• Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 0
  • Online trophies: 51 (41, 7, 2, 1) (Sort of - see the Introduction for details.)
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 80-100 hours (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: Treasure Trove, Honeycomb Hideout, To The Dark and Back Again, Information Overload and Investing in the Future. Some other glitches can halt progression, see introduction for more details.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Holding it Down and The Best Around require playing on higher difficulties but the majority can be played on Easy/Challenge I
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes, the PS4 and PS5 versions have separate lists
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: None known
  • Additional peripherals required?: No
Welcome to Marvel's Avengers, a loot based Action RPG based around the global phenomenon that is the Avengers. When the Avengers are blamed for a catastrophe that causes thousands of people, later known as inhumans, to gain powers, they disband amidst the rise in influence of AIM, who persecute superheroes and the Inhumans. One such Inhuman, Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel) sets out to reunite the Avengers to stop AIM and save the inhuman population.

This will be a long Platinum. As with many loot-based games, you will have to grind to increase the power of your heroes and get the very best gear, plus there are a few trophies that force you to go out of your way to grind, such as completing 50 Hives. In regards to all 51 trophies being marked as online, this is because you must be online at least once before you can start the game, however once you have started you can play at least the story component and get some of the other miscellaneous trophies without an active connection. The post-story content, Avengers Initiative, requires an online connection to play and as such you will be unable to get a bunch of trophies without being online. However, despite the need for a constant online connection, you can get the Platinum completely solo, there is never a need to play with somebody else, though if you wish you can play a lot of the missions with a friend or random partners.

Finally a note on the glitched trophies. The four listed are the most noticeable ones but other trophies that require you to do or get x amount of something may pop a little later. It's been speculated that playing in co-op can be a cause of these glitches so remain wary of this (credit to snake2410 for this information). As for the game-breaking glitches, a few people including myself have run into an issue where a mission required for progression won't appear. For some they may show up after a couple of days waiting, another solution is to find someone with access to the mission you need and have them invite you to it. In the settings you can find a couple of backup saves. You can check these and see if one of them takes you back before the previous mission so you can try and progress properly.
Step 1: Complete the Single Player Story

While you can technically go into the Avenger Initiative section from the start, it is highly recommended to start with the Single Player to learn the ropes of the game and to avoid spoilers. You can simply follow the Reassemble mission chain in order to complete this step. You will get some side content along the way but for the most part, due to most missions simply scaling to your level, you don’t have to do any farming to power yourself for missions, completing these are optional. Doing so will reduce the need for grinding later however.

Difficulty wise, choose whatever makes you comfortable, I stuck with Easy/Challenge I and chose to get the difficulty related trophies later. You will be slower with getting better gear but I found higher difficulties weren’t worth the hassle. You’ll also have a choice whether to go straight to objectives in some missions or follow the black diamonds to find strongboxes and prisoners, again this is up to you and will reduce grinding later.

To make things as easy as possible later, don’t power up your gear (except maybe one uncommon item for Investing in the Future (B) (Unobtainable) as it will waste precious resources that you will need to fully power up your main hero later, this is especially true for major artifacts. Once you have access to assignments, grab them when they refresh each day as you’ll require at least 5 real days of play to do enough, plus you get valuable resources from completing them. Finally, while you should be constantly dismantling gear you don't need, you may want to keep one legendary item of each type if you get them.

In this step you should earn:

Super Hero Business
Team Player
Rough and Tumble
And That's How It's Done
Trying on Perfection
Seeing Stars
More Important Things To Do
The Best Defense
Prized Collection
Odds and Ends
Fundamentally Flawless
Investing in the Future - Unobtainable
Shopping Spree
Breaking and Entering
A Surprise Every Time
Golden Ticket
The Adventure Begins
Lost But Not Forgotten
A Little Bit Broken
From the Ashes
No Suit, No Problem
Patent Violation
Gone To Ground
Itsy Bitsy
A Novel Way to Travel
Thunderous Applause
Unparalleled View
Welcome Back, Old Friend
Avengers Assemble!
New Girl Makes Good

