• Estimate difficulty: 7/10
  • Offline: 46
  • Online: 0
  • Approximate time: 15-30 Hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2+
  • Missable trophies: None (Mission Select)
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Cheats disable trophies: Yes
  • Difficulty affects trophies: Yes

Trophy Breakdown: 32 10 3 1



Medal of Honor: Frontline returns and this time it's remastered in HD. The game comes together with the Limited Edition (US) or Tier 1 Edition (Outside US) versions of Medal of Honor (2010) that was developed by Danger Close. I've never played the original before but I'm guessing everything is intact and they've added new features like including a modern shooter controller layout, ability to cook grenades and other stuff.



Note: For purposes of this guide, I am using the MOH-dern Controller Layout. You can choose the other non-orthodox layouts if you want, but why make your life miserable.

Potential Glitches: Personally, I have not had any problems with the trophies in my experience. However, there have been reports of trophies not unlocking correctly upon fulfilling requirements and even some unlocking without having met the requirements. As yet there are no glitched trophies that are 100% totally unattainable, so just be aware that certain trophies might only unlock after several attempts.

Step 1: Complete the game on Easy while achieving Gold Medals on every mission

First you need to select Easy difficulty under Options in the Main Menu. This difficuly is a walk in the park and shouldn't pose too many problems except for a few tight situations.

Gold medals are achieved for Completing the Mission + Eliminating 95% of enemies + Ending the level with 75% Health or more. All you need to do is be thorough in each level and search every area, as well as use the mounted guns whenever you have the opportunity to spawn more enemy groups. There are a couple of tricky situations but lucky for you I've written a Gold Medal Mission Guide which can be found HERE.

Step 2: Finish the Game on Hard via New Game (Not Mission Select!)

According to Cheattaro, you need to start a New Game or the trophy won't unlock. Now that you've completed the game on Easy and gotten the Gold Medals, all you need to do is finish the game on Hard difficulty to obtain "You Still Aren't As Tough As Audie Murphy" trophy. Once again, you need to adjust the difficulty in the Options menu. A couple of missions are really tough but if you persevere and take your time you will be able to overcome it. Also since you've achieved the gold medals and know what triggers more enemies to spawn, you will know what you should NOT do to trigger them or it'll make your life more miserable.

Also checkout Zolanton's MOH:Frontline Walkthrough on Hard

Step 3: Clean Up

You should have gotten most of the Weapons and Miscellaneous trophies in Steps 1&2 by now but if theres anything you're missing, you can use mission select on Easy difficulty to mop up and finally obtain Platinum. Congrats!

[PS3T Would Like to Thank yewjhin for this Roadmap]

Medal of Honor: Frontline Trophy Guide

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46 trophies ( 10  32  2  )

  • Earn All Available Trophies in Medal of Honor Frontline

  • Complete the Level Your Finest Hour

    Story related. Complete the level to unlock.

  • Complete Level Into the Breach

    Story related. Complete the level to unlock.

  • Complete Level Special Cargo

    Story related. Complete the level to unlock.

  • Complete Mission A Storm in the Port

    Story related. Complete the Mission which consists of these levels: Seaside Stowaway, Special Cargo, Eye of the Storm and A Chance Meeting.

  • Complete Level The Golden Lion

    Story related. Complete the level to unlock.

  • Complete the Mission Needle in a Haystack

    Story related. Complete the Mission which consists of these levels: Rough Landing, The Golden Lion and Operation Repunzel.

  • Complete the Level Nijmegen Bridge

    Story related. Complete the level to unlock.

  • Complete the Mission Several Bridges Too Far

    Story related. Complete the Mission which consists of these levels: Nijmegen Bridge, Yard by Yard, Arnhem Knights.

  • Complete the Level Riding Out the Storm

    Story related. Complete the level to unlock.

  • Complete the Mission Rolling Thunder

    Story related. Complete the Mission which consists of these levels: On Track, Riding out the Storm and Derailed.

