• Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10 (Personal opinion) (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 39 (22, 13, 3, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum/100%: 10-15hrs (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1+ Level Select
  • Number of missable trophies: none
  • Glitched trophies: Yes, 1 – Deathly Smorgasbord but Morten Would Be Proud may be glitched in a good way.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No, you have to enter a cheat to get the Old School Sneaky trophy.


If you hear the name of "Sir Daniel Fortesque", you will surely be teleported back in time. One of our beloved hero is back with a new shining armor, a brand new graphic and some levels adaptation. This game is the perfect remake of "MediEvil" for PS1 and if you loved the dark and humoristic atmosphere of the original game, you will love this one too. The game is almost the same and it is harder than you remember. You will die many times and play the same levels over again but once you know what to expect, you will pass them without frustrations. The only "big" adds are: The book of Gallowmere and the lost souls, both required for the Platinum. Trophy wise, the game is very easy and straightforward. There aren’t any missable trophies as you can replay the levels whenever you want, there are no difficult trophies and no particular grinding/farming. As you can replay levels, you can get the platinum at the end of the game with only one step. I suggest, however, to focus on the story and replay the levels after you finish it. This guide is written following this "philosophy" (that was my personal way of playing it), one step with everything you can get without replaying the levels and the second step with clean-up. Deathly Smorgasbord is very buggy but I'll talk more about that in the Guide itself.


Step 1: Play the game.

Just play the game, enjoy the atmosphere and the story and try to get as many chalice as possible. The only chalice you cannot take immediately is in "The Scarecrow Fields" (see King of Cups for more info) but don't go for the lost souls during this step, because it makes more sense to do them during your Clean-Up run.

At the end of this step, you will get:

Impaired Drivers
Master Dan-At-Arms
Dizzy Decimator
Gimme That Back!
Partial To The Potions
Now With Added Magic!
Mostly Armless
A Shocking Lack Of Respect
Witches' Familiar
That's Just Mean!
Stop Hitting Yourself
Colonel Fortesque's Special Recipe
A Paneful Demise
Demolished the Demons
Bone Head Bone Dead
Pulp King Pumpkin
Not So Scary Now, Eh?
Almost A Hero
If It Slithers, I Slays
Morten Would Be Proud
Quest Complete-est

Step 2: Clean-Up (optional)

This step is optional, as you can get all the trophies during the first step. If you follow this roadmap, now all that remain is replaying levels for lost souls and miscellaneous trophies. You should focus on the lost souls (see trophy description for info) but my suggestion is to get a soul and then go to the level it needs to go, free it and get the new one. However, I played the levels in their order, starting from Dan's Crypt, and it was ok until I reached Enchanted Earths. From there, I had to change my path to avoid replaying the same levels 3 times. During your quest for Lost Souls, try to get the last chalices and get the trophies you need.

At the end of this step you will get:

Sir Moneybags
The Answer Is Chicken
Zip Zap Imp Splat
Deathly Smorgasbord
Not So Armless
Old School Sneaky
It's Not Their Fault They're Mad
Rock Wrangler
Walls Are For Chumps
Healthiest Man Alive - Er Dead
Lost and Found
Soul Savior
King of Cups
Savior of Gallowmere

[PST Would Like To Thank Mordred87 for this Roadmap]

MediEvil Trophy Guide

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39 trophies ( 13  22  18  )

  • Unlock all trophies.

    Simply acquire all the other trophies, to pop this one.

  • Complete all levels in the game.

    Story Related, Can't be Missed

    Play the game until the end. There are 22 levels in this game, included Dan's Crypt, Ant Caves and Zarok’s Lair. Levels are quite small with not many puzzles, only the enemies hit hard so you will die many times. Everytime you die, you will start the level from the start! If you find yourself stuck, you can replay previous levels to increase your health or try to get some better weapons. During your playthrough, you will reach 2 crossroads but after "Return To Graveyard", don't go to "Enchanted Earth" because you will need an item that you will find in the other side of the map. After "Scarecrow Fields", you can go in both directions but before proceed to "Enchanted Earth", complete all the levels in this part of the map. Don't forget the Witch mission in "The Pumpkin Serpent" (see Witches' Familiar). The last level is Zarok's Lair, where you will fight 3 boss battles! See Not So Scary Now, Eh?" for more info.