Step 2: Avengers Initiative Mission Chains

After completing the story, you should move on to the post-story content, Avengers Initiative. Your main goal for this step is to complete all of the mission chains, the main one being 'Reigning Supreme' which will have multiple smaller mission chains and missions to complete within. Like with the story you will have unlinked missions that you can do, again this is up to you. From this point you should choose which character you like the most and stick with them for as much of the post-game content as possible so you can work towards getting them to Power Level 150. You can power up one major artefact on your main character but continue to refrain from powering up other gear. Once you begin to hit the Elite missions you may need to farm gear and thus increase your Power Level before you can play them, this is why sticking to one character on this step is important. Near the end of the mission chains you'll unlock Hives and finally an Elite Heroic Hive that requires 130 Power, once this is completed this step is done. You'll likely unlock numerous other trophies along the way without trying and you will be in a better position to do some others once you’ve levelled enough such as the HARM Challenges.

In this step you should earn:

Time to Shine
Gold Star Success
Honeycomb Hideout
Former Glory
Clear Skies
Wanting for Nothing
Become Legend
Truly Elite

Step 3: The Grind

Now all that's left is the grind. First off you should head towards Power Level 150 with your main hero. You will need to get epic or better Level 130 gear using that character, then fully upgrade each part 10 times. If you still need resources, you can get them with other characters. You'll also need to level up your other characters until you have earned a total of 250 levels between them. While you’re doing this you can begin to grind the 50 Hives and any other trophy you may need such as the Villain Sectors or prisoners. You should level up enough times and get all the resources you need to max out your main hero by the time you've ground out everything else. If you’ve done everything, congrats!

In this step you should earn:

On the Mountaintop
Back in Business
Group Effort
Tentative Peace
Treasure Trove
To the Dark and Back Again
Holding It Down
The Best Around
Old Fashioned Beat Down
Information Overload
Savior of the People
Omega Level Accomplishment - Unobtainable

Marvel's Avengers Trophy Guide

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51 trophies ( 41  15  )

  • Earn all Trophies


    As always, earn all the other trophies to get this one!
  • Reach Power Level 150 with any Hero

    NOTE: To save time with this trophy, refrain from power boosting any gear until you get level 130 gear. You can boost your major artifact but only on the character you're intending to get this trophy with.

    To reach Power Level 150 with a hero, you first need to get to the point where you can get level 130 gear in every slot of Epic or Legendary rarity (without power boosting), as this is the highest that will drop or be purchasable. This is a bit of a grind but you'll be a good chunk of the way there once you hit level 50 on a character. Just keep grinding, getting better and better gear. I ended up buying most of the 130 gear when it became available as I had a lot of fragments to spend. You will then have to fully power each gear item to 140. This will require a lot of resources but as long as you didn't waste too much boosting weaker gear as mentioned, you should be able to fully boost them all or get fairly close with what you have at this point. For the rare resources, you get them from the breakable crates, defeating enemies and from strongboxes. You can also buy them from vendors if needed. Upgrade modules may be more of an issue as they are rarer, you can get them from strongboxes, completing missions and defeating special marked enemies. The latter way is the best way to farm them if required. Finally, you need to max out your major artifact. This will require a lot of Polychoron which you get from completing daily assignments and villain sectors from the factions. There's a good chance you'll need more Polychoron, especially if your playtime is condensed into a few days so work on assignments as you get them while working on other trophies and you'll eventually save up enough.
  • Earn a total of 250 Hero Levels across the entire Hero Roster

    NOTE: This trophy is glitched in a good way! It popped for me at around 230 combined hero levels and others have reported the same.

    Each hero in the game can reach a maximum of Hero Level 50. This is based on XP as opposed to Power Levels which are based on your gear. There are 6 heroes available at launch so you're looking at maxing out four of them and nearly maxing out a fifth for this trophy (with whatever levels your remaining character has making up the rest). Who you choose to level up is up to you, any combination works as long as your hero levels add up to 250. Additionally, once a hero reaches level 50, you may notice the XP bar still moving. It's likely that every time you fill this bar it counts as a level towards this trophy, hence the trophy being glitched in a good way. It's still recommended to max out multiple characters anyway but you will have some leeway on this trophy (I only had to max out 4). It mainly means that you'll still be making progress on this trophy while grinding power level 150 on a character.

