#Hashtag Trophy

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    Found every hashtag

    (MISSABLE, Collectible)

    There are 32 hashtags in the game, one of which appears twice. Some of them are not missable and appear naturally during the game. The rest is hidden and requires some extra action to be preformed to get triggered. The list below, accompanied by a video guide, will help you find them.

    1. (00:07) Chapter 1. #Mochspecchiatchidobbino (LowFat). Appears when Sam drinks coffee at the start of the game.
    2. (00:21) Chapter 1. #FracturedJawbone. Appears when Sam's girlfriend hits him with the bottle.
    3. (00:33) Chapter 1. #comedy. MISSABLE. When Sam walks over the street to get to his girlfriend, a cutscene starts to play. Skip it to trigger the hashtag. IT will appear when the garbage truck driver pukes.
    4. (01:00) Chapter 2. #BusForBoat. MISSABLE. When you get control of Sam at the beginning of the second chapter, walