
It's Really Over

Step 3: Mega Man X3

Beat Mega Man X3 on normal difficulty. Make sure to collect all the power ups. Once you’re comfortable with the game, attempt each of the special requirement trophies you might have missed on your first playthrough.

On this step you should/can earn:

All Units Stand By
Fight Fair!
Speed Isn't Everything
Power Isn't Everything
Persistence Isn't Everything
Always Believe in Your Soul
Third Armor
To Save Mankind
He Wanted You to Have This
It's Over... Right?
X-Treme Danger

Step 4: Mega Man X4

Beat Mega Man X4 on normal difficulty, with X, WITHOUT using the Ultimate Armor. Make sure to collect all the power ups and use every weapon. Then play the game with Zero, in whatever mode you wish, with or without the Black Armor.

On this step you should/can earn:

Pew Pew
Way of the Saber
Fully Charged
He Brought Fists to a Mech Fight
It Ain't Ova Till It's Nova
Fourth Armor
Promise Me, Zero
Mavericks After All
Tragic Destiny
It's Definitely Over
True Hero

Step 5: X-Challenge

Take everything you’ve learned and take on the X-Challenge mode. All the trophies can be unlocked in easy mode.

On this step you should/can earn:

What's Your Hunter Rank?
A-Class Hunter

Step 6: The Galleries

Once you clear X Challenge, view the gallery and listen to some music. There are some bonus extras in these modes that can be unlocked, gaining a few trophies.

On this step you should earn:

Reconnaissance Complete
Audio Signal Incoming
Identity Erased

Step 7: Clean up

Go back and clean up any remaining trophies and earn your .

On this step you should/can earn:

He's Actually Called Vava
Half the Saga
SA-Class Hunter

[PST Would Like To Thank shrapx for this Roadmap]

Mega Man X Legacy Collection Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

53 trophies ( 12  39  10  )

  • Earn all trophies and prove yourself as the ultimate Maverick Hunter.

    This is the platinum. It is very shiny. You got all the trophies! Congratulations.

  • View 20 images across all four titles, then change the wallpaper to the secret image.

    After beating a game a secret image is unlocked.

    Open the gallery and quickly cycle through each image for each game, viewing at least 20 each. Then launch one of the games to view the secret image and set it as new wallpaper. The wallpaper is what displays on either side of the 4:3 window when playing one of the four X games. This is done in a game by pressing and selecting Wallpaper. You should have Special 1 or Special 2 to select in addition to the normal options.

    If the Wallpaper was already set before looking through the gallery, just chance it to another wallpaper and back to the special wallpaper and the trophy will pop.

  • Listen to 10 tracks for long enough with the Music Player, and then listen to the secret track.

    In order to unlock this trophy, you first need to complete X Challenge, at least once, to gain access to the bonus track, “Give it a Shot (Extended)”.

    Go to the Museum from the main menu and select the Music Player. Then, press until you get to the last group of music, consisting of tracks from the Legacy Collection itself. Select the track X4-Boss and just let it run until you get to the end of the playlist. This will play 10 tracks plus the eleventh bonus track.

    Once the bonus track starts playing, the trophy will pop.

    Note that your Dual Shock might power off and the music will stop. If that happens, just turn it back on and continue the playlist.

  • Blast through the mystery of the staff credits and return to the future.

    Go to the Museum from the main menu and select Credits.

    You have to destroy a bunch of text with X as the credits roll. Fortunately, you don’t have to destroy everything, and even missing text you’ll unlock the bonus half way. Use to either shoot or charge the X-Buster or to use the Z-Sabre. You should be able to do everything standing to the side and using the X-Buster.

    Focus on shooting the Mavericks foremost. The more you destroy, you’ll hear item collect sound effects the further you go. Once you destroy enough, you’ll see a music note icon appear in the bottom left.

    Once the music icon appears in the lower left, put the controller down and let the credits end.

    At the end of the credits, the song RE:FUTURE will play and a few more credits will roll. Once the credits end you’ll get a bonus image and the trophy will pop.

  • Complete the opening stage of any game in both the English and Japanese versions.

    You’ll need to change the version of any Mega Man X game from the US to the Japanese Rockman X version in the main menu. Select a title and press to switch between the Mega Man or Rockman version of the game. Select the game of your choice. Then all you have to do is beat the opening demo stage. The difference between them is non-existent, save for the translations. There is no need to do it in English first if you've already played the game.

    (Vava is Vile’s name in Japan).

  • Complete Mega Man X1, X2, X3, and X4.

    Beat all four games in the collection to earn this trophy. You only need to complete each game once with either X or Zero (X4 only). For this trophy, you may use Rookie Hunter mode to beat each game as well, but note that there are trophies for beating each game without using Rookie Hunter mode.

  • Defeat any of the eight Maverick bosses in Mega Man X.

    Simply beat the first Maverick boss of your choice in Mega Man X. It’s done with the Buster by default, since no special weapons were earned yet. It’s suggested to fight Chill Penguin first, since you get access to the dash in his stage, which is essential, and he’s a fairly easy boss to beat without weapons. Just jump over his Shotgun Ice when he shoots as well as use the wall to avoid his slide and ice storms when he grabs the ring on the ceiling.

  • Cut off Flame Mammoth's trunk in Mega Man X.


    Use the Boomerang Cutter weapon earned from Boomer Kuwanger on Flame Mammoth to cut off his trunk. This can be done either on the first time or second time you fight him. Just keep hitting him with the Boomerang Cutter. After the third or so time his trunk will be severed. Without his trunk, he will not be able to spit oil out at you.

    Similarly, this same trick also works on Launch Octopus, which removes some of his arms and negates his health-draining attack.

  • Knock off Armored Armadillo's armor in Mega Man X.


    This is done by hitting Armored Armadillo with Spark Mandrill’s weapon, the Electric Spark. This can be done either on the first time or second time you fight him. Once you hit him with the Electric Spark, he will lose his armor, making this battle of attrition much easier as you will be able to hit him even when he's bouncing around the stage.

  • Destroy an enemy Ride Armor in Mega Man X.

    Easily done in Chill Penguin’s stage, Sting Chameleon’s stage, or the Sigma Fortress. Board a ride armor of your own and destroy one of the others. It’s almost impossible to miss, but those stages provide ample opportunity.

  • Use the Spiral Crush Buster to defeat a boss in Mega Man X.


    Once you get the powered up Arm Parts (either from a Light capsule or Zero), you will have a stronger X-Buster attack. Use that attack to defeat any boss in lieu of a special weapon. If you wait until you get to Sigma’s Fortress, use the new X-Buster on either Boomer Kuwanger or the boss of Stage 1, the Bospider. It’s easy enough to beat them with just the X-Buster - though any boss will work. Make sure to use the buster and ONLY the buster. Make sure the X-Buster is fully charged with a red glow and use this to finish off any boss character.

  • Receive Zero's arm part in Mega Man X.

    There are four armor capsules in Mega Man X, each granting X an upgrade part. One of these is the Arm Parts (located in Flame Mammoth's stage), which grant X an improved buster shot, dealing more damage. However, this trophy requires you to receive Zero's specifically - these are located in Sigma Stage 1, after the battle with Vile. You’ll also earn First Armor if you don’t already have it if you have the other armor parts

    To speed things up, use this password at the title screen to go straight to the Sigma Fortress with everything but the Arm parts. Play through until you get to Zero, after the fight with Vile.


  • Obtain all Heart Tanks and max out X's energy gauge in Mega Man X.