    Personally, I believe that as long as you don't use one character for too long after they hit level 50, you'll have to grind enough for other trophies (such as the 50 hives) that you won't need to grind specifically for this one. If you do need or want to grind, I recommend the character-specific HIVE training. Each of these have a tutorial on the character's support skill and enemies will respawn infinitely as long as you don't get the kills needed with the support skill. This has the drawback of not giving you any gear if you need it but it's the fastest way if you're looking purely for XP.
  • Reach rank 25 in any faction

    There are two factions available in the game: SHIELD and the Inhumans. You level up the factions by completing assignments, daily Villain Sectors, some missions and rescuing prisoners. Depending on how many real life days you've played over and if you completed everything available on each day, you might need to specifically go for this after finishing everything else.
  • Complete 10 assignments

    Assignments first become available shortly after getting the Chimera up and running. You obtain them by talking to the SHIELD contact on the Helicarrier and later on you'll unlock a second, Inhuman faction contact when you reach the Ant Hill. There will be 10 available from each contact every real life day, with new assignments refreshing at 5pm UTC.

    For the most part, the assignments are fairly straight forward and will come just by playing, defeating certain enemy types, countering attacks etc. Some will require you to go out of your way such as completing missions on higher difficulties but you shouldn't need to worry about those for this trophy if you don’t want to, if you don't have enough easy assignments on one day you can just wait until they refresh.
  • Reach Hero Level 5 with 5 different Heroes

    Level 5 is very quick and you will easily reach it, just going for each character's Iconic mission chain. Of course first you'll have to unlock at least 5 heroes but this will come through playing the story.
  • Reach Hero Level 50 and purchase all skills for any Hero

    See Back In Business. You should easily max out multiple heroes while grinding other trophies.
  • Complete 15 Villain Sectors

    Villain Sectors are first unlocked alongside assignments when you get the Chimera back up and running, though you won't have the required power level at first. They are similar to most missions where you have a variety of objectives to work through, except you fight one of the story bosses (Taskmaster, Abomination, Warship, Warbot) at the end. The boss fights work the exact same as they did before.

    Once you have the Ant Hill unlocked, you'll be able to do two regular Villain Sectors a day. Once you've completed the story and are working through the Avengers Initiative mission chains, you'll unlock Elite Villain Sectors which will remain on the map and therefore can be replayed as much as you'd like, though you'll need a high power level to play them. You can farm these Elite missions to get any Villain Sectors you still need.
  • Complete 100 assignments

    See Super Hero Business. Assuming you're completing all twenty assignments available to you each day, this will take a minimum of 5 real days to complete.
  • Open 50 Cache strongboxes

    GLITCHED! Some people have reported requiring more than 50 strongboxes before this trophy unlocked.

    Cache strongboxes are the rarest type of strongbox, they have the SHIELD logo on top and often grant Vault missions. They are rare enough that you'll likely need to farm this. The easiest place is in the "Day of the Remains" mission (this mission will come up a few times for farming trophies). You'll unlock it while going through post-story mission chains, then it'll be available for infinite replay. When the mission starts, head towards the first objective, then head past it to the back left corner of the area. You should get a tracker for a hidden bunker that will contain one of these chests, then carry on until you reach the second objective. In the middle of the area with the prisoners will be an opened bunker with a second strongbox inside of it. From here you can return to Quinjet and repeat, though this mission is also helpful for other trophies too if you want to complete the mission instead.
  • Complete five Hive missions

    GLITCHED! Some people have reported requiring more than five Hive missions before this trophy unlocked.

    See To The Dark and Back Again.
  • Complete the "Iconic Avengers" mission chain

    As you progress through the story and unlock more heroes, you will unlock a mission chain for each that will reward you with an iconic costume for them. These chains are fairly straight forward. Most heroes have two missions to complete, with some global objectives sandwiched in between. These usually consist of a couple of combat objectives and earning faction XP while playing as that character, which can be done by completing objectives. Iron Man doesn't have any missions and neither does Ms. Marvel but you must also complete the story to finish her chain.