  • Collect all entries of the Book of Gallowmere.

    GLITCH NOTE: This trophy unlocked to me even without all the entries. I got it at the start of the "Time Device" level, after seeing the flying clocks.

    The Book Of Gallowmere is a new entry in this remake and you will find all the information about the following:

    • Allies
    • Enemies
    • Bosses

    Each time you will find an ally or defeat a new enemy or a boss, you will get the entry on the book. There are no particular entries to be aware, as you will encounter everything during the journey.

  • Collect all the chalice rewards.

    Chalice are special collectables scattered all around the world. Everytime you find a chalice, you will reach the special "Hall Of Heroes" when you finish the level. In this hall, you can talk with several characters that will give you new weapons, money or healing items. Each level has one Chalice that you can take after you've killed enough enemies. Each time you kill an enemy, his soul will go inside the chalice, increasing the percentage. When you reach 100%, you can take the chalice. You don't need to kill all enemies to reach 100%. There are 20 chalice rewards but the only 2 levels without chalices are Dan's Crypt and Zarok's Lair. There is a chalice also in the side-mission of the Enchanted Earth's witch.

    Chalices are "hidden" inside the level but almost all of them are easy to find and will be in your way. There are only a few levels where you have to find them. There is a little trick: when you kill an enemy, you can track his soul and see where it is going: following the souls, will lead you to the chalice! I will, however, list the level where I had troubles to find the chalice and had to repeat the level:

    • Cemetery Hill: The chalice is inside the same prison where you find the witch talisman (see Witches' Familiar for more info).
    • Hilltop Mausoleum: The chalice is in the room with the ghost pianist. To open the secret door, you must give the sheet music to the pianist. You can find the sheet music in the rightmost corridor in the basement. You will need the Moon Rune to open the door. Moon rune is in front of the stained glass, you will see it when going for the chaos rune needed to awake the boss.
    • The Scarecrow Fields: To find the chalice, you need to find the missing part of the Harvester. It is located at the end of the level, on the last trap with the spike. Ignore the first exit and take the second one. Once you get the part, go back to the Bam and use it on the harvester. It will open a new path for you. However, when you will reach the Scarecrow Fields for the first time, you will not be able to get the chalice because of the scarecrow. You're not strong enough to kill them so come back when you have better weapons. Also, to reach the percentage, kill every enemies spawning from the big haystacks.
    • Pumpkin Gorge: At the start of the level, you will find a cave with some roots at your right. You need to enter it for the first rune of the level. You will find a vendor gargoyle and a wall next to him. Destroy the wall to find the chalice.
    • Pumpkin Serpent: The chalice is inside the wheel, after defeating the Pumpkin King.
    • The Sleeping Village: The chalice is hid behind a breakable wall near the mayor house. To reach 100% in this level, don't kill any of the villagers. You can kill the guards that will spawn later in the level.
    • The Ant Cave: There is no chalice at all in this level but you can reach the Hall of the Heroes if you free all 8 fairies. The fairies are hid inside some "glass-like" walls that you can easily break. Just run through the caves and you will eventually find all of them.
    • The Haunted Ruins: You will be able to get the chalice at the end of the level, during the countdown but to have 100%, you must save all three citizens at the start. Kill the enemies as fast as you can so they won't kill the citizens.
    • The Ghost Ship: The chalice is near the end. You will find some platforms moving in circle, with a big cage on the left side. Go inside the cage and you will find the chalice and one of the enemies to kill. To reach 100%, you need to kill only the Pirate Officers. One of them is in the belly of the ship so fall down during the second part of the level. This is the only level where you need to kill all the enemies to reach 100%.
  • Give the Knights of Gallowmere everything you have.

    You get this at Zarok's Lair. When you fight the skeletons with your allies at the start of the level, just use all your life bottles healing your allies.

  • Kill the Serpent of Gallowmere.

