-Estimated trophy difficulty: 7.0 (Trophy Difficulty Rating)
-Offline: 46 (1 3 / 8 / 34)
-Online: 0
-Approximate amount of time to 100%: 30-50 Hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2+
-Number of missable trophies: None - Chapter Select
-Glitched trophies: None
-Does difficulty affect trophies? Yes (Bad to the Bone, Lactose Intolerant)
-Do cheat codes disable trophies? No Cheats
-Special Hardware Required: Requires 1 Move controller, 2 recommended


Medieval Moves: Deadmund's Quest is a PS3 exclusive Move required game made by the same people who brought us Sports Champions. This is an on-rails game that will take you from place to place while you free the spirits of enemies by hitting them with Shooting Stars, Sword and Shield, and Bow and Arrow.

You will be required to play through on it's hardest difficulty setting, King, which can only be unlocked after first beating it on any difficulty. The game can be played with one Move controller. You can use two controllers for the single player game for an added experience. If you have two controllers, you can do all the multiplayer by yourself locally and save yourself a bunch of time.


Step 1 - Play through the game on any difficulty to unlock King difficulty
You have a choice to make here. You can start on the Champion difficulty on your first playthrough, but it will be much more difficult than playing it on Squire difficulty. However, you will be much more prepared for King difficulty. You can change difficulty at any time during the game so whichever you choose, you won't be locked into it.

During this playthrough, try to find as many of the collectibles as you can. Throw Shooting Stars or shoot arrows at anything that's breakable. You will earn quite a few story related trophies during this step, but there are a few that can only be achieved at specific points during the story that you may want to get during this run. The trophies and the level they can be found:

Vitamin Awesome - The Arena
Roland with the Homies - The Arena
Outhouse Of Pain - Siege Camp
Hot Sauce - A Cool Dry Place
Bone-A-Petite - Crepes of Wrath
Shut Your Trap - Turning of the Gears
Deadmund Jones - Boulder Dash
Go Forge Yourself! - The Hammer and the Nail
Deadmund Jones - Boulder Dash
Catapult to Victory - A Massive Task
I Got Range - One Small But Determined Warrior...

Step 2 - Playthrough on King difficulty
Go to Chapter Select and start the game from the first level and change the difficulty to King, which will be unlocked provided you beat the game once already. All your coins, kills, and collectibles will remain. In this difficulty, it will take less damage for you to die. Also, enemy projectile weapons are a little tougher to block. The larger Brute enemies with the sword and shield will swing much faster and if you get blocked on your attack, he'll counter attack very quick. Make use of all the Milk you can find and use your Amulet powers often. After beating all the levels on King, you will unlock:

Bad to the Bone

Step 3 - Battle Mode
Battle Mode has solo and multiplayer game modes. The game's multiplayer can be played online or offline. Playing offline will require you to have 2 Move controllers, but it is so much easier. The online community is very scarce for this title and it will increase the time to platinum considerably if you have to rely on online multiplayer.

Start by heading to Battle Mode from the main menu, then selecting Home Play followed by Solo. From here you will want to play the two modes, Invasion and Royal guard. From within these two modes try to earn both Invade Your Space and None Shall Pass. Play with Custom Rules and select the difficulty to Squire to make it really easy. During these two games, look out for and collect the following pickups at least once each:

  • Milk bottle
  • Shield
  • Amulet charge refill
  • Dynamite

The next thing you want to do is win both of the modes under Team. From here on out, you'll need either 2 Move controllers, or go to Online Play. You have to win a game of Invasion and Royal Guard. Set the win condition to 3 minutes. Playing on endless will end up in a loss. After that, head to Versus mode, play one quick game of Invasion and win with player 1, then go for Chaos In Your Cauldron in Cauldron Chaos. During Versus mode, be on the look out for the remaining pickups:

  • Poison cloud
  • Ice
  • Smoke
  • Fire
  • Wooden Sword

The last thing to do is to finish playing 50 games and level up. You need to get to level 20 to get your final unlockable which will require 1,052,616 xp. After having all the characters unlocked, you must play one game with each so check periodically if you have unlocked one and switch to him.

During this step, you will work on earning the following trophies:

Social Gamer
I Collect Things
Chaos in Your Cauldron
Smooth Moves
Skeletal Flava!
Invade Your Space
None Shall Pass!
I Got Options

*Credit to tenbatsu971 for some of info on the multiplayer trophies.