    There is a hidden Heart Tank in every boss stage, for 8 in total. Their locations are:

    • Flame Mammoth – It’s located in a pool of lava in the room with all the Dig Labor’s, the Sub Tank and the Arm Parts. You must beat Chill Penguin’s stage to make the lava freeze over, allowing you to walk on it.
    • Spark Mandrill – It is hidden in a small alcove in the upper right corner right after the first Mega Tortoise, before the second dark corridor. Use Boomerang Cutter to grab it.
    • Armored Armadillo – You either need to be in front of the second Mole Borer as it chases you, or kill it very fast so you can climb a rock formation to get the Heart Tank in the tunnel, before the Mole Borer trashes it and makes it unreachable. If this happens, exit and reenter the stage to try again.
    • Boomer Kuwanger – After beating his stage, return with his weapon. Climb up the tower and use the Boomerang Cutter or charged Shotgun Ice to grab the remote Heart Tank.
    • Chill Penguin – After the end area with Ride Armor’s, once you get on the snowy hill dash jump to the ceiling on the left. Use Fire Wave to destroy the bunkers. It will be hidden in the middle bunker.
    • Storm Eagle – At the beginning, get to the very top of the conveyor and dash jump to the far left. It’s on the roof of the building where you teleport in.
    • Launch Octopus – In the underwater section, there is a part where missiles will be falling down on you and a giant door on the floor. Use the whirlpool generators to get to the water surface and fight the ship up there. Once it’s destroyed, it will fall through the floor, opening an underground path to a room where you must fight the Utuboros (don’t confuse this Utuboros for the one that’s mandatory to clear the stage). Once it’s defeated, you can get the heart tank on the right.
    • Sting Chameleon – At the beginning of the stage right before the room with the falling rocks and the Body Parts, slide down the opening pitfall by clinging to the wall to a hidden lower room. Do not drop as the pit is still there. By beating Launch Octopus the room will be flooded. You can break into the room on the right using the foot parts, then dash jump through the water to the platform the heart tank is on.

    This password will give you 7 of the 8 heart tanks, except for the one in Storm Eagle's stage.


  • Obtain all four armor upgrades in Mega Man X.

    There are four armor capsules in Mega Man X, each granting X an upgrade part.

    The armor capsules are located in the following areas:

    • Foot Parts: Unmissable, located midway in Chill Penguin’s stage. You HAVE to collect them to proceed.
    • Body Parts: Located in a hidden area of Sting Chameleon’s stage, above the area where rocks fall from the ceiling and requires the Foot Parts to reach it. Climb up there, defeat the RT-55J and the capsule will appear. This is a long fight, but easy. Just shoot it in the head and dodge.
    • Head Parts: Located in a hidden area of Storm Eagle’s stage, right after the large pit. Climb the tall, thin piece of scaffolding and go into the area to the lower right. Use the Fire Wave or X-Buster to destroy the canisters blocking the entrance to the room with the capsule.
    • Arm Parts: Located in Flame Mammoth’s stage in the room with all the Dig Labors, the Sub Tank and the Heart Tank. You need the Foot Parts and Head Parts to reach it with cracker-jack perfection on your dash jump of the very edge of the below bridge to reach it. Alternatively, collect it from Zero in Sigma Stage 1.

    This password will five you 3 of the 4 armor parts, minus the Arm parts.


  • Complete Mega Man X (cannot be earned in Rookie Hunter mode).

    Beat Mega Man X on normal. You cannot lower the difficulty and earn the trophy. It’s recommended to do the Chill Penguin stage first, when given the choice. Make sure to collect all the armor parts, heart tanks and sub tanks for other trophies, and to make your life easier. The trophy will pop once the credits end. You’ll also earn It's Over by default.

    Tips and Tricks

    Begin on Chill Penguin’s stage, for the much needed Foot Parts.


    Opening Stage
    Vile (Weakness: N/A) This is unwinnable

    8 Boss
    Chill Penguin (Weakness: Fire Wave)
    Spark Mandrill (Weakness: Shotgun Ice)
    Armored Armadillo (Weakness: Electric Spark)
    Launch Octopus (Weakness: Rolling Shield)
    Boomer Kuwanger (Weakness: Homing Torpedo)
    Sting Chameleon (Weakness: Boomerang Cutter)
    Storm Eagle (Weakness: Chameleon Sting)
    Flame Mammoth (Weakness: Storm Tornado)

    Sigma Fortress
    Vile (Weakness: Rolling Shield)
    Bospider (Weakness: Shotgun Ice)
    Rangda Bangda (Weakness: Chameleon Sting)
    D-REX (Weakness: Boomerang Cutter)
    Velgauder (Weakness: Shotgun Ice)
    Sigma (Weakness: Electric Spark)
    Wolf Sigma (Weakness: Rolling Shield)

  • Complete the opening stage of Mega Man X2 with a full energy gauge.

    Not as hard as it sounds. You have to beat the first stage of Mega Man X2 with all your life. That means, you have to beat Giant Mechaniloid CG-0 without getting hit. You do not have to clear the stage without getting hit, just go into the boss with a full life bar and don’t get hit fighting it.

    To do that, you need to watch how he jumps. Avoid being on the right or left of him, where his spiky hands will fall as they can hit you when he lands. Also avoid the sides of his head. Climb the platforms and shot him in the head for victory. It takes four charged shots to kill it.

    Alternatively, you can use Rookie Hunter mode to remove the threat of damage almost entirely. Credit: Killbomb

  • Cut Wire Sponge in half in Mega Man X2.


    Use the Sonic Slicer earned from Overdrive Ostrich on Wire Sponge. On the finishing hit with the Sonic Slicer, Wire Sponge will get cut in half. The regular Sonic Slicer works, you do not need to charge it.

    If you need to do just this, use this password to go directly to Wire Sponge, with all other items.


  • Complete Magna Centipede's stage without being spotted by a single searchlight in Mega Man X2.


    This one’s tough. Throughout the stage, there are yellow search lights. You need to avoid these all throughout the stage to get the trophy. You also have to avoiding the scanner used to upgrade the Raider Killer. Finally, you must defeat Magna Centipede. Attempting this trophy after Magna Centipede has been defeated will get you nothing. If you die, the trophy is NOT disabled. Credit: Satoryu

    If things are going too fast, try charging the Crystal Hunter weapon. It slows down time, yourself included, but makes timing easier to see.

    To go straight to this stage, with all other power ups, enter this password.


  • Watch Morph Moth's metamorphosis in Mega Man X2 without interfering.


    Morph Moth is a unique Maverick, as for the first half of the fight he is in a cocoon state. Halfway through the battle, he will transform into a moth.

    What you have to do for this trophy is avoid all his attacks until he transforms of his own accord. DO NOT ATTACK HIM AT ALL. After a while, he will begin flashing and disappear into the ceiling and transform. At this point, the trophy will pop after a moment. You might want to bring a sub tank or two just to weather any damage you take. But this is all about patience.

    This password will get you to Morph Moth with all other power ups.


  • Use Giga Crush to score the final hit against any of the eight Maverick bosses in Mega Man X2.

    To use the Giga Crush, you must obtain the Body armor parts, found in Morph Moth’s stage. Right after you enter the building at the beginning, you’ll walk past some junk. On the first gray floor, use the Spin Wheel to break through the floor. Below this area is the capsule.

    The Giga Crush becomes a special weapon that can be used. It must be fully charged first, which is done by taking damage. Once it’s fully charged, it can be unleashed for a devastating screen filling attack. Now you just need to finish one of the boss stages, or get to the end of the game where you fight them all again, and weaken one of them until they are low on health, with no more than 1 or 2 pips of health (Maverick bosses have high resistance to the attack). Then, simply use the Giga Crush and kill them off.

  • Use Silk Shot to grab an item in Mega Man X2.

    Once you defeat Morph Moth, you will earn the Silk Shot weapon. Like the trophy says, grab an item with it. You’ll need the Arm armor parts as well, because this only works with the charged Silk Shot.