    When you finish all six character-specific mission chains, nothing will initially unlock. You won't receive the overall Iconic Avengers mission chain until late in the post-story content, after completing step 6 of Reigning Supreme. The requirements for this chain are simply to complete all 6 character mission chains so assuming you've already completed those, the chain will complete as soon as it's unlocked and this trophy will follow.
  • Complete the "A Global Offensive" mission chain

    A Global Offensive is one of the mission chains available in Avengers Initiative and acts more as a tutorial for factions and warzones. First you'll have to visit a few people on the Chimera and get some faction XP, then you must do the same in the Ant Hill. Finally, you will be tasked with completing a War Zone in each area along with a couple of other objectives that should come naturally.
  • Complete 50 Hive missions

    GLITCHED! Some people have reported requiring more than 50 Hives before this trophy unlocked.

    This is the most needlessly grindy trophy in the game. Hives are unlocked through post-story mission chains and consist of 5-8 floors of random objectives. They take 15-20 minutes each to complete so you're looking at a lot of time just for this trophy though it’ll help with increasing your XP and Power Levels if you still need them.

    You will complete a few different Hives by working through the post-story content and they may randomly become available on your map. However, you can just endlessly replay the introductory Hive (Let the Games Begin) for this trophy. It only has 5 floors and if you play on Challenge I with a maxed out character, you'll be well over-levelled making it a breeze to get through, albeit boring.
  • Reach a combo of 20 hits or higher

    A 20 hit combo isn't all that much so you're bound to get this naturally at some point as long as you're putting some effort into dodging enemy attacks. A really easy place to get this if you're struggling is in one of the character HARM training rooms, as part of them include a large group of weaker enemies that will infinitely respawn if you don't defeat them with your support ability.
  • Defeat 10 or more enemies with a single Heroic ability activation

    Story Related and Cannot be Missed.

    There will be plenty of opportunities to defeat 10 or more enemies at once throughout the game but you'll get it while playing as Hulk for the first time. As soon as you see the + prompt on your screen, activate it while facing the enemies there and you'll take out the 10 enemies you need.
  • Earn a 100% rating on a mission without any team member being downed

    As long as you're not playing on a harder difficulty than you should be, you'll probably get this without trying. To earn a 100% rating on a mission, you must get 5 stars on every section of it. You lose a star if a hero is downed so that part of the 5 star rating will be automatic. It's also possible to lose stars for doing poorly in some objectives, for example in any objective with an Avengers/AIM progress bar, you'll lose a star for every 25% you allow the enemies to get. You can press to check how you can lose stars on an objective. Some missions are simple and short so as mentioned before, you shouldn't have much trouble getting this.
  • Earn a five star rating on an objective without any team member taking damage

    This is easier than it sounds as many missions have easy objectives. I got this on the first mission where you can choose your character, Missing Links. After the capture point objective, you have to find a bunker. If you head straight there you shouldn't run into any enemies hence not take any damage. If you didn't get it there, there are numerous simple objectives throughout the game you can get this on.
  • Complete 30 War Zones at Challenge III or higher rating

    Challenge III can be tricky to begin with as enemies will be more powerful than you. If you're patient, there's no need to make things harder for you early on as some missions, namely Drop Zones and HARM rooms, will stop scaling to your Power Level at a certain point, thus you will be stronger than the enemies. Drop Zones consist of a single objective and can be completed in 2-5 minutes, thus are ideal for grinding this trophy.
  • Earn a 100% rating for any War Zone at Challenge IV rating

    Similar to Holding It Down, this trophy will be tricky if you try to go for it early but will become a lot easier if you're patient and wait until you're near max Power Level, you'll be stronger than the enemies in some missions. Once you find a mission to play on Challenge IV you'll also have to get 100% by not having anyone go down or without enemies making too much progress in some cases. Drop Zones consist of only one objective so can be done quickly and easily. Despite not giving you a star rating, character-specific HARM tutorials are a foolproof way to get this, because as long as you complete it on Challenge IV, the game will consider it 100% and award this trophy.
  • Complete any mission in under three minutes

    As long as you don't mess around in the Chimera, you can get this after the Missing Links mission by heading straight for the HARM training hangar, the trophy popped for me as I entered. If you didn't get it here, Drop Zones will be the way to go as they consist of only one objective, especially sabotage ones. I managed to complete 'Communication Nexus' very quickly by heading straight to the objective and ignoring enemies as much as possible. You can either wait for this one to appear on your map or try out other drop zones.
  • Collect 20 different enemy codex files

    Story Related and Cannot Be Missed.

