Ready for battle Trophy in Mask of Mists

  • Ready for battle


    Visit all the altars of health

    How to unlock Ready for battle


    The Altars of Health are the large stones that have a glowing yellow/green circle on top of them. When you interact with them, they extend your health bar a little bit (but they don't heal you). There are 5 total, all of which are missable, albeit not easily missable. Their locations are as follows:
    • Altar 1: After you replace the Lever on the gate at the beginning of the game, go through it and follow the path forward. Eventually you’ll see the Altar on the left side within a small set of ruins.
    • Altar 2: Just to the left of the second dungeon (the one accessed with the 4 Green Statuettes), there is a trail leading to the second Altar (there are two paths to the left of this dungeon, one leading to the Altar and one leading to the well).
    • Altar 3: Breathing Potion not required but highly recommended. After you complete the 4 Shields/Crests puzzle to access a new area, go through the door and the path will split left and right. If you follow the path left, you'll come to a long narrow-way with a lot of pink poisonous gas. Make your way through the gas (use to dash if you need) and when you're out of it, turn left. Head up the hill (mind the enemy) and the Altar will be at the top.
    • Altar 4: Requires rain, the beanstalk and 1 Explosive Potion. After you grow the Beanstalk near the Navigation Crystals, climb up it and head to the right. You’ll find a tree (there’s a Leprechaun in it) and a blocked off area to the left. To open the portal, you need 2 Yellow Statuettes. One is purchased from the Leprechaun in the tree and the other is located behind a wall, just outside of Dungeon #2. After retrieving the gear to fix the platforms so you can jump across the acid pool in front of said Dungeon, there will be a wall on the right with a crack in it. Use an Explosive Potion on it to break it down and pick up the second Yellow Statuette. Bring it back to the portal wall and place it on a pedestal. When the wall opens, you’ll have access to the Altar.
    • Altar 5: Rain Required. After you make it rain, you'll be able to cross over fire flowers. Head to the Navigation Crystal ruins (if you're facing the first house you enter at the beginning of the game, it’s through the gate on the right). Cross over the log bridge that you created earlier in the game and head to ruins across the way (where you picked up the Explosive Potion). Make your way up the hill just to the right of these and when you get to the top, go left. The path will split, take the path on the right (through the red/orange flowers) and the Altar will be at the end of the path.

    Interact with all five altars and the trophy will unlock.

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