    You find the serpent of Gallowmere in the "Gallows Gauntlet". He is inside a chest after the "Flame Wall". He looks like Kul Katura but is red and he will damage you. To kill him, just take the sword and slash his head. The only thing to be aware of is the health: Try to have as many full Life Bottles full and he will die without giving you any trouble.

  • Collect every Life Bottle.

    Life bottles will increase your life. If you lose all 300 health, you will use one of your life bottles to regain strength. There are 9 of them, many scattered around various levels (easy to find, if you explore a bit, you will find all of them), some of them as a reward for the chalice and the last one founded inside Dan's Crypt (see Walls Are For Chumps for more info). To fill a Life bottle, just stand on one of the green health geysers then it will replenish your health and fill the bottles. You can also fill them with the Health Vitals.

  • Collect 10,000 gold coins.

    This is pretty straightforward. You will find gold during your journey, that you can use to refill your stock of throwing weapons and magic. I got my trophy when I hit 7,000 gold and I spent some during the first hours so this should be cumulative.

  • Defeat both Mecha Imps and their taunting Imp pilots.

    Story Related, Can't be Missed

    You will find this Mecha Imps in the "Scarecrow Fields". They are easy to know out: As soon as you can aim at them, throw whatever weapon you want. The head will fall first, after that just go under their leg and throw weapons at their back.

  • Collect every weapon.

    This one is correlated to "King of Cups", as you will get weapons by collecting chalices. The only weapon you have to collect outside the "Hall Of Heroes" are the "Chicken Legs". You will find this weapon when finishing the Witch's side-quest in "The Enchanted Earth" (see Witches' Familiar for info).

  • Defeat 30 enemies with the sword spin attack.

    Straightforward. Use to spin your sword and kill 30 enemies but you don't need to fully charge the sword for the kill to count.

  • Throw 42 chicken legs.

    Chicken Legs are one of the many weapons you can use in this game. The good news is that throwing chicken legs is easy but the bad news is to have 42 chicken legs, you need to play the Ant Cave twice (see Witches' Familiar for info).

  • Fry a dozen Imps with Lightning.

    Lightning is one of the weapon you will get in the "Hall of Heroes". As soon as you get it, go in one of the levels with the Imps and kill them with lightning. You will find Imps in the following locations:

    - The Hilltop Mausoleum
    - The Crystal Cave
    - The Entrance Hall (best place for farming)

  • Lose, then recover your weapon from an Imp.

    For this trophy you have to let an Imp steal your weapon, then kill them to get it back. For Imp locations, see Zap Zap Imp Splat.

  • Die 7 different ways.


    There is a bit of confusion about this trophy. "Die" means you have to get a "Game Over" screen after dying 7 different ways but "different" might mean "unique", for example: Dying by the zombies, the bosses or other melee, count as 1 "Melee death" so with this in mind, it should be easy to track your deaths. However, this is only a theory that Terminator came up with. Maybe this trophy is glitched, maybe it doesn't unlock because of a misunderstanding of the requirements and maybe the last update fixed the problem. More testing is needed so feel free to give your experience in the forum.

    If you have trouble, then follow these steps and see if it works:

    - Read this thread: LINK where you will find a video strategy and other player experiences.

    - Delete all traces of MediEvil from your system, then reinstall the game.

  • Drink 32 Health Vials.

    You will find Health Vials scattered on every level and the trophy will pop after collecting 32 of them.

  • Enchant the Broad Sword.

    The Broad Sword is one of the first weapons you will get from the Hall of Heroes but to enchant it, you have to talk with the Gargoyle Vendor and choose the option.

  • Kill something with your own arm.

    Your arm is one of the first weapons you will get so kill an enemy with it and this trophy will unlock.

  • Defeat Stained Glass Demon with just your arm.

    The Stained Glass Demon is the boss in the Hilltop Mausoleum. To kill him, you have to hit his heart with throwing weapons. Use only your arm to get this trophy. Go for it when you have good amount of health but when you use your arm, you cannot use the shield so you're exposed to all his attacks. Every hit will damage him for 10 so you need many hits to kill him.

  • Destroy 100 gravestones.

    Gravestones are scattered around The Graveyard, Cemetery Hill and Return to the Graveyard. Destroy 100 of them, then the trophy will pop.

  • Set 50 enemies on fire.

    There are many ways to set enemies on fire. The earlies way to do it, is to use the mace on a campfire and hit enemies with it. For this trophy it is better to wait until later on in the game, because you will find many weapons that can light-up your enemies.


Secret trophies

  • Defeat the Guardians of the Graveyard.

    Story Related, Can't be Missed

    The Guardians of the Graveyard are the second boss of the game. They are 2 wolves/dogs that you will face at the end of "Return To Graveyard" level but you can hit them only when they move and attack you, though aren't especially hard to defeat.

  • Defeat the Stained Glass Demon in the Hilltop Mausoleum.

    Story Related, Can't be Missed

    The Stained Glass Demon is the boss of "The Hilltop Mausoleum" but he is invincible for large chunks of the fights, since his only weak point is his heart. When he holds out his Heart, hit it with any throwing weapon.

  • Destroy both Demonettes in the Enchanted Earth.

    Story Related, Can't be Missed

    The Demonettes are possibly the hardest boss of the game. You will fight them on a tilting platform, that sometimes will try to make you fall in a pit. I suggest to use the throwing spears to kill them, because they do good damage to the Demonettes and will help you kill them very quickly.

  • Defeat the Ghost Ship Captain aboard the Ghost Ship.

    Story Related, Can't be Missed

    The Ghost Ship Captain is the boss of the Ghost Ship. To defeat him, you have to shoot the cannon in the same direction of where he stands. He will stay in three different positions: Left, right and center. You can move the cannon with the two big switches and light it with your lighted mace or with the Dragon Armor. He will summon some skeletons during the fight so try to kill him very fast before they can kill you

  • Eradicate the Queen Ant and her minions.

    The Queen Ant is the boss of the Witch's side-quest in the "Enchanted Earth". During this side-quest, you will go inside The Ant Caves and look for some amber for the witch. You will also find 8 fairies inside the cave. See King Of Cups for info. The level is a crazy maze so there is nothing I can tell to help you. Just go around and you will eventually find the exit and the Queen Ant. She is easy enough once you have 4 or more Health Bottles, just wait for her to show her weak point and hit it with throwing weapons. She will also send her minions after you and cause rockfalls so dodge the rocks and take swipes at the minions. This fight is very much a case of rinse and repeat

  • Defeat the Pumpkin King in mortal pumpkin combat.

    Story Related, Can't be Missed

    The Pumpkin King is the boss of "The Pumpkin Serpents". To wake him, you have to destroy 8 pulsating "seeds" scattered around the level. Once you destroy all 8, the pumpkin king will awake. Destroy his roots first and then attack him directly. Once he go down, he will revive 3 or 4 of the seeds you already destroyed in random location. Just go and destroy them again. Do this twice more and you will win the battle. Note: Before starting the battle, summon the Pumpkin Witch! See Witches' Familiars for info.

  • Defeat Lord Kardok and his skeletal steed.

    Story Related, Can't be Missed

    Lord Kardok is the second boss of Zarok’s Lair. Before fighting him, you will fight a bunch of skeleton with your allies. During this first battle, just heal your allies with the chalice when their color will change to yellow or red. This is not so hard once you know how to do it. Using the chalice will make you lose your health so be careful. When all the enemies are dead, your allies will become magic potions and you will face Lord Kardok. This battle is not really hard but is very intense. To hit him, you have to wait for his horse to stand on two feet and then hit him hard. After that, he will run in circle shooting and sending minions. Kill all of them and then hit him again. After a while, he will fall. If you have many life potions, you will defeat him pretty easily.

    Warning: After you fight him, you have to fight also Zarok! Zarok is easier, he will attack you with ranged attack not hard to avoid. When his blue armour will go out, hit him with your best weapons. When he is almost dead, he will move to the center of the room and try to kill you with electricity. Again, avoid all the attacks and when the blue shield disappear, attack him with ranged weapons. When he falls, you will get Quest Complete-Est. Remember: If you die, you have to start all 3 battles again!