    Throughout the story you will encounter more than enough unique enemy types to unlock this trophy, it unlocked for me before even recruiting my third hero. You can check the codex if you're interested in seeing what enemies you've defeated so far.
  • Complete HARM Challenges I to V

    The HARM Challenges are rooms consisting of 10 waves each, featuring many types of enemy. When you first unlock them, they are definitely doable but may be tricky for some, even on Challenge I. However these Challenges have a max mission power of 100, meaning if you hold off on playing them until you have a high Power Level character you can save yourself a lot of grief and breeze through them.
  • Collect a full comic set

    Story Related and Cannot Be Missed.

    This will be the very first trophy you earn in the game. Your first objective will be to collect five comics (plus you'll have to make a trade). You can use objective marking to find them all easily. Once you've got all 5 comics on Avenger's Day, this will unlock.
  • Collect 50 intelligence files

    GLITCHED! Some people have reported requiring more than 50 files before this trophy unlocked.

    Intelligence Files provide some background information to the story. There are two ways these can be found. During the story, some intelligence files will be found laying around in your path. If you press any collectibles in your view will glow and if you're close enough you'll get the prompt to pick it up. There are also some laying around in the Chimera and Ant Hill hubs. Unfortunately story missions cannot be replayed right now but don't worry, because you also have a chance to get files randomly from strongboxes. Open as many strongboxes as you can while going for other trophies and you should get this naturally while going for other trophies.
  • Collect 500 gear items

    Gear is how you power up your heroes and given this is a game revolving around looting, you're gonna get a lot of it. Gear drops occasionally from enemies, can be found in strongboxes or given as mission rewards. As long as you’re constantly dismantling gear you're not using as you should be, you'll get this in no time. I got it shortly after completion of the main story.
  • Collect three Artifacts

    Artifacts are a type of gear, you have minor Artifacts that you can find fairly often in some strongboxes or as mission rewards and major Artifacts, of which there are only a few which unlock with progression and cannot be dismantled. Either count so you should get this after picking up three minor Artifacts.
  • Rescue 100 AIM prisoners

    This is one you may have to go out of your way for. In some missions there will be AIM prisoners to save. Some of these are objectives and require destroying their cage, some can be found behind locked doors which require button presses or similar to open. In this case you have to hold next to them once you find them. For the former, it seems that each group of prisoners only counts as one prisoner for this trophy. If you need to farm this, a good mission is "Day of the Remains", which is also good for the Cache Strongboxes. The second objective requires you to save some prisoners, then near the last objective is another prisoner you can rescue who is just standing in a destroyed building. You don’t need to progress through the other objectives after the second, you can just head straight there. You can then return to the Quinjet and restart the mission.
  • Equip all Legendary or better gear with any hero

    As with most loot-based games, the rarest items you can get in the regular loot pool are Legendary (yellow). They are fairly uncommon early on but I found that they dropped much more often in Avengers Initiative. Artifacts can't be legendary so you just need to get legendary gear in four slots. My suggestion is to not really worry about this and just keep one legendary for each slot as you find them, you'll get plenty of legendaries by the time you've done everything else. When you have one for each, just equip them all at the same time and this will unlock.
  • Defeat 50 enemies with Assault Heroic or Ultimate Heroic abilities

    Story Related and Cannot Be Missed.

    While not tied to a particular part of the story, unless you're trying to make things as difficult for yourself as possible by purposely avoiding Heroic abilities, you'll get this very early on into the game.
  • Fully upgrade a major artifact

    Major artifacts are unlocked only through progression and are automatically given to all characters once earned. Unlike other gear that have power levels, major artifacts give a +1 to your hero's overall power level, up to a maximum of 10.