  • Complete the Mission The Horten's Nest

    Story related. Complete the Mission which consists of these levels: Clipping Their Wings, Enemy Mine, Under the Radar and Stealing the Show.

  • Earn the Army Distinguished Service Medal

    You unlock this by achieving gold medals for the following levels.

    Level 1: Your Finest Hour
    Level 2: Into the Beach

    See HERE for specific mission strategies.

  • Earn the Army Commendation Medal

    You unlock this by achieving gold medals for the following levels.

    Level 3 - Seaside Stowaway
    Level 4 - Special Cargo
    Level 5 - Eye of the Storm
    Level 6 - A Chance Meeting

    See HERE for specific mission strategies.

  • Earn the Soldier's Medal

    You unlock this by achieving gold medals for the following levels.

    Level 7 - Rough Landing
    Level 8 - The Golden Lion
    Level 9 - Operation Rapunzel

    See HERE for specific mission strategies.

  • Earn the Dutch WWII Commemorative Cross Medal

    You unlock this by achieving gold medals for the following levels.

    Level 10 - Nijmegen Bridge
    Level 11 - Yard by Yard
    Level 12 - Arnhem Knights

    See HERE for specific mission strategies.

  • Earn the Legion of Merit Medal

    You unlock this by achieving gold medals for the following levels.

    Level 13 - On Track
    Level 14 - Riding out the Storm
    Level 15 - Derailed

    See HERE for specific mission strategies.

  • Earn the Distinguished Flying Service Cross

    You unlock this by achieving gold medals for the following levels.

    Level 16 - Clipping their Wings
    Level 17 - Enemy Mine
    Level 18 - Under the Radar
    Level 19 - Stealing the Show

    See HERE for specific mission strategies.

  • Earn All Medals

    Earn Gold Medals for every mission to unlock this trophy. 
    Gold Medals Mission Strategy
    I've noted my kills for each level and if you're near that no. (at the results screen) then you are doing the right stuff to achieve the 95% enemies killed and Gold Medal. Most of the levels are easy to achieve Gold on first try, other levels where I failed first time I've recorded what my bronze score was (the difference between silver and gold is just finishing the level with 75% health, both require the 95% kill quota).
    It is NOT necessary to maintain 75% health throughout the level, only end with 75%.

    Level 1: Your Finest Hour
    # of Enemies Killed: 12

    Nothing fancy. Pretty straightforward level and enemies will only appear below you when you use the Mounted Gun.

    Level 2: Into the Beach
    # of Enemies Killed: 43 (Bronze 38)

    Remember to man the MG you come across right at the beginning to kill 4 enemies or you'll only end up with Bronze. Very short level, no hidden enemies.

    Level 3: Seaside Stowaway
    # of Enemies Killed: 63

    Search the left alley for hidden enemies at the start of the level. After passing the tank, you can climb up the church and bring down the rain on a group of enemies that appear behind the tank and also destroy the tank. Remember to search every ruined building for enemies. There is a group of enemies to the side of the MG near the gate when you are near the end of the level (the yellow truck and lightower are the clues for level finish). Another MG is directly opposite it.

    Level 4: Special Cargo
    # of Enemies Killed: 35 (Bronze 32)

    Pretty straightforward level but you might have to retrace all the way to the beginning because sometimes enemies don't spawn the first time you pass.

    Level 5: Eye of the Storm
    # of Enemies Killed: 87

    Take note there are enemies in high places such as Watchposts, Water Towers, Cranes and on the Battleship. There's a MG position in a corner near one of the U-boats, use it to make enemies spawn.

    Level 6 - A Chance Meeting
    # of Enemies Killed: 114 (Bronze 102)

    When you reach the traincars, look for a switch near the exit to the next area. Pull that switch to move the machinegun platform, get on it and this will trigger more enemies to appear. Without this event you won't be able to obtain Gold. I replayed the level 5 times until I found this. In a later part, before climbing into a vent, turn right and clear the room first.