    There are a few scattered rooms that are apparently useless. However, if you use a charged Silk Shot in these rooms, you will drag in several items instead of the usual weapon.

    The easiest one to reach is probably in Bubble Crab's stage. Right after the Sea Canthller breaks open the door on the floor, hug the left wall and there is a hidden room near the top. Another place to do this is Crystal Snail stage, right after the Head Parts. But there are several of these rooms scattered around the game.

  • Obtain all four armor upgrades in Mega Man X2.

    There are four armor capsules in Mega Man X2, each granting X an upgrade part.

    The armor capsules are located in the following areas:

    • Foot Parts: Located in Overdrive Ostrich’s stage. Near the end, immediately after the heart tank, there are some faux blocks that can be destroyed with the Spin Wheel. Dash jump over there, break in and reach the capsule.
    • Body Parts: Located in Morph Moth’s stage. Right after you enter the building at the beginning, you’ll walk past some junk. On the first gray floor, use the Spin Wheel to break through the floor. Below this area is the capsule.
    • Head Parts: Located in Crystal Snail's stage. Right after fighting the Magna Quartz mini boss, slide down the slippery slope. Slide down the left wall into the pitfall to a small corridor on the left with the capsule.
    • Arm Parts: Located in Wheel Gator’s stage. Shortly after getting inside the tank, you’ll notice an opening in the ceiling. You need the foot parts to be able to air dash over to it.

  • Complete Mega Man X2 (cannot be earned in Rookie Hunter mode).

    Beat Mega Man X2 on normal. You cannot lower the difficulty and earn the trophy. Make sure to collect all the armor parts, heart tanks and sub tanks to make life easier. Starting off with Wheel Gator is easy because his moves are easy to predict and avoid.

    This trophy won’t pop until the end of the credits. It's Really Over will be earned as well, if you haven’t gotten it already.

    Tips and Tricks

    Start with Wire Sponge, as there is an easily accessible heart tank and sub tank in this stage.
    You can also use a password to bypass most of the game and go straight to specific stages with specific equipment to get any trophies you might have missed.


    Opening Stage
    Giant Mechaniloid CF-0 (Weakness: Buster)

    8 Boss
    Wheel Gator (Weakness: Strike Chain)
    Bubble Crab (Weakness: Spin Wheel)
    Flame Stag (Weakness: Bubble Splash)
    Morph Moth (Weakness: Speed Burner)
    Magna Centipede (Weakness: Silk Shot)
    Crystal Snail (Weakness: Magnet Mine)
    Overdrive Ostrich (Weakness: Crystal Hunter)
    Wire Sponge (Weakness: Sonic Slicer)

    X-Hunter Stages
    Neo Violen (Weakness: Bubble Splash)
    Serges Tank (Weakness: Speed Burner)
    Agile Flyer (Weakness: Magnet Mine)
    Zero (Optional) (Weakness: Speed Burner)

    Final Stage
    Sigma (Weakness: Sonic Slicer)
    Sigma 2nd Form (Weakness: Strike Chain)

  • Obtain all four Ride Armor chips in Mega Man X3.

    Ride Armors must be unlocked to be used in this game. What’s more, you have to unlock the Change-N, or R-Armor, first in order for any of the others to be used. You can collect them, but without the Normal armor, the summon plates are useless.

    The 4 Ride Armors are found here:

    • R-Armor (Chimera): Located in Blast Hornet’s stage. After the first sub boss room, use a Tornado Fang on the crates on top of a breakable floor, in between bunkers, which opens a path downwards. Keep removing obstacles leftward and then downward with Tornado Fang and find the Ride Armor at the bottom of the hidden room. Break its restraints and take it for a spin.
    • Change-K (Kangaroo): Located in Toxic Seahorse’s stage. You need the Change-F to reach this. The Frog Ride Armor has great mobility under water. Underwater, use the Ride Armor to propel yourself to the water’s surface by repeatedly hitting . Then jump out of the Ride Armor and skip on the water’s surface, air dashing upwards to reach the adaptor.
    • Change-H (Hawk): Located in Crush Crawfish’s stage. In the first room, there is a breakable floor that can be destroyed with a charged Triad Thunder. The Change-H is in the room below.
    • Change-F (Frog): Located in Gravity Beetle’s stage. Right after the first sub boss room, it’s hidden in the upper left of the scaffolding tower. Use the Foot Parts to air dash upwards to reach it.

  • Destroy Vile MK-2's Ride Armor (DRA-00) in Mega Man X3.


    After the first two Maverick bosses are defeated, Vile MK-2 makes his appearance.

    There are two ways to face Vile MK-2 at this point. The first is find a purple teleportation capsule hidden in a Maverick stage and teleport to Vile’s stage. The other is to face him in the Dr. Doppler stages, if you fail to beat him beforehand. For this trophy, you need to face him in a Maverick stage.

    If you face him in the Maverick stages via a teleporter, he will be using a DRA-00 Ride Armor. Defeat it and face Vile to earn the trophy. The easiest teleporter to reach is in Volt Catfish’s stage. Immediately in the stage you’ll see a pitfall with spikes on either sides as well as an elevator in the middle. Ride this down to a Vile teleporter.

    It’s easy to destroy, just hit it with the charged X-Buster then wall jump/dash jump over him. Repeat until the armor is destroyed. The trophy will pop and the battle with Vile will begin in earnest.

    This password will get you past the first three bosses, and immediate access to Vile if you go to Volt Catfish’s stage.


  • Reach Bit without a Ride Armor and win without the aid of special weapons in Mega Man X3.


    This is best done by not unlocking any of the Ride Armors until AFTER Bit and Byte are both defeated. After defeating your first two Mavericks, Bit and Byte will show up in the sub boss rooms in each stage.

    Keep playing the game until you encounter Bit on the 3rd Maverick stage. Make sure all your sub tanks are charged, if you have them. Also, use Zero to reach the room where Bit will be to avoid taking any damage and fight him with X fresh.

    When you reach him, beat him with just the X-Buster. Try to have charged sub tanks ready, as he can be difficult. He will dash attack at you from one side to the other, tracking your position and dashing at you in that axis. He will also launch a ring that can trap you and a ball attack that tracks you.

    The best method to beat him is to stay in the corner, charge the X-Buster and wait for him to charge you. Fire, wall jump and air dash over him to the next corner and repeat. You have to be fast and it’s not perfect, but he can get into mini loops where he repeats this many times before firing one of his projectiles at you.

    Because he’s fought so early on, use the Password Generator if you need a shortcut.

  • Reach Byte without a Ride Armor and win without the aid of special weapons in Mega Man X3.


    This is best done by not unlocking any of the Ride Armors until AFTER Bit and Byte are both defeated. After defeating your first two Mavericks, Bit and Byte will show up in the sub boss rooms in each stage.

    Keep playing the game until you encounter Byte on the 7th Maverick stage. Make sure all your sub tanks are charged, if you have them. Also, use Zero to reach the room where Bit will be to avoid taking any damage and fight him with X fresh.

    When you reach him, beat him with just the X-Buster. Try to have charged sub tanks ready, as he can be difficult. He likes to punch you around like a rag doll, knocking you across the room multiple times. He’ll throw some kind of gravity anchor at a wall making it very hard to dash jump.

    With the Foot Parts, you can air jump straight up and he will pass under you as he dashes from side to side. If you lock your timing in, he will loop into this pattern of throwing and anchor/you shoot, you air jump just prior to his dash and he passes under you, repeat.

    This password will take you right to him, with several power ups as well.


    However, due to the difficulty you can use the Password Generator to set up your own ideal set of circumstances prior to fighting Byte.

  • Reach Vile MK-2 without a Ride Armor and win without the aid of special weapons in Mega Man X3.


    I recommend doing this on Rookie Hunter mode, unless you’re confident.

    First, do NOT encounter Vile MK-2 in the 8 Maverick stages by entering a Vile teleporter. Instead, face him in Dr. Doppler stage 2. Then, once you get there, use ONLY the X-Buster. The Brown Bear is easy enough to destroy, but Vile himself can be a pest. He likes to catch you in webs and then grab you. He also likes to shoot fire walls that move across the screen.

    If you want to start at Dr. Doppler’s stage with the leg work already done, use this password.


    Note: Apparently, this trophy can also be earned if you follow the no Ride Armor rule and face Vile in the Maverick stages. Credit: Legrooos

  • Obtain the Hyper Chip in Mega Man X3.


    This upgrade is straight forward to get, unlike the Hadoken or Shoryuken. To get it, X must have all collectible items in the game EXCEPT the special enhancement chips. DO NOT INSTALL ANY OF THE FOUR enhancement chips. The hardest part is REACHING it as there is a very annoying compactor to get past. When you get to the capsule, you need full life as well, though you do not need to be undamaged or have 9 lives or anything like that.

    First, you need all 4 armor parts, all 8 heart tanks, all 4 sub tanks and all 4 Ride Armor adapters.

    Or use this password to bypass all the grinding and go straight to where you need to go stage with all the power ups.


    Refer to All Units Stand By and Third Armor .

    The 8 Heart Tanks are found here:

    • Blizzard Buffalo – Use a Ride Armor to break the ice blocks at the beginning of the stage. The heart tank is below.
    • Toxic Seahorse – Before the first sub boss room you’ll proceed upwards through some sludge. Near the top you’ll be going through two waterfalls of sludge. Keep going to the top to reach the heart tank.
    • Tunnel Rhino – Not far into the stage, there will be a room on the right off of the normal path, with a rock held by rope in the ceiling. Use a charged Triad Thunder, with the Arm Parts, to reach it.
    • Volt Catfish – There is an elevator with spikes on either side that rises up. Normally you get off half way, but if you ride it to the top there is a small room to the right where the heart tank is. Dash jump or better yet air dash to the other side and get the tank.
    • Crush Crawfish – In the beginning, a Hamma Hamma will break through the floor creating a path down. Part way, there is a breakable wall. Use the Ride Armor to break the wall, leading to the heart tank on the other side.
    • Neon Tiger – After the 2nd sub boss room, there is an open area with a Tombort to ride. Ride on it and dash jump to the right to find the heart tank in a small alcove right above the boss door.
    • Gravity Beetle – Inside the hanger at the beginning, it is located on a platform in the upper left, normally hidden behind immovable crates. Return after defeating Blast Hornet and the crates will be gone.
    • Blast Hornet – In the middle of the stage in the outdoor area, before opening the door and re-entering the building, use the Foot Parts to air dash upwards on the side of the building. The heart tank is on the roof.



    The 4 Sub Tanks are found here:

    • Blizzard Buffalo – This is in plain sight, in the upper left corner of the end area, where it’s snowing. After getting the Foot Parts, get on the ledge jump over, air dash straight up to reach it.
    • Tunnel Rhino – Before the first sub boss room, it’s hidden in an easily reached upper right corner.
    • Neon Tiger – In the first wide open area, it’s in a small alcove in the upper right. Reach it either by riding a Tombort or using the air dash.
    • Volt Catfish – After the sub boss room, move right and then up. Get a Ride Armor and then drop down the way you came to crash through the floor. The sub tank is down there.


    In the first Dr. Doppler stage, proceed past the sub boss Rex 2000. Work your way through the big room and down. Make sure to collect enough health items to restore your life to 100% before dropping down the opening next to a Walk Blaster and Caterkiller into the next area.

    Immediately in the next area you will see a pitfall. Slide down the left wall and into a faux wall where a hidden room and the capsule are. Get to the capsule with full life and a purple Dr. Light capsule should be present. Dr. Light has found a way to incorporate all four enhancement chips into a single chip, granting you the upgrade to all four parts, and turning your armor gold. This has been referred to as the Hyper Special armor in the past.

    You now have access to dual air dash jumps, automatic healing, a barrier on getting hit, and a new buster sub weapon.

  • Obtain all four armor parts in Mega Man X3.

    There are four armor capsules in Mega Man X3, each granting X an upgrade part.

    The armor capsules are located in the following areas:

    • Foot Parts: Located in Blizzard Buffalo’s stage. It’s in a room immediately above where the boss door is. You need to get on the above road and dash jump over. But first, it’s recommended to destroy the ice machine.
    • Body Parts: Located in Volt Catfish’s stage. To reach this, you need the Gravity Well and the Arm Parts. There is an elevator where you exit right but can continue to ride higher to an area where there is a bizarre platform with an icon that animates with what looks like an arrow. Stand on top of this, charge up the Gravity Well and fire to cause the platform to rise, taking you to the capsule.
    • Head Parts: Located in Tunnel Rhino’s stage. After the first sub boss room, you will come across another rock held by rope in the air. Use a charged Triad Thunder to break the rope and remove the obstacle.
    • Arm Parts: Located in Neon Tiger’s stage. It is hidden behind an obvious breakable wall before the first sub boss. Use the Tornado Fang to break through it. Then use the Foot Parts to air dash to the right and then again upwards to reach the capsule.

  • Complete Mega Man X3 (cannot be earned in Rookie Hunter mode).

    Beat Mega Man X3 on normal. You cannot lower the difficulty and earn the trophy. Make sure to collect all the armor parts, heart tanks and sub tanks. However, to limit playthroughs, get the Z-Saber. You can either collect the Hyper Chip or skip it.

    This trophy will pop after the credits. But the important thing is to not forget that after defeating Kaiser Sigma, you have to escape. You can still die and have to redo the entire last boss battle all over again just to get to the credits.

    Tips and Tricks

    I’d recommend starting things off with Blizzard Buffalo. He’s easy to avoid.
    If you’re having trouble, get the Hyper Chip for dealing with Sigma.
    Also, go for the Z-Saber upgrade, since it’s an equivalent to Hadoken or Shoryuken.


    Opening Stage
    Maoh the Giant(Weakness: Buster)

    8 Boss
    Blizzard Buffalo (Weakness: Parasitic Bomb)
    Toxic Seahorse (Weakness: Frost Shield)
    Tunnel Rhino (Weakness: Acid Burst)
    Volt Catfish (Weakness: Tornado Fang)
    Crush Crawfish (Weakness: Triad Thunder)
    Neon Tiger (Weakness: Spinning Blade)
    Gravity Beetle (Weakness: Ray Splasher)
    Blast Hornet (Weakness: Gravity Well)

    Note that depending how you progressed through the game, the bosses of the first two stages will change.

    Final Stages
    Godkarmachine 0 Inary (Weakness: Ray Splasher) or Press Disposer (Weakness: Tornado Fang)
    Vile Mk-II & Brown Bear (Weakness: Parasitic Bomb/Tornado Fang) or Volt Kurageil (Weakness: Frost Shield/Triad Thunder)
    Dr. Doppler (Weakness: Acid Burst)
    Sigma (Weakness: Spinning Blade)
    Kaiser Sigma (Weakness: X-Buster)

  • Fire fully-charged shots using all of X's weapons in a single playthrough of Mega Man X4.


    After beating each of the 8 Mavericks, X will gain a new weapon. But to charge them, X will need to find and equip the Arm armor parts.