Step 4 - Collectibles and Clean Up
Chances are you will still have some collectibles to find. Now is a time to use chapter select and find the missing collectibles. You will see which collectibles you are missing from the chapter select menu. Also, if you were unable to pick up any of the trophies found within the story during your first or second run, go ahead and use chapter select to get those as well. The three collectible trophies that need to be found are:

Not in my House
Royal Family Jewels

[PS3T Would Like to Thank Wozamil for this Roadmap]

Medieval Moves: Deadmund's Quest Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

46 trophies ( 34  2  )

  • Complete all trophies

  • Complete the chapter Edmund's Training

    Story Related, Can't be missed.

  • Complete the chapter Rooftops

    Story Related, Can't be missed.

  • Complete the chapter The Arena

    Story Related, Can't be missed.

  • Complete the chapter Guiding Light

    Story Related, Can't be missed.

  • Complete the chapter Over the Wall

    Story Related, Can't be missed.

  • Complete the chapter The Crepes of Wrath

    Story Related, Can't be missed.

  • Complete the chapter Passing Time

    Story Related, Can't be missed.

  • Complete the chapter The Hammer and the Nail

    Story Related, Can't be missed.

  • Complete the chapter A Massive Task

    Story Related, Can't be missed.

  • Complete the chapter One Small But Determined Warrior

    Story Related, Can't be missed.

  • Make it through the arena section of The Arena without drinking any milk

    Simply survive the arena without drinking milk. Playing on Squire difficulty makes this really easy. Use your block and attack when you're not in danger of being hit.

  • Yank down the outhouse in the Siege Camp

    This will require you to grapple the outhouse and pull it down. There is a limited window in which you can achieve this as the on rails nature of this game will move you right past it. To grapple, point your controller down, then hold the button while you raise the controller up and point to the grappling point and let go of the button. Once you grapple, pull the controller towards you. Watch the video for the exact point in where this can be done.

  • In A Cool Dry Place free skeletons by yanking the hot bowl of soup onto them

    Halfway through this level, you will be given a choice between two paths. At the end of either path, there will be a large cauldron you can grapple to pull soup onto the skeletons below.

    To grapple, point your controller down, hold the button while you raise the controller up and point to the grappling point and let go of the button. Once you grapple, pull the controller towards you. Watch the video for the exact point in where this can be done.

  • In Turning of the Gears free an enemy by closing the trap door on them

    As soon as you start Turning of the Gears, you will see a trap door in front of you with a rope holding it up. The rope will have yellow stars surrounding it indicating that you can shoot it. Shoot this rope as soon as you approach the trap door to trap the remaining skeletons. Watch the video for the exact location.

  • Avoid taking damage during the boulder dash portion of Boulder Dash

    This is right at the beginning of the level. You must make it to the end of this part without taking damage. You'll take damage by getting hit by the falling rocks or from the skeletons. There is a checkpoint midway through this part, however, if you get hit after the checkpoint, you will have to restart the level from the beginning.

  • During Escape! defeat an ogre using only rocks

    After getting the rocks at the beginning of this chapter, you will proceed a little further into the level and eventually come up to an ogre. The game will ask you to wave your Move controller to hide, but instead, start throwing the rocks at the ogre the same way you would with the Stars. This will require you shoot the rocks quickly as they do less damage than the Stars.

  • Defeat Roland without getting knocked back

    Roland is found at the end of the Arena level. Successfully block each of Roland's attack and when he falls to the ground, hit him multiple times to push him back. As long as you continue to block the attacks, you will eventually get this trophy. Playing this on Squire difficulty makes this much easier as you'll have more time to figure out where you'll need to block.

  • Defeat Foreman without taking any damage

    You must not take any damage during this entire encounter. There are six parts to this fight.

    • First Approach - Successfully complete each of the QTE moments and shoot the three barrels that are thrown towards you.
    • The First Encounter - After climbing up the ladders, throw dynamite at the Foreman's eyes followed by his mouth. Extra dynamite can be found to your left. Be careful if he attempts to blow you off the platform. You will need to use a grapple to prevent being knocked off. After you have thrown a dynamite stick into his mouth, you'll need to grapple up the left or right side, then grapple the hook on his head and pull back.
    • Second Approach - The same as the first time, except with considerably more dodging and four barrels.
    • The Second Encounter - Same as the first time, except you'll grapple up the other side.
    • Third Approach - No barrels are tossed at you, however, you must be quick and pick a good path. If you choose to dodge to the right, you might night have enough time to dodge again, and vice versa. When you dodge left or right, choose the side with the next dodge moment further away. This is probably the trickiest part of the entire encounter.
    • Final Encounter - This will require you to do the same thing as your first two encounters, however, the Foreman will attempt to blow you off the platform for each missed throw.

  • Defeat the Chef Boss without using your sword or bow and arrow

    You will have to use the Throwing Stars for this entire fight. This is a three part fight.