    Level 7 - Rough Landing
    # of Enemies killed: 78

    Don't forget to pickup the Kerosene required to complete the level when u come across a camp fire. After you've destroyed one of the tanks in a barn, you will encounter a sniper located on top of a windmill. Kill him then climb up with your Springfield rifle equipped. This will trigger a group of enemies to approach you from the direction of the long house you passed earlier.

    Level 8 - The Golden Lion
    # of Enemies killed: 75

    There are lots of enemies on the rooftops and upper floor windows when you reach the wide empty areas, and one in particular is hidden above the building named 'koffiehuis'. There are medkits in the hoods of the cars if you need it. In the areas where you are asked by the contact to sabotage cars, do NOT shoot the alarms as enemies will use them to call for more reinforcements.

    Level 9 - Operation Rapunzel
    # of Enemies killed: 85+ (Sorry I skipped the results screen, but I know I had 78 on Bronze)

    A tricky area in this game is after you pass through a garden area and enter a speech hall area. Do NOT go downstairs! Stay on top and go to the right then attempt to cross the bridge, the drunken guy below will shoot an RPG destroying the bridge and alert more enemies. Going downstairs will only make him pass out.

    Make sure to check every room/door you come across, as well as possible hidden ones. When you exit the secret passageway and enter the bedroom, check the left door before moving the bookshelf for more enemies. As you emerge from the passageway behind the bookshelf and exit to a garden area, don't miss the two guys on top of the clock tower to your right.

    Level 10 - Nijmegen Bridge
    # of Enemies killed: 80

    Don't forget to use the mountain guns on either side of the bridge before going down the stairs to the side of the roads to trigger enemy groups. There are four snipers at the top of the bridge and 4 more appear once you climb up. When you enter the AAA emplacement, go down first and take out 2 enemies. There's a medkit on the road pass the emplacement if you need it once you're done destroying the AAA.

    Level 11 - Yard by Yard
    # of Enemies killed: 89

    At the 3rd checkpoint there is a mounted gun. Once you've destroyed the checkpoint and go down, use the MG to destroy a patrolling tank. In the alley with snipers at the windows, checkout all the backyards. Also, once you enter the house where the snipers were, run back out again and there should be a group of enemies that spawn outside. Retrace your steps all the way back to the mounted gun before the alley. I encountered this because I forgot to destroy the radio in the last house on the right.

    Level 12 - Arnhem Knights
    # of Enemies killed: 70

    When you get past the first wave of enemies and see a mounted gun, quickly use it and destroy an incoming tank then get rid of the other soldiers. Don't rush through the level, you may need to wait for enemies to spawn or backtrack, particularly on multi-storey buildings.

    There is a sort of glitch in the area where you encounter the Panzershreck squad and a Mounted Gunner. If you mount the gun, a group of 4 Panzershrecks spawn right beside you and you're toast, so once you use it immediately get back out and run to cover, then take them out safely.

    Level 13 - On Track
    # of Enemies killed: 60 (Bronze 49)

    An easy way to get the gold medal is to just abandon your disguise and shoot everyone in sight. When you disguise is blown, there will be never-ending enemies spawns from the hotel where you exit. You should make you way through the level cautiously especially in the room with the hanging box cause you can't backtrack to collect health packs after this. Approach the staircase very slowly and you should take damage of 25% at most. Cautiously dispose of any enemies by taking cover and they should drop one or two Medical Canteens that should bring you above 75% health.

