Perfect Balance Trophy

  • Perfect Balance


    Defeat 75 foes in 'Balance.'

    Basically, you need to kill everything. There are just about 75 enemies in the entire level, so do the math. I think I let a couple slip through though. You'll find that your AI companions are dumb...really, really dumb. So dumb in fact that I've seen them trap themselves between a crate and the moving barrier, then die within seconds. So, do this with friends if you can. The more powerful your team is, the better. The hard part isn't the soldiers. They're easy to get, even the ones on the other platforms. I used Storms's Lightning Strike for them ( & ). The hard part is the robots that run in a straight line through the level. They don't target anything. They just keep moving. Area attacks work best against them.

    I used the Natural Forces team playing as Thor (since he's overpowered to the point that it's utterly ridiculous). The other characters that can be used in this team are Jean Grey (use), Storm (use), Human Torch, and Iceman (take your pick of the last two). Thor's Mighty Swipe ( & ), Jean Grey's Phoenix Fury ( & ), and Storm's Gale Force ( & ) are good powers to use.

    If you get over about 90000 points, you should be ok. I ended up with 92000 and it unlocked after the level ended.

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