    There are actually 10 charged weapons in the game, and they all count towards this trophy. There are the 8 Maverick weapons and there are two alternate Arm Parts that offer upgraded charge shots for X. You need to fire both of these. So when you reach the Arm Parts, select the one which will give you four total charged shots. Charge and fire all four shots. Then get the alternate Arm Parts with the big shot. Charge and use that. Finally, charge and use all 8 boss weapons.

    Each weapon that must be charged is as follows:

    • Arm Parts (White) – Charge a full stack of white shots and fire them all.
    • Arm Parts (Black) – Charge the huge buster shot and fire it.
    • Frost Walrus – Frost Tower
    • Jet Stingray – Ground Hunter
    • Slash Beast – Twin Slasher
    • Web Spider – Lightning Web
    • Split Mushroom – Soul Body
    • Cyber Peacock – Aiming Laser
    • Storm Owl – Double Cyclone
    • Magma Dragoon – Rising Fire
  • Use all of Zero's special saber techniques in a single playthrough of Mega Man X4.

    After beating each of the 8 Mavericks, Zero will learn a new technique. Several of these techniques you will use automatically, but here they are anyway. Just make sure to use each move at least once by finding a nice secluded section of the final stages and using each move. Or just use them against the bosses in the boss gauntlet. Easy.

    Each technique to use is:

    • Frost Walrus – Hyouretsuzan, + when jumping
    • Jet Stingray - Hienkyaku, dash while jumping. The air dash, basically.
    • Slash Beast – Shippuuga, dash then
    • Web Spider – Raijingeki, on the ground.
    • Split Mushroom - Kuuenbu, double jump plus for a spinning attack.
    • Cyber Peacock – Rakuhouha, to fire.
    • Storm Owl – Tenkuuha, stronger Z-Sabre.
    • Magma Dragoon – Ryuenjin, +
  • Obtain the EX Item, and have max. lives, energy, weapon energy, and full Sub Tanks in Mega Man X4.

    Self-explanatory. The best place to farm lives and tank energy is the very beginning of Frost Walrus’s stage, as in the area above there is an extra life and several energy capsules. There is also another life right below that.

    The location of all the heart tanks are:

    • Frost Walrus – Shortly into the stage, you’ll see a few ice blocks in the ceiling. The heart tank is above them. Break the blocks with Rising Fire/Ryuenjin and the heart tank will fall to you.
    • Jet Stingray – In the first part, as your riding the Land Chaser, do not jump over the 3rd pitfall. There will be a landing below and an overhang up top. The landing below has the heart tank. You want to fall and work your way right as your falling to reach it.
    • Slash Beast – Found in the second part of the stage. Once you get the ride armor, it’s possible to destroy the red train cars. The heart tank is inside one of them.
    • Web Spider – Come back to this stage with Rising Fire/Ryuenjin. You need to burn the tree stumps near the end of part 2 of the stage. The tank is hidden behind the 2nd one.
    • Split Mushroom – After the staircase of part 2, you’ll see it right above you. You need Lightning Web/Kuuenbu to reach it, however. Also, you need to dash across the pit first to make the two Tentoroid BS’s fall and get out of the way.
    • Cyber Peacock – You need to clear the tests in part 1 fast, with S ranks. For X, you’ll get the tank after the first S-Rank is cleared. For Zero, you the tank after the second straight S rank is cleared.
    • Storm Owl – For this one you have to be quick. Once you get to the area where the UFO’s start destroying platforms, it will be in the center of the first one to fall.
    • Magma Dragoon – After the large pit at the beginning of part 2, you’ll climb a small area. It’s in the upper left corner of the exit. Use the Lightning Web/Kuuenbu to reach it.

    The location of all the sub tanks are:

    • Sub Tank 1 - Cyber Peacock - You need to clear the tests in part 1 fast, with S ranks. For X, you’ll get the sub tank after the second straight S-Rank is cleared. For Zero, you the tank after the third straight S rank is cleared.
    • Sub Tank 2 - Jet Stingray - At the end of part two, you will want to do an air dash in the Land Chaser at just the right time to reach an outcropping with several blocks on it. This is located just before the sequence ends.
    • Weapon Tank - Frost Walrus stage. In part two, when you’re navigating the corridor of Ice blocks, it’s frozen inside one near the end. It’s hard to see but hard to miss also.
    • EX Item – Frost Walrus stage. In the section of part 1 where there is a giant ice slide, you need to get to the wall on the right side. It’s in the upper right corner. Use the Lightning Web/Kuuenbu to reach it.

  • Use a Ride Armor to score the final hit against Magma Dragoon in Mega Man X4.


    Near the end of the stage, you can board a ride armor. Taking it into the lava, you can break a few bricks and take it right into the battle with Magma Dragoon. To make sure you’re successful and that the Ride Armor isn’t destroyed, exit the Ride Armor and fight normally until Dragoon is weakened. Then, re-board it and take him out. The trophy won’t pop until after he explodes, before dialogue begins.

  • Use Nova Strike to score the final hit against a boss in Mega Man X4.

    This can be done by equipping the Body armor parts, which installs the Nova Strike as a sub weapon. This sub weapon is charged by taking damage and is limited to a single use at a time. Alternatively, you can unlock the Ultimate Armor which has unlimited Nova Strikes.

    The Ultimate Armor is unlocked by selecting X on the character screen. Then, press , , , , , , , , then press and hold + then until X is selected and the game begins. You will know the code works because the under armor bits of X’s design will appear purplish instead of blue/green. Once you find your first Armor Capsule, X will get the Ultimate Armor in its entirety.

    Once you have access to the Nova Strike, fight any boss and weaken it until it’s close to death. Then use the Nova Strike to get in the final hit. You have to time it carefully, if you’re not using the Ultimate Armor, because you will get only one shot. Otherwise, with the Ultimate Armor, just spam the Nova Strike.

  • Obtain all four armor parts in Mega Man X4.

    There are four armor capsules in Mega Man X4, each granting X an upgrade part. There are two versions of the Arm Parts, however, found in the same room. One grants you four stacked charge shots while the other grants you one bigger charge shot. Grab whichever one you prefer.

    The armor capsules are located in the following areas:

    • Foot Parts: Found in Web Spider's stage. It is hidden behind an obvious opening in part 1 here your supposed to go left and down, but instead go right to the capsule.
    • Head Parts: Found in Cyber Peacock’s stage. You need to clear the tests in part 1 fast, with S ranks. For X, you’ll get the sub tank after the third straight S-Rank is cleared. Note that if you fail, you can die and restart the test you’re on and it will not affect the previously cleared S-Ranks, which is good if you mess up on the third one.
    • Body Parts: Found in Magma Dragoon’s stage. Right after the heart tank, before you get on the Ride Armor, you want to use a Lightning Web to the right of the descent. Jump to the Lightning Web then air dash to cross over to a platform on the right. Then use a charged Twin Slasher to break the wall and get to the capsule.
    • Arm Parts: Found in Storm Owl’s stage. Shortly after the beginning of part 2, you’ll be in a room covered in spikes. You’ll see an opening in the ceiling, where you can use the Lighting Web to cover the spikes and allow you to wall jump up. You have to get the placement and timing perfect.

  • Complete X's story in Mega Man X4.

    You must beat the game with X. It’s suggested to do this on Normal, WITHOUT the Ultimate Armor, to unlock True Hero and Tragic Destiny at the same time.

  • Complete Zero's story in Mega Man X4.

    You must beat the game with Zero. You can use the Black Zero if you wish.

    To unlock the Black Zero, on the character select screen highlight Zero. Then,
    press and hold , press , , , , , , release , hold , .
    When Zero appears on Sky Lagoon, he will appear black. It offers no game play bonuses and is purely aesthetic.

    The trophy will pop after the credits.

  • Complete Mega Man X4 (cannot be earned in Rookie Hunter mode).