  • Defeat the dragon in the Crystal Caves.

    Story Related, Can't be Missed

    To reach the dragon, go inside a little waterfall in the Crystal Caves, after you used the rune. You will need 2 dragons gem to summon and fight him:

    - First Dragon Gem: Found in "The Pumpkin Serpent". You will get it after defeating the Pumpkin King and talked to the Pumpkin witch.

    - Second Dragon Gem: Found in "Inside the Asylum" in the cage where the mayor is being trapped in.

    To defeat him, you have to make crystals falls over his head. There are 4 crystal colors on the ceiling and the same 4 colors on the ground. If you hit one of the color on the ground, the crystal of the same color will fall from the ceiling (for example: hitting red ground, will make red crystal to fall). When the dragon shows up, see which color he has over his head and hit the same color on the ground. He will, however, try to kill you with his hot breath. When you defeat him, he will give you the "Dragon Armor" needed to finish "The Gallows Gauntlet".

  • Find all the Lost Souls.

    See Soul Savior.

  • Lay all the Lost Souls to rest.

    In the "Entrance Hall" level you will find a chest containing Lost Souls and once you open it, they will scatter around all the levels. There are 19 of them (no souls in Ant Cave, Dan's Crypt and Zarok's Lair) and they are pretty easy to locate. They are floating masks with different colors and they show up in pretty visible places. I won't list all of them because if you explore and search, you will find them. The only three souls that are a bit hidden are:

    • Peter: In the Pumpkin Gorge, inside the little depots in the area where you need two runes.
    • Kambic: In the Sleeping Village, near the mayor house. Just explore the area and you should find it.
    • Captain Coffman: In the belly of the Ghost Ship, where you fight one of the Pirate Officers

    Each soul will give you a "mission": You have to reach the level where they want to go and use them in a specific area. Sometimes this will lead you to a fight, sometimes to some race, sometimes nothing. The souls will tell you exactly in which level they want to go and in which place they want to be used. Also, if you go in the inventory you can see another clue that can help you in the process. However, I found some of this a little bit tricky, easy to miss and easy to misunderstand so I will list all the locations and how to complete the mission:

    • The graveyard. Soul Name: Kambic. This one is easy. Just go to the angel statue and move It around.
    • Cemetery Hill. Soul Name: Chen. Go inside the witch cave. In the room where you will light the mace to access Witch Symbol (see Witches' Familiar).
    • The Hilltop Mausoleum. Soul Name: Treviarnus. Use him in the room with the ghost playing the piano. 40 sheets will be scattered around the level. Find all of them.
    • Return To The Graveyard. Soul Name: Olivara. Go in the last area of the level, the one with the sleeping wolves. Is in the little hill. Smash the hand with the ring.
    • Scarecrow Fields. Soul Name: Bruty. Use him in the last windmill and reach the end of the level.
    • Pumpkin Gorge. Soul Name: Schmidt. Is in the highest tower near the end.
    • Pumpkin Serpent. Soul Name: Peter. Once the Pumpkin King is dead, use him near his body.
    • The Sleeping Village. Soul Name: Formes. Use him in the little bridge in the lake.
    • The Asylum Grounds. Soul Name: Baffy. Easy. Use him in front of the grass dragon right at the start.
    • Inside The Asylum. Soul Name: Sherman. Use him in the circular room. He will summon Kul Katura. Next, reach the end of the level.
    • The Enchanted Earth. Soul Name: Son Junior. Use him next to the Vendor Gargoyle at the start of the level. You must free the shadow demons before being able to do it.
    • Pools Of The Ancient Dead. Soul Name: McKnight. Use him before going in the Pools and then reach the farthest part of the level.
    • The Lake. Soul Name: Nauchbar. Use him inside the frozen vortex. The Rat King will spawn right in front of you. Don’t be scared by his health, just hit him with the mace or the hammer and he will die immediately.
    • The Crystal Caves. Soul Name: Gavin. Use him near the crystal with the laser. Take all the money falling down from the ceiling.
    • The Gallows Gauntlet. Soul Name: Hopper. Use him in front of the flame wall. Just win the race.
    • The Haunted Ruins. Soul Name: Castro. In the area where you have to use the Chaos rune, there is a gate on the far left. Use the soul and survive/kill the serpent.
    • The Ghost Ship. Soul Name: Badillo. Is in the bridge in front of the chalice. Use him and survive the crow attacks.
    • The Entrance Hall. Soul Name: Sir Sloane. Use him in the very last area and kill all the frogs.
    • The Time Device. Soul Name: Captain Coffman. Use him in the big clock. Put the yellow hand on the 4 and the blue hand on the 2.

