Armed and Dangerous Trophy in Marvel's Spider-Man 2

  • Armed and Dangerous


    Defeat 100 enemies with Spider Arm abilities

    How to unlock Armed and Dangerous

    Peter has multiple Spider Arm abilities, which can be slotted into the same spots as his Symbiote abilities. To activate these, you hold l1.png and press the face buttons cross.pngcircle.pngsquare.pngtriangle.png. You can head into the menu, by pressing tp.png, and tab across (r1.png) to Abilities to equip the Spider Arm abilities. As with Evolved trophy_silver.png, the best way to unlock this trophy is by battling a gang of enemies, wearing a number of them down, and then using a widespread attack, like the Spider Rush (l1.png + triangle.png). The Spider Barrage (l1.png + circle.png)is also very effective at damaging groups of foes.

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