    To upgrade a major artifact, you need Polychoron and quite a lot of it, 257 to be exact. Unlike other resources, Polychoron can't be farmed endlessly. The only ways to get it other than occasional progression is through faction assignments and daily villain sectors. These are limited to 20 and 2 a day respectively so you will have to play numerous days to get enough Polychoron for this. As it can take a while to get Polychoron, make sure you're only putting it into one artifact! Powering your other characters a bit can be tempting but it's not worth the extra grind you'll have to do to get one artifact up to 10.
  • Fully upgrade any gear item

    Note: The Black Panther Update has broken this trophy so it's now unobtainable. See here for more info a workaround: LINK

    Any gear item can be upgraded/boosted using resources found in breakable crates, dropped from enemies, strongboxes or received as mission rewards. The amount of times you can upgrade a piece of gear ranges from 3 to 10 times depending on the item's rarity. For the quickest and easiest time, upgrade an uncommon (green) item three times to unlock this trophy.
  • Purchase an item from two different faction vendors

    You can do this once the Chimera is up and running and SHIELD personnel are available. I purchased a cosmetic item from Chastity McBridge using units and a gear item from Sidney Levine costing fragments to unlock this trophy but there are more options when you reach the Ant Hill. You’ll find an abundance of both mentioned currencies so you shouldn't have any issue affording items by the time you've unlocked the vendors.
  • Break into 30 Depots

    Depots are the rooms you need to solve a small environmental puzzle to get into which usually contain a strongbox or prisoner. You can find a lot of them by pressing and heading towards the black question marks. There are three types of these buttons on the floor that you need to stand on; consoles with hexagons that you need to hit until they turn blue/green; and buttons on walls that you need to hit with your ranged attack. If you press , you can usually see wires that will lead from the door to the switches but you must trigger them all within a short amount of time to open the depot. Open 30 of these depots to unlock this trophy.
  • Open 100 strongboxes

    There are a good number of strongboxes around, depending on the type they can give you gear, resources and more. You'll be able to find a good amount just by pressing and heading towards any black question marks, though you will find others hidden too. Either way you should be opening much much more than 100 strongboxes over the course of the game.
  • Complete an Elite Heroic Hive

    The Elite Heroic Hive is the very last step of the Reigning Supreme mission chain in Avenger Initiative. This is similar in gameplay to the regular hives, you must complete floors with randomised objectives. However, there are 14 floors to this one, and if you die outright (three downs), you must have another hero with a sufficient power level to replace them or you must start from scratch. Unfortunately this mission is single player only so you can’t take advantage of infinite revives there either.

    You have two options. Either grind more characters to the required Power Level to give yourself more lives, or just be very careful to do it in one life with your main hero. The amount of grinding required for the former option would probably not be worth it as the difficulty is not too bad, especially if you play on Challenge 1 where you'll be slightly more powerful than the enemies but if you are struggling you may wish to do this.

    Once you're in the mission, just be very careful not to go down. If you haven't already, change your skill specialisations to those that regard health regeneration and defence, always keep an eye on your health bar and just pick off enemies from a distance with ranged attacks if you need to. Once you’ve completed all 14 floors, you'll unlock this trophy.

Secret trophies

  • Reach the VIP balcony

    Story Related and Cannot Be Missed.

    Once you've collected the 5 comics at the start of the game, you will be able to enter the VIP area. Once you've gone up the elevator, this will unlock.
  • Escape the clutches of AIM in New Jersey

    Story Related and Cannot Be Missed.

    After the Prologue, you'll be back in control of Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel). Head to your hideout, then to the park. AIM will show up and you will have to sneak out undetected. You'll eventually head through a sewer, then after a cutscene you'll have to outrun then defeat some robots. After this is done, the trophy will unlock.
  • Discover the location of the Chimera

    Story Related and Cannot Be Missed.

    Shortly after the last story trophy, you'll be in a canyon. Follow the linear path, defeat some bots when needed and you'll eventually reach the Chimera.
  • Recruit Bruce Banner

    Story Related and Cannot Be Missed.

    Not long after the above, you'll head through the Chimera and run into Hulk, who you'll have to escape from. Keep heading through, then you'll eventually reach the deck where you must fight off a bunch of bots alongside Hulk. After the cutscene following this, the trophy will unlock.
  • Recover the SHIELD Protocols

    Story Related and Cannot Be Missed.