    Level 14 - Riding out the Storm
    # of Enemies killed: 23

    Remember to kill a couple of enemies sleeping in their bunks too. Try not to get shot by the turrets on railcars beside the one your on as they take away a huge chunk of health, and there's not alot of healing items in this level. Try to preserve the first two medkits (one on a table in the first car and another in a wall case in the second car) you come across in this level so you can backtrack in case you need health to achieve to 75% quota. Immediately retreat to cover when you find Sturmgeist as his guards pack a punch. Inch out slowly and take them out

    Level 15 - Derailed
    # of Enemies killed: 73

    Right at the start of the level turn right and you'll see a hidden path. Take this path to ambush a MG position otherwise you'll take alot of damage if you had just ran straight along the rail tracks. Beware of snipers once you enter the train yard. They are all over the place in watchtowers, smokestacks, roofs and so on. Search the area thoroughly before riding the engine.

    Also beware of RPGs, theres one on the roof in the next area. Enter the passage to the left of the railtracks to find more enemies and items. In the fourth yard you can actually snipe enemies from where you get off the engine in the comfort of safety. Pick them off one by one, move to the entry door and repeat.

    Level 16 - Clipping their Wings
    # of Enemies killed: 82

    Try not to shoot the chemistry equipment in the labs because they explode and harm you. This is a pretty straightforward mission. Use the Gewehr rifle to snipe enemies when you're going down the multi-level structure.

    Level 17 - Enemy Mine
    # of Enemies killed: 32 (Bronze 31!!)

    Very tough mission. Aim for the grey exploding barrels whenever you see one. You'll only get two medkits halfway through the level that restores 1/3 health each. Use the BAR and zoom with , and also remember that pressing switches to Bazooka when you're using BAR.

    Here's a breakdown of main enemy threats (b = barrel available)

    Right(b), Left(b), Straight ahead(RPG!)(b), Left(b), Left(RPG!)(b), Left(b), Straight(RPG!)*, Far Right(b) and Low Left(b), Medkit 1, Top Left & Right, Top Right, Top Left & Right, 2 Straight Ahead, Straight ahead(RPG!)(b)**, Medkit 2, Right, Right, Left, Left

    * Not getting hit here is key
    ** Zoom and shoot the barrel immediately when you see them, have about 50-60% health here and you should be safe if you can kill all enemies after this.

    Level 18 - Under the Radar
    # of Enemies killed: 95

    Remember to use MG right at start. Before bombing the 1st Radar Station, take out the RPG on the right in the hangar, then the RPG and the guard on the watchtower in front of you on the opposite side. After bombing the radar, once the area is clear, use the MG to trigger enemy groups. Also don't forget the MG nests at the 2nd Radar Station. Be careful around the bends and corner after that as there's a couple of MG watchposts and lots of enemies lurking around.

    Level 19 - Stealing the Show
    # of Enemies killed: 54

    At the start of the level, take your time and slowly eliminate the tons of enemies, don't rush. There's lots of healthpacks and grenade ammo around. When you reach the final fight, you can pretty much stay at the door and shoot anyone that comes with the Gewehr rifle in the torso or head until you feel confident enough to head out and finish the level.
  • Complete the Game On Any Difficulty

    Play on Easy for your first playthrough and you'll unlock this.

  • Complete The Game On Hard Difficulty

    You'll unlock this on your second playthrough. If do this first, you'll unlock Full Frontal as well. You do NOT recover health between levels so if you are in the clear before the end of a level, search around or backtrack for health items. It is also possible to speedrun certain levels and totally ignore enemies, if you can memorize the entire level that is. On levels where you have the Gwebhr or Springfield rifles, they can be put to good use by sniping from afar. You can find my speedrun strategies HERE.

    Also checkout Zolanton's MOH:Frontline Walkthrough on Hard

    Bad Glitch: Again, I must stress that you MUST start a NEW GAME on your HARD playthrough or you won't unlock this trophy. To do that, select "Play" on Main Menu, and you'll see a small menu on the bottom right which has "New Game", "Save Game" and "Load Game". Highlight New Game and select it. Credits to Cheattaro.