    Beat Mega Man X4 on normal. You cannot lower the difficulty and earn the trophy. Make sure to collect all the armor parts, heart tanks and sub tanks. To limit playthroughs, use X and do not use the Ultimate Armor code, if you can.

    Tips and Tricks

    Begin with Frost Walrus. He’s straightforwardly easy.
    Then Jet Stingray for an easy to reach Sub Tank.
    Use Soul Body/Kuuenbu in Cyber Peacock’s stage to destroy those floating Miru Toraeru, eliminating them from catching you and slowing you down when gunning for the S-Rank’s.


    Opening Stage
    Eregion (Weakness: X-Buster/Z-Sabre)

    8 Boss
    Frost Walrus (Weakness: Rising Fire/Ryuenjin)
    Jet Stingray (Weakness: Frost Tower/Hyouretsuzan)
    Slash Beast (Weakness: Ground Hunter/Raijingeki)
    Web Spider (Weakness: Twin Slasher/Shippuuga)
    Split Mushroom (Weakness: Lightning Web/Raijingeki)
    Cyber Peacock (Weakness: Soul Body/Ryuenjin)
    Storm Owl (Weakness: Aiming Laser/Rakuhouha)
    Magma Dragoon (Weakness: Double Cyclone/Raijingeki)

    Space Port
    Colonel (Weakness: Frost Tower/Hyouretsuzan)

    Final Weapon
    Double (Weakness: Double Cyclone) or Iris (Weakness: Ryuenjin)
    General (Weakness: Twin Slasher/Z-Sabre)
    Sigma (Weakness: Rising Fire/Ryuenjin)
    Sigma 2nd Form (Weakness: Lighting Web/Rakuhouha)
    Sigma 3rd Form Gunner Sigma (Weakness: Soul Body/Ryuenjin)
    Sigma 3rd Form Earth Sigma (Weakness: Ground Hunter/Hyouretsuzan)

  • Complete an X Challenge stage equipped with only the X-Buster.

    Complete a single X Challenge stage with just the X-Buster. It’s suggested to do this on Easy, on the first mission. Do not select any weapons, just go in with the X-Buster. If you selected weapons, press to deselect all weapons (if all three are picked).

    You’ll face Chill Penguin and Frost Walrus and X will be depowered in his normal form (with only the foot parts available for use). Once you beat both Mavericks and return to the challenge menu, the trophy will pop.

  • Check your own ranking in X Challenge.


    Once you complete your first X Challenge, you can view your score in the leader board. Open the leader board with while a challenge you cleared is selected to view your score and the trophy will pop.

  • Complete all X Challenge stages.

    X Challenge mode pits X against a gauntlet of bosses, fighting two Mavericks at once, in sets of three for a total of 6 bosses that must be beaten in each challenge. Before going into the gauntlet, you can select 3 power up weapons. You’d be wise to pick one weapon weakness for each pair of Mavericks, because it’s much easier to get rid of one fast and deal with the other than leave them both in indefinitely.

    Each challenge will shuffle the available weapons at your exposure. Fortunately, every Maverick weakness weapon is available for selection for that challenge. Some weapons, such as Fire Wave or Speed Burner, are effective against multiple bosses too.

    Easy mode allows you a full health and weapon energy recharge in between every 1v2 match. Every boss can be beaten by brute force, even with just the X-Buster.

    You can do this all on easy difficulty. You don’t have to suffer through any higher modes. I recommend making changes to the controls, such as moving the Special Weapon from to and perhaps the Dash to . If you like dash where it is, then move Special Weapon to , because is just awkward to reach.

    Beating this mode will put you into the credits. Refer to Identity Erased . Hard mode and Practice mode are also unlocked. Finally, a new track in the music player will unlock. Refer to Audio Signal Incoming

    The trophy will pop after the credits when you get to the Total Score screen.

    Stage 1
    Weapons: Strike Chain, Ground Hunter, Spin Wheel, Twin Slasher, Guard Shell, Fire Wave, Sonic Slicer, Spike Ball, Rising Fire

    1-1: Chill Penguin/Frost Walrus (Recommended: Fire Wave)
    1-2: Wheel Alligator/Bubble Crab (Recommended: Spin Wheel)
    1-3: Slash Beast/Crescent Grizzly (Recommended: Ground Hunter)

    Stage 2
    Weapons: Shotgun Ice, Metal Anchor, Goo Shaver, Ground Fire, Spinning Blade, Dark Hold, Ray Arrow, Aiming Laser, Chameleon Sting

    2-1: Storm Eagle/Storm Owl (Recommended: Chameleon Sting)
    2-2: Spiral Pegasus/Neon Tiger (Recommended: Dark Hold)
    2-3: Volt Kraken/Shield Sheldon (Recommended: Metal Anchor)

    Stage 3
    Weapons: Yammar Option, Speed Burner, Acid Burst, Spin Wheel, Frost Tower, Shotgun Ice, Soul Body, Ray Splasher, Wing Spiral

    3-1: Spark Mandrill/Bubble Crab (Recommend: Shotgun Ice)
    3-2: Cyber Peacock/Tunnel Rhino (Recommend: Soul Body)
    3-3: Dr. Doppler/Godkarmachine O Inary (recommend: Ray Splasher)

    Stage 4
    Weapons: Chameleon Sting, Double Cyclone, Electric Spark, Ground Fire, Tri-Thunder, Frost Shield, Crescent Shield, Spinning Blade, Sonic Slicer

    4-1: Magma Dragoon/Neon Tiger (Recommended: Double Cyclone)
    4-2: Spike Rosered/Wire Sponge (Recommended: Sonic Slicer)
    4-3: Storm Eagle/Toxic Seahorse (Recommended: Chameleon Sting)

    Stage 5
    Weapons: Flash Laser, Magma Blade, Frost Tower, Gravity Well, Dark Hold, Speed Burner, Crescent Shot, Ray Splasher, Frost Shield

    5-1: Spiral Pegasus/Dark Necrobat (Recommended: Dark Hold)
    5-2: Morph Moth/Blizzard Wolfang (Recommended: Speed Burner)
    5-3: Tidal Whale/Jet Stingray (Recommended: Flash Laser)

    Stage 6
    Weapons: Ground Dash, Wing Spiral, Frost Tower, Strike Chain, Aiming Laser, Tri-Thunder, Twin Slasher, Magma Blade, Gravity Well

    6-1: Blaze Heatnix/Blast Hornet (Recommended: Gravity Well)
    6-2: Blizzard Wolfang/Burn Dinorex (Recommended: Magma Blade)
    6-3: Colonel/General (Recommended: Frost Tower)

    Stage 7
    Weapons: Yammark Option, Guard Shell, Lightning Web, Fire Wave, Spinning Blade, Ice Burst, Electric Spark, Metal Anchor, Spike Ball

    7-1: Armored Armadillo/Rainy Turtloid (Recommended: Electric Spark)
    7-2: Neon Tiger/Chill Penguin (Recommended: Fire Wave)
    7-3: Split Mushroom/Infinity Mijinion (Recommended: Soul Body)

    Stage 8
    Weapons: Dark Hold, Ray Arrow, Ground Dash, Fire Wave, Flash Laser, Meteor Rain, Magma Blade, Crescent Shot, Speed Burner

    8-1: Spiral Pegasus/Blaze Heatnix (Recommended: Dark Hold)
    8-2: Dark Necrobat/Blizzard Wolfang (Recommended: Ray Arrow or Speed Burner)
    8-3: Morph Moth/Commander Yammark (Recommended: Speed Burner)

    Stage 9
    Weapons: Meteor Rain, Strike Chain, Shotgun Ice, Rising Fire, Ice Burst, Gravity Well, Chameleon Sting, Soul Body, Double Cyclone

    9-1: Rainy Turtloid/Spark Mandrill (Recommended: Shotgun Ice)
    9-2: Storm Eagle/Metal Shark Player (Recommended: Chameleon Sting)
    9-3: Iris/Double (Recommended: Double Cyclone)


Secret trophies

  • Learn the Hadoken in Mega Man X.