    This trophy comes at the end of the Missing Links mission, a bit further into the game than the last story related trophy. After escaping Tony Stark's Archives, you will be introduced to the Chimera as a hub, after a few tasks you'll have to select Missing Links on the world map. You can pick either unlocked character and you can do this alone or try and find a partner. First you need to capture a point, then follow a tracker to the bunker. Finally you have to retrieve something from inside. There will be some enemies in the way but simple stuff.
  • Recruit Tony Stark

    Story Related and Cannot Be Missed.

    Tony Stark/Iron Man is the second superhero you'll recruit. After the cutscene for his recruitment mission, you'll be Tony Stark and have to find suit parts around his damaged house. Once you have enough parts to function, a cutscene will play and this trophy will unlock.
  • Destroy the AIM arc reactor

    Story Related and Cannot Be Missed.

    After No Suit, No Problem, you'll have a couple of solo missions as Iron Man to get components for the Chimera. In the Alone Against AIM mission you'll be tasked to head to a building then destroy the arc reactor inside. Once this is done the trophy will unlock.
  • Locate the Ant Hill

    Story Related and Cannot Be Missed.

    In the very next mission after the prior trophy, you'll have to find components from destroyed mechs in a desert area. At the end of the mission you'll discover the Ant Hill, the second HUB in the game, when you load into it after the mission the trophy will pop.
  • Recruit Black Widow

    Story Related and Cannot Be Missed.

    You'll get Black Widow a couple missions after locating the Ant Hill. You will travel to a prison alone with Kamala Khan, it will go wrong and you'll switch to Black Widow in order to stage a rescue. The trophy will pop as soon as you gain control.
  • Rescue Inhumans from the research facility

    Story Related and Cannot Be Missed.

    This trophy will unlock at the end of the mission you get Black Widow in. Simply follow the path completing the objectives you need to, at the end you will have a boss fight against Monica who will be in a mech. As with most boss fights and enemies in this game, you don't really have to do anything special to defeat her, just counter or dodge her attacks when necessary and keep hitting or shooting her whenever you can. She has three phases and will spawn other enemies that will need to be defeated between them. Once you’ve completed the mission and have returned to the Chimera the trophy will pop.
  • Stop the Helicarrier from crashing into New York City

    Story Related and Cannot Be Missed.

    Once you have control of Black Widow on the Chimera, you'll have a couple of people to talk to. Eventually the Chimera will be breached by AIM who will attempt to crash the Chimera into New York. Follow the path as Kamala, defeating enemies until you get a cutscene. Thor will come to save the day, then you'll gain control of him. Defeat the dreadbots and other enemies on the deck, followed by a mega dreadbot. You'll have to do a QTE to avoid disaster, the trophy will pop during a cutscene.
  • Reach the AIM space station

    Story Related and Cannot Be Missed.

    A couple missions after Thunderous Applause, you'll be tasked to go into space with a special Iron Man suit. You will fly up and have to keep the crosshairs on the screen centred to avoid dying. Once you gain regular control of Iron Man inside the ship, this trophy will unlock.
  • Rescue Captain America

    Story Related and Cannot Be Missed.

    In the AIM space station, you will be tasked with rescuing an inhuman who will turn out to be Captain America. This will pop during the cutscene where you release him.
  • Reunite the Avengers

    Story Related and Cannot Be Missed.

    Later in the story, the Avengers will scatter but will be brought back together just in time for the final showdown against MODOK. The trophy will pop during the cutscene at the start of the final mission 'By Force of Mind'.
  • Defeat MODOK and the Kree

    Story Related and Cannot Be Missed.

    This trophy is for completing the story of the game. In the final mission you'll swap between every base character in order to reach and defeat MODOK. You'll first reach MODOK using Captain America, then you'll take control of Iron Man. With him, simply shoot and destroy MODOK’s thrusters. Next you'll be back to Cap where you must damage his bottom thruster and the power source on his back when he is stunned. Once you have done enough damage you'll switch to Thor, where you simply must defeat the regular enemies until you've charged your Bifrost, then attack the shielded MODOK with it. Next up is Hulk, you just need to defeat some regular enemies with him. Fifth up is Black Widow, you must shoot the crystal on MODOK's head until it's taken enough damage while dodging attacks. Last but not least you'll take control of Ms. Marvel. Follow the path to Bruce and when you reach him, you just have to do a bunch of QTEs until you've defeated the giant Kree. Congrats on finishing the story!

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