    Potentially Useful Glitch: If you actually reached the ending point of the level with zero health(like shot dead upon reaching there), the game then freezes as it doesn't know if it should load the next level or restart. You quit to XMB and reload your progress, and you actually start on the next level. In addition, you are INVISIBLE to enemies. You can shoot them from afar and they won't retaliate. They can still sense you when you are near and they can melee you and you die instantly. You also still die if hit by grenades and other explosions. Your health cannot be restored by walking over medical items, but only up to a certain period of time (or after a specific no. of deaths, both of which I'm uncertain what the exact numbers are) where this glitch will expire and everything then resumes as normal from thereon.

    I have managed to pulled this off in these levels: Rough Landing, and On Track, but still I must say this is very tricky to pull off if you're actually targetting it. Still, I thought you should know this glitch exists as it might be useful.

  • Kill 3 Enemies With 1 Grenade

    There are many opportunities throughout the campaign to get this, you just need to cook a grenade and hope it hits 3 krauts. If you’re having trouble, then during Mission 6: A Chance Meeting, you will come across a scene where a Gestapo officer is inspecting the facility. In that same room, dispose of all enemies on the catwalk and any shooting at you below. Now move forward somewhat and turn towards where you came from. On the lower level you will spot an officer and two scientists, cook and throw a grenade at them and bam, trophy unlocked. Best done on Easy difficulty.

    Level 14: Riding out the Storm is another good spot. There are 4 enemies sitting in the second train car and have nowhere to run when you chuck at grenade at them.

  • Get 20 shots in each shot location (Head, Torso, Groin, each leg, and each arm)

    I recommend using the Springfield rifle for this trophy since it comes with a sniper scope and allows you to accurately hit any part you want. You get the rifle starting from Level 5: Eye of the Storm. You can check your progress by accessing Personal Records in the Main Menu.

  • Make 20 enemies hop around by shooting them in the foot.

    Very simple, pick any weapon, zoom in on an enemy’s leg or foot and shoot them once to make them hop around. Repeat as necessary.

  • Get 50 headshots

    Shouldn’t be too hard, you’ll get this over time. Use the Springfield rifle if you ever need to farm for this. You can check your progress by accessing Personal Records in the Main Menu.

  • Get 50 shots in the groin

    Again I recommend using the Springfield rifle for this. Aim at the belly, crotch, or the backside of an enemy and it will count as a groin hit.

  • Get 20 Melee Kills

    Very easy to do on Easy campaign. Run up to any enemy and press to melee them. It’s a one-hit-kill on Easy difficulty.

  • Kill 1000 Enemies

    You’ll get this eventually as you need to do two playthroughs and probably also replay certain missions to achieve Gold medals. I got it in Level 11 on my first playthrough.

  • Fire 5000 shots

    This will come over time as you’ll have to go through the campaign once on Easy difficulty for the Gold Medals, and another time on Hard difficulty.

  • Use 25 Medical Canteens

    Throughout the campaign you’ll come across items that looks like army canteens. These items refill your health. Very hard to miss as you’ll be needing it a lot to complete Hard difficulty and also for the Gold Medals.

  • Look behind 15 pictures in Operation Repunzel

    In this mission you need to look for a map located behind a painting. When you are going for the Kitchen Set Keys, there are a couple of paintings in the same room, more of them later in the Dining area, and another one behind a bar in the Ballroom after that. The trophy should unlock here if you've viewed every one so far. As you continue further you will find more paintings in speech hall that has a drunken soldier. The map is in this room on the second level above the stage, behind a black and white painting of a sinking ship. In total there’s probably about 30+ paintings in the level.

  • Destroy 15 clocks in Operation Repunzel

    After passing through the speech stage area, you’ll enter a series of lavishly furnished rooms. Look on the walls of every room and you’ll find no less than 2-3 clocks on the walls. The document you need for the mission objective is in a room with a pool table, behind one of the clocks. There are also more clocks on shelves and walls as you continue further into the level. Shoot all of them until the trophy unlocks.