    The Hadoken is a hidden power up that requires a little skill and collecting to unlock. First, you need all the power ups in the game: All 4 armor parts, all 8 heart tanks and all 4 sub tanks. Refer to First Armor and Never Hearts to Be Careful for the armor parts and heart tanks.

    There are 4 sub tanks:

    • Armored Armadillo – In the alcove where the first Mole Borer breaks free. Wait for him to pass you by wall jumping above and then grab it on the left.
    • Spark Mandrill – Near the beginning, use the Boomerang Cutter to grab it. You will need to jump to change the trajectory of the cutter from rolling upwards to rolling downwards.
    • Flame Mammoth – In the same large room with all the Dig Labors, the Arm Parts and the Heart Tank, on the left wall near the top, dash jump to the wall and use the Foot Parts to get past the barrier and reach it.
    • Storm Eagle – Right after climbing the escalators, there will be a small section with a big tower in the background and a few floating platforms. Use the platforms and work your way leftward as you climb rather than right. Behind the glass windows in the tower is the Sub Tank. Use the X-Buster to break in.

    Now to go to Armored Armadillo’s stage and play through the entire stage until the end. At the end, as you’re riding the cart over the gorge, you need to jump at JUST the right moment to reach the higher rock wall on the right edge. There should be a health item. Collect it.

    Now, you need to do this four times. You do not necessarily need to restart the level. You can drop into the gorge and start up right before the 2nd Mole Borer. Collect the capsule, leave/die, repeat. On the fourth attempt, the Dr. Light Capsule should be there.

    He will give you the Hadoken move, which allows X to throw fire balls with -> -> -> when his life is full.

    This password will give you all items and access to Hadoken.


  • Defeat Wolf Sigma in Mega Man X.

    You must defeat the final boss of Mega Man X.

    If you can, defeat Velgauder with a Hadoken (one-shot kill), otherwise use the Shotgun Ice. After that, hug the upper left corner and let Sigma jump up to just below you. Then hit him with a Electric Spark as you fall to the ground and jump back up to the left corner when it’s safe. Repeat this and Sigma is pretty easy.

    The real trick is Wolf Sigma, the final boss. You need to hit him in the head with the Rolling Shield Be very careful with the lightning shots they spit out, ad don’t let the hands hit you when you try to climb on them or you’ll take damage as well. Use sub tanks whenever you’re in danger.

    I like to hug the upper corners, getting a shot at his head and taking damage just to stay in range. Use the hands only when it’s easy to do so, otherwise you risk getting hit and finding yourself back on the floor where the kill box is.

    If you fail and restart the stage, use a charged Rolling Shield and float over a hole where Creepers come out and just collect items until your tanks are refiled and your weapon energy restored.

    This trophy will pop once Wolf Sigma falls.

  • Gather all of Zero's parts and get rescued by the resurrected Zero in Mega Man X2.


    After beating the first two Maverick bosses, the X-Hunters will make a threat to X. They have Zero’s parts and must be defeated to reclaim them. Each time you return to the stage select, you will see them teleport to a stage. Go to one of those stages, marked with a Sigma logo, to find an X-Hunter.

    In each Maverick stage there is one hidden room that is normally locked. When the X-Hunters are in those stages, the door becomes unlocked allowing you to face them. Now you must defeat the X-Hunter and recover one of Zero’s parts. Defeat all three X-Hunters to get all three of Zero’s parts. You must do this before you beat all 8 stages, before the X-Hunter stages.

    If you fail, any parts you have recovered will be stolen and the game’s ending will be different. But if you do recover all three parts, in the final stage, Zero will appear to save the day just before your battle with Sigma.

    If you do NOT defeat all 3 X-Hunters before the final stages, you will have to restart the game and try again. Also, if you clear a stage with an X-Hunter but skip them, they will retreat and you will not be able to face them. Either of these things will void the trophy.

    X-Hunter rooms are located in the following places:

    • Wire Sponge – When you reach the automatic elevators, let them pass you and go DOWN the room carefully clinging to the wall. The room is on the bottom right.
    • Wheel Gator – On a climbing elevator just before the final stretch, the elevator can climb higher than the platform you’re supposed to exit on, is surrounded by spikes on either side as well as the ceiling. The door is on the right at the top, just prior to instant death.
    • Bubble Crab – As you are underwater and chase the Sea Canthller. At the very end of this area, before escaping through the door, dash jump left and proceed upwards to a dock like area where the X-Hunter room is.
    • Flame Stag – Once you get past the volcano, you’ll cross a lava field and climb another wall with a 2nd Beetron. Carefully guide it above the opening to a breakable wall. Enter here and climb to the X-Hunter room. If you’re not careful, and the Beetron destroys the lower breakable wall or flies through the opening, you’ll lose your shot on this attempt until you die or restart the stage.
    • Morph Moth – Shortly after the Old Robot, you’ll go down a ladder. Almost immediately you’ll see an opening on the right. The door is over there.
    • Magna Centipede – There is a large room where pictures of X is on screens and blocks fall from the ceiling constantly. Rapid dash to the other end to reach the door before the falling blocks impede your path.
    • Crystal Snail – After getting the Ride Armor, keep working your way deeper into the stage. You’ll see a series of breakable blocks up top, above a mezzanine. Take the Ride Armor to the right, dash jump and hover over to the mezzanine. Then dash jump up and break those bricks. Finally, get the Ride Armor in that room and jump to within reach of a dash jump to the rising platforms. Climb these to the door.
    • Overdrive Ostrich – Right at the beginning of the stage, use the Spin Wheel to break through the rock wall on the right. The door is beyond there.
  • Learn the Shoryuken in Mega Man X2.


    Like the Hadoken in Mega Man X, the Shoryuken is a hidden power up that requires a little skill and collecting to unlock. First, you need all the power ups in the game: All 4 armor parts (refer to Second Armor ), all 8 heart tanks and all 4 sub tanks.

    The 8 Heart Tanks are found here:


    • Wire Sponge – In the very first room you arrive in, it is hidden in a faux wall in the upper left corner.
    • Wheel Gator – Just after leaving behind the Ride Armor, you’ll see the heart tank on a platform with spikes. You need the Speed Burner and foot parts to reach it.
    • Bubble Crab - Once you get into the water, a chase begins with you and the Sea Canthller. It will open a door and proceed further in. From here, you want to go up. There is an item capsule in the upper right, but dash jump from the wall below the entrance to that to the left, where some up and down platforms are, which will take you to the heart tank.
    • Flame Stag – In the volcano section, it is plain sight hidden behind a Bar Waying. You have to be fast to get the heart tank and still survive the volcano, but you must destroy the impediment first.
    • Morph Moth – The Crystal Hunter is needed. Right at the beginning, enter the building but step back again and see a Disc Boy 08. Freeze him with the Crystal Hunter to make a platform, then dash jump to the wall on the right and climb to find the heart tank.
    • Magna Centipede – You need to avoid the first batch of spotlights, in order to prevent a block from falling from the ceiling. This block can be reach via dash jumps to get to the heart tank.
    • Crystal Snail – You need the Strike Chain. At the beginning of the stage, right after the first pitfall there is a Ride Armor. Hop in that and drop into the pit, holding left to enter a room with a huge pit. Dash jump with the Ride Armor and hold the jump button to hover while moving left. Just as you start to fall dash jump out of the armor at just the right time reach the heart tank, using the Strike Chain to grab the wall and pull yourself to it.
    • Overdrive Ostrich – Once you get the Land Chaser, you need to ride it out to the very end and jump over the gorge. Shoot down all of the ramps on your way, and if you lose your chaser don’t worry you can go back and get another. If you can keep the Land Chaser after crossing the gorge without breaking it, hold to keep accelerated to jump over all the pits and land on a platform on the other side covered in spikes with several items including the heart tank. Ride it to the end to get the tank and either turn real fast to avoid instant death or sacrifice it and move on.