    • First Part - Block all the flying pans until the Chef takes a break. During this downtime you will need to knock down the three targets behind him. After knocking down all three targets, the chef will turn his back to you and allow you to take out one of his mechanical arms.
    • Second Part - Dodge all the incoming pans by following the onscreen prompts. Again, when the chef takes a break, throw as many Stars as you can.
    • Third Part - The Chef will come at you and attempt to swing swords at you. You'll have to block each of his four attempts then throw Stars at him. Each of his four attacks are the same each time. It's very tempting to swing your sword here, but resist, or you'll have to start over.

  • Defeat Peter the Giant in under 5 minutes and 30 seconds

    This isn't too hard, especially on the lower difficulties, if you take a little risk and have some milk. The first part of this fight will have you harpooning Peter's hands to each tower and then catapulting rocks at Peter's head in the final part.

    To achieve this under the required time, you'll have to take a little risk and shoot the flying enemies quickly. You won't have time to block every attack. Instead of blocking, just keep shooting and take the hits. When low on health, use milk. You will need to hit Peter's head by properly timing when to release the rock. If you miss, it will add a considerable amount of time to the fight. Use the video below to see this completed in under five minutes and to help learn the proper timing for catapulting the rocks.

  • Defeat Morgrimm only using the bow and arrow

    For this fight, you can only hit Morgrimm with the bow and arrow, and only while the amulet is activated. To fill the amulet power meter, shoot each of the blue energy orbs with an arrow. Once filled, activate the amulet by holding the controller up to your chest and hitting both the and buttons at the same time.

    During the fight, you'll need to block his melee attacks, shoot any missiles he fires at you, and deflect the laser with your shield back onto Morgrimm while also using it to destroy more missiles. Only use your bow and arrow as using any other weapon will disable this trophy.

  • Free 15 enemies in a single Amulet power up use

    This should come naturally during normal play, especially during the final couple chapters while playing on King difficulty as it is an extremely useful ability.

  • Drink 50 bottles of milk

    This should come naturally during your two playthroughs. To drink milk, hold the while bringing the controller up to your mouth and tipping it back, just like a natural drinking motion.

  • Throw 75 sticks of dynamite

    This is another trophy that should come naturally due to the extreme usefulness of the dynamite. To throw dynamite, put your hand in front of the glowing ball to block it from the camera and hold . Once the meter is full, throw it towards your intended target. Dynamite is extremely useful for loot shoots.

  • Get 250 Headshots with the bow and arrow

    Simply aim for the skeletons heads until you get this trophy. You should be able to achieve this before the halfway point in the game if you make it a priority to aim for headshots.

  • Complete a chapter without taking any damage (excluding Flash Forward, Edmund's Training and A Change of Plans)

    This is easiest done on Escape, the 27th chapter. Replay this chapter on Squire if you didn't get it in either of your two playthroughs. There is only one enemy that is near the beginning you have to take out with rocks and a couple ogres you can hide from. You can take out one of the ogres with rocks for Deadmund vs Goliath. After the ogres, there are just a few QTE's, and that's all.

  • Get at least one of every type of pick up

    This is achieved only in Battle Mode. These are the pickups that spawn during matches. The following pickups are required:

    • Milk bottle
    • Shield
    • Amulet refill
    • Dynamite
    • Poison cloud (green) - only in versus mode
    • Ice (blue) - only in versus mode
    • Smoke (black) - only in versus mode
    • Fire (red) - only in versus mode
    • Wooden sword - only in versus mode
  • Free 100 critters... for fun!

    Critters are the animals wandering around during each chapter that are you're not required to kill. Some of them are on the ground, others are flying through the world. Just be mindful of these and try to free a few here and there during your playthroughs and you should be able to get this. If not, you can farm this by finding an area with a few critters and allowing yourself to be killed after freeing the critters as dying does not reset your kill count.

  • Successfully use the bow and arrow, throwing star, the sword and shield against a single non boss enemy

    Attempt this on any of the brutes or ogres and you should be able to easily pull this off. Just make sure to use each of the three attacks during the same fight, on the same enemy.

    The first opportunity is in the level Hard Time. You will meet your first Brute shortly after picking up the Stars. These are the big guys with the sword and shield. Here is a video of the first time you can get this trophy.

  • Complete the 3 point controller calibration in under 3 seconds

    When starting up the game for the first time, you'll need to calibrate your controller. You'll have to hold it up to your shoulder and press the button and repeat it twice more with your arm straight down and at your waist. If you don't complete this within 3 seconds, you can retry anytime from the calibrate option in the menu.