    Once you free all of them, you will unlock the original game! You can play it from the main menu, where you choose to start a new game or load. If you have any troubles or just want to speed up things, you can also follow this video by PowerPyx with the locations of the souls and where they want to go:

  • Attempt to perform any original game cheat code.

    There are many cheat codes but I unlocked this trophy by using this one. Press start during a level, then press and hold and input the following:

    , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

  • Collect the Witch Talisman and complete both witch quests.

    You will find the Witch Talisman in "The Cemetery Hill". There is a rock on the right side of the level that can be destroyed by the mace. Once inside, you will find a prison with the Talisman and the Chalice. To Open the prison, just go in the library (you have to destroy a bookshelf to reveal the door), light the mace and hit the torch in the center of the prison.

    Now that you have the talisman, you will find the witches in:

    - Enchanted Earth: She is at the start of the level. On the leftmost part, you will see a cauldron. Use the talisman and accept the quest she will give to you (see Antagonist for more info).

    - The Pumpkin Snake: She is on the leftmost part of the level, before the wheel. She will ask you to kill the Pumpkin King. Kill him and she will give you the dragon gem.

  • Don't harm the Mad Family.

    This one is another tricky one. You have to finish the Sleeping Village without hitting the villagers even once but if you do hit one, you will have to restart the level from scratch.

  • Avoid all the rolling rocks on Cemetery Hill.

    Note: The name of this trophy varies depending on which language your PS4 is set to because in UK English it's Wrock Wrangler but in US English it's Rock Wrangler.

    This one is tricky. You must reach the top of the hill and make the two statues suicide themselves without getting damage by any rock. You can use your shield to avoid damage. I don’t know if you can get it without restarting the level. To be sure, I restarted the level each time I got hit. There are 2 kind of rocks: Normal ones that will just follow the road and break when they it your shield and ones made of lava that could fall from the shortcuts and won't break! The lava rocks are pretty unpredictable, as they sometimes follow the road and sometimes not. My strategy was to dash to the hill as soon as the level started and climbed it using the shortcuts. I managed to reach more than halfway without any rock to fall down. Next, I hid in one of the shortcut and waited for clear way to proceed, keeping an eye from the lava rocks. If you are inside a shortcut, don't worry about the normal rocks at all because they just jump over you and won't hit you. Keep trying and you will eventually reach the top without getting hit. Here is a video by BushidoCypher that explains how to do this easily:

  • Turn an enemy into a Roasted Chicken and eat it.

    For this trophy, you need the Chicken Legs (see Witches' Familiar for how to get them). Throw them near an enemy and when they explode, the enemy will turn into a Roasted Chicken. Eat it and the trophy is yours.

  • Smash a severed hand.

    You will find severed hands running around in the cemetery levels so smash one with a club or other similar weapon, then you will get this trophy and the entry in the Book of Gallowmere.

  • Return to Dan's Crypt and smash down the secret wall.

    When you get the Club, Mace or Hammer, just go back to Dan's Crypt and hit the wall on your right. It will crumble and grant you access to another Life Bottle. See this video by PowerPyx for the precise location of the wall:

  • Get hit by a falling crystal during Dragon battle in Crystal Caves.

    The description for this trophy is misleading, because you don't need to get hit during the boss fight. Just go in the area where you fight the dragon and try to get hit by a falling crystal.

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