Meteorologist Trophy in Mask of Mists

  • Meteorologist


    Cause rain

    How to unlock Meteorologist

    Story Related.

    After you clear the purple and orange vines with the cooked Rabbit Meat, you'll come to a new area that has a large ruin-like structure at the top of a small hill (this is the same area where you find the Fort Terrace Key required for Lost and Found). Within this area is a puzzle with 4 pedestals, each with their own symbol on the face of them. On top of the Pedestals is a block that you can rotate with 4 symbols on it. You need to match up the symbols on the pedestals with their respective symbols on the blocks, then press the button in the center. The solution for this puzzle can be found on a cave wall towards the end of the game but if you're having trouble finding it, the solution is as follows:
    • Circle: Wave Symbol
    • Square: Upside triangle with the circles on the joints
    • Diamond: Mushroom Symbol
    • Triangle: Eye Symbol
    Once you press the button, it will start to rain and the trophy will unlock.

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