To the Max Trophy in Marvel's Spider-Man 2

  • To the Max


    Purchase all Gadget upgrades

    How to unlock To the Max

    Press the tp.png, and then press r1.png, to tab along to the Gadgets menu. In here, you'll see all the gadgets: Web Shooters, Upshot, Web Grabber, Sonic Burst, and the Ricochet Web. In order to unlock this trophy, you will to not only acquire all the gadgets, but fully upgrade them as well. The components that you need to do this are: Tech Parts, Rare Tech Parts, City Tokens, and Hero Tokens. If you press triangle.png, then you will be able to see how you can acquire these parts – they can be obtained by doing the various side activities (see Superior trophy_gold.png). Once you have purchased all the upgrades, this trophy will unlock.

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