  • Play Any Level using the Classic MoH Control Scheme

    You need to switch Controller Layout to Classic MoH under Options in the Main Menu. Pick a short level like Level 1 and play on Easy. I can’t believe this was the classic control layout back in PS2 times and I was very uncomfortable with it.

  • Get 50 kills with the shotgun

    You get the shotgun in Level 7 Operation Repunzel near the Kitchen Set Keys and its gonna be your main weapon throughout the level until you get the STG. Knock yourself out killing everyone in sight. Previous kills add to the total even if you die and restart.

  • Get 50 kills with the M1 Garand

    You are equipped with the M1 Garand for the first few levels and I suggest to get it done as soon as possible. Use for Iron Sights. On Easy its mostly a one-shot kill. Previous kills add to the total even if you die and restart.

  • Get 50 kills with the Colt .45 or the Walther P38

    These two are your standard pistols and mostly available in the early levels, try to squeeze off some kills every level or you can dedicated a level to this exclusively and you should get it in no time. Previous kills add to the total even if you die and restart.

  • Get 50 kills with the MP40

    I believe you are given the MP40 starting Level 3 and dropped by enemies throughout many levels, which gives you tons of opportunities to use it. Previous kills add to the total even if you die and restart.

  • Get 50 kills with the Springfield '03

    This is a sniper rifle which you pickup in Level 5: Eye of the Storm and also available in later levels. You’ll need this on Levels 5 & 6 to pick off a lot of enemies watch towers, water towers, roofs and high elevations. I also recommend using this for the Hokey Pokey trophy to zoom in on the enemy body part you want to hit. Previous kills add to the total even if you die and restart.

  • Get 50 kills with the STG

    You get the STG in Level 9: Operation Repunzel, next to the guy with the RPG in the Speech Hall and also dropped by enemies in Level 14: Riding out the Storm. Previous kills add to the total even if you die and restart.

  • Get 50 kills with the Thompson SMG

    The Thompson is available from the start in levels such as Into the Breach, Rough Landing, The Golden Lion and so on. It'll probably be your main weapon for these missions so you'll achieve this very quickly. Previous kills add to the total even if you die and restart.

  • Get 25 kills with the Welby and Scott Silenced Pistol

    You'll receive these in many of the levels so try to get it out of the way as soon as possible because its not very powerful. Previous kills add to the total even if you die and restart.

  • Get 50 kills with the Browning Automatic Rifle

    You'll see the BAR laying next to an ally early in the level Arnhem Knights. Use it against every enemy you see and you should have it about two thirds into the level. Previous kills add to the total even if you die and restart.

  • Get 50 kills using grenades

    Grenades are very useful on Hard difficulty when you know where the enemy is going to come from and I also use them alot whenever I'm about to enter a room. If it lands on a enemy directly it immediately explodes. Also remember to turn on 'cook grenades' in Options menu to allow you to cook them and throw for immediate impact. Level 14 is a good spot as enemies in the train cars have no where to run and are bunched together. Previous kills add to the total even if you die and restart.

  • Find the UFO in 'On Track'

    As the trophy says, this can only be achieved in Level 13 On Track. Towards the end of the level, as you exit the room where there was a hanging crate that exploded, DON'T jump on the train just yet or the level will end. Immediately look straight up and to your right when you exit the room, this event triggers immediately the moment you pass through the doors. You should be able to spot the UFO in the sky, going in that direction. The trophy should unlock at this point. Here's a video to help you.


Secret trophies

  • Spill three drinks in The Golden Lion

    After getting the Officer Uniform, you’ll progress through the level, shoot more enemies until you arrive at the Golden Lion Bar. Press to equip the uniform and enter the bar. Tip the piano player, then head upstairs and outside. You will see 3 cups on the railing. Press to tip them over and start a bar fight. Feeling tipsy?

  • Eat bread to regain health

    You can find bread in the manor kitchen after passing through a tunnel in the level Operation Repunzel. You need to be injured to be able to use it. You will also find bread in kitchens on later levels such as Yard by Yard.

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