  • Grapple pull 50 cauldrons in Cauldron Chaos mode

    Cauldron Chaos is a multiplayer versus mode. You need to grapple pull down 50 cauldrons. There are four cauldrons, one located in each corner, and you will be notified of when you are able to grapple one. You will need to play many matches to get the required 50 so work on this while going for Social Gamer.

  • Win a multiplayer match in every game mode

    There are two team and two versus multiplayer modes. Have player 1 win each of the four matches to unlock this trophy.

  • Use every character in a Battle Mode

    Simply use each character during a Battle Mode match. There are 8 characters total you'll need to unlock, the last of which is the Ogre, which you'll unlock after reaching level 20.

  • Complete a chapter on the Champion difficulty or higher without drinking any milk (excluding Flash Forward, Edmund's Training and A Change of Plans)

    A very easy level to get this done on is Escape, chapter 27. You will fight one enemy the entire chapter. Just make it to the end without drinking any milk and this trophy is yours.

  • Destroy all Morgrimm Machines in Story Mode

    See Royal Family Jewels.

  • Free 100 enemies within a single Invasion Mode match

    Invasion is one of the games' multiplayer modes, simply defeat 100 enemies during the match.

  • Successfully defend 15 waves in a single Royal Guard match

    Royal Guard is one of the multiplayer match modes. It's very much like survival mode in many other games, and you just need to survive 15 waves.

  • Pick up 500 gold coins in Story Mode

    During your journey, you will come across many gold coins. You will earn them by freeing enemies, destroying crates, and from loot shoots. You should be able to earn this fairly easy during your first playthrough. If not, you will definitely get it through chapter select for your King playthrough.

  • Collect all of the Story Scrolls

    See Royal Family Jewels

  • Collect all of the Royal Treasures

    This is the most tricky trophy in the game. Throughout the game there are hidden Morgrimm Machines you'll need to destroy and hidden Jewels and Scrolls to collect. Being that the game is on rails, you don't have time to search around. Make sure to destroy each Morgrimm Machine you come across and keep searching for the collectibles.

    The collectibles can be hidden in crates, out in the open, or awarded for completing a loot shoot. Once you clear an area of enemies you will move on to the next area, so make sure to shoot all the breakable objects in view and look carefully in each area before killing off the last enemy. There are also some hidden areas in the game that you can access by shooting a hidden object which you'll spot with the yellow stars circling around it, or a grappling hook that may only appear momentarily.

    Save dynamite for loot shoots, and destroy every breakable crate or barrel you come across. Look left, look right and look high. Some levels have multiple paths that will require you to go back and select the other path.

    You can see which collectibles you are missing on the chapter select screen, or if you hit from within the game. Once you have found a collectible, the game auto saves it, and you can immediately exit out of the level.

    Note: There is a collectible at the very end of Desmund Descending that you can get after the next chapter starts.

  • Complete Story mode on King difficulty

    You can only unlock King difficulty after first beating the game on any other difficulty. Use chapter select and then change the difficulty once in the level. This will allow you to search for any remaining collectibles and it will not reset your stats, kill counts, etc.

    Tips for King Difficulty:

    • Block, Block, Block - You can't take as many hits before death.
    • Make good use of the Dynamite.
    • Use Amulet abilities often, but if there is a part you can't pass, make sure to save it for that spot
    • Watch out for the Brutes. If you attack and they block, they will quickly counter attack making it extremely hard to block their attacks. Use Amulet abilities on the Ogres and Helicopter enemies to dispatch them easily.
  • Earn all unlockables in Battle Mode

    You will have unlocked all the items when you reach level 20. The fastest way to grind the XP is with 2 controllers. You can play solo. Set up a Team Invasion with a score limit of 15,000. This setup I found to be the fastest way to level up. Keep your multiplier going by freeing enemies without getting hit. During amulet activation, your multiplier is doubled so fill it as often as you can. Once you have reached 1,052,616 xp, you will have unlocked this trophy. This isn't a hard trophy, but it is an extremely time consuming one.

  • Free a total of 2,500 enemies in your lifetime

    Freeing (or killing) 2,500 enemies will occur sometime before you reach halfway through your King playthrough. You can see your current total from the stats screen on the main menu.


Secret trophies

  • Break 500 objects

    You will find crates laying around the world that can be broken open. Break these open as you happen across them and you should easily get this during your two playthroughs. You'll probably break more than enough open while searching for the collectibles. Use Throwing Stars, Arrows and dynamite to break the crates open.

  • Play 50 multiplayer games

    This should come naturally while working your way towards level 20. You can see the number of games you've played in the Stats screen from the Extras menus.

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