    The 4 Sub Tanks are found here:


    • Wire Sponge – In the first stretch, when you reach rising and falling platforms over spikes, climb on top and dash jump over to the side wall. Climb up to the top. There will be a 1-up and a sub tank on the platforms above.
    • Flame Stag – Right at the beginning, as you climb the mountain side a Beetron will try to ram you. Climb on top of it and keep jumping on it, so as not to weigh it down. It will climb upwards and raise you to a platform on the upper left. The sub tank is there.
    • Bubble Crab – While chasing Sea Canthller underwater, there is a room with an item capsule. Above this near the ceiling is the sub tank. You need to charge the Bubble Splash, giving you great mobility underwater. Jump up, and at the apex of the jump at water’s edge jump again to jump out of the water and get the sub tank.
    • Magna Centipede – The Foot parts and the Speed Burner are required. After the first stretch, with the falling blocks and right before the Chop Register mini boss, there is a small alcove near the ceiling. It can be reached with an air dash followed by a charged Speed Burner. Then wall jump upwards to the sub tank.

    The Shoryuken is tough to reach. It’s located in the third X-Hunter stage near the end of the game. You can reach it directly with this password.


    There is a room with a ladder at the top that you can’t reach and a ladder down. You need to use the Crystal Hunter to freeze a Bat Bone, creating a platform to climb the ladder. Up here, you have to carefully navigate to the end with FULL LIFE. Grab the 1-up for infinite retries if you fail. Destroy the Disc Boy 08, then collect health. Switch to the Speed Burner and charge it up. Speed Burner charge dash across the spikes. Then switch to the buster and quickly destroy the two Garakuta Robots. Carefully air dash through the spikes. Now for the hard part. At the very end, you have to do a dash jump to the right and then use a charged Speed Burner to dash left again. Finally slide down the left side of the wall until you reach the capsule, hidden behind a faux wall.

    Dr. Light will give you the Shoryuken move, which allows X to do a flaming uppercut Ryu-style with -> -> -> when his life is full.

  • Defeat the Sigma Virus in Mega Man X2.

    You must defeat the final boss of Mega Man X2.

    Sigma’s first form is weak against the Sonic Slicer. His second, the Sigma Virus, is weak to the Wire Chain. During this battle there are enemies that drop items, but if you have sub tanks fully charged going in you should be fine. Once Sigma falls, the trophy will pop.

    To skip the game and go straight to the last stage, use this password.


  • Receive Zero's beam saber in Mega Man X3.


    Getting the Z-Saber requires a very specific process. Here is what you have to do:

    1. Keep Zero alive. Don’t use him.
    2. You have to beat Vile MK-2 prior to beating all 8 Mavericks by finding one of his hidden teleporters.
    3. Beat Vile with the Spinning Blade weapon.
    4. When you get to Dr. Doppler stage 2, stop before entering the first sub boss room where you face the Mosquitus. At this point, swap out Zero.
    5. Zero should go into the battle ready to use a fully charged Z-Saber strike, i.e., he should be flashing green. Get rid of any buster charges, as they are pointless.
    6. Let the Mosquitus grab Zero.
    7. Zero should defeat it, preferably with the Z-Saber.
    8. The Mosquitus will kamikaze Zero, weakening him and taking him out of the game. At which point he will give X the Z-Saber.

    To get straight to the beginning of all this, use this password to have all Mavericks except for Volt Catfish dead with all power ups and Zero still active. You can visit a Vile teleporter right away in this stage by riding the first elevator down the spike laden pit.


  • Defeat Kaiser Sigma in Mega Man X3.

    You must defeat the final boss of Mega Man X3.

    Kaiser Sigma is a beast. You can only damage him with charged buster shots or the Z-Saber, and you can only hurt his head. If you’re off by a little bit, the shot will just bounce off and do no damage. You have to be precise. Also, don’t rely too much on over charging or combining the X-Buster shots, because odds are you’ll miss or it will be blocked. Many suggest using the Z-Saber, but the first charge shot works well. The full or armor upgrade charge shot might bounce off.

  • Defeat Kaiser Sigma without the Hyper Chip in Mega Man X3.

    Refer to It's Over... Right?

    I recommend doing this on Rookie Hunter mode, unless you’re confident. It makes the fight against Kaiser Sigma SO much more tolerable, especially without the Hyper Chip.

    You need to beat Mega Man X3 without unlocking the Hyper Special, or gold, armor. It makes the last boss harder, collecting sub tank charges more monotonous, but you can still use one of the basic upgrade chips in lieu of the Hyper Special armor.

    To jump straight to Dr. Doppler with all the armor parts, sub tanks, heart tanks, ride armors and Zero intact, use this code:


    It's been confirmed that you can use a single regular upgrade chip and still get the trophy.

    If you choose to use a regular upgrade chip, here are their locations.

    Leg Chip – 2x Air Dash. Toxic Seahorse’s stage.
    Body Chip – Increased defense. Located in Crush Crawfish’s stage.
    Head Chip – Energy Recovery. Located in Blast Hornet’s stage.
    Arm Chip – Charge shot sub weapon. Located in Gravity Beetle’s stage.

    Credit: Duckky

  • Defeat Sigma Gunner and Earth Sigma in Mega Man X4.

    You need to beat the final form of the final boss, with either X or Zero. It doesn’t matter if you use the Ultimate armor or the Black Zero armor. It doesn’t matter if you beat it on Rookie Hunter mode either (but remember, there is a trophy for beating X4 without using Rookie Hunter mode).

    This is an in depth battle against Sigma. The first form of Sigma is cloaked and is easy to defeat with fire. Hit him with fire 2 times, then get on a wall and air dash over him, repeat. The second form is his reaper form and is a bit trickier. It is weak to Lightning Web, which seems easier if you charge it for a larger range.

    After beating those forms, his 3rd and final form will appear. This form has two bodies, one a giant gunner (Gunner Sigma) in the upper right corner and the other a huge head (Earth Sigma) in the lower left. Only one will appear at a time, and in between them you have to face the three floating elemental heads. Each boss body has a separate life bar as well.

    Gunner Sigma's attacks are easy to predict and avoid completely. Just don't stand in line with his gun.

    Earth Sigma will either blow tornadoes at you to a wall of spikes, in which you should rapid dash toward him and blast away (this is the prime time to attack), or he will suck in a bunch of earth with the elemental heads creating little spike walls. In either attack, you want to be standing in between where the elemental heads appear in his earth attack. That gives you protection from the earth attack as well as plenty of room to dash from a spike wall if he uses wind. In either form, you can blast away.

    The elemental heads are just typical attacks. The red shoots fire from the left, the blue freezes the middle and floor from the right, while the yellow shoots sparks at you from the upper center. Their attacks aren't too bad and can be avoided though you still want that sub tank.

    Once you beat both of them, Gunner Sigma will reappear, there will be dialogue and he explodes. Beat him and the trophy will pop after he explodes.

  • Complete Mega Man X4 as X without using the Ultimate Armor.

    Just as it says, beat the game with X without unlocking and using the Ultimate Armor. It’s not much harder without the Ultimate Armor, but the loss of the unlimited Nova Strike makes it a tad bit harder.

    You can do this in Rookie Hunter mode if you want to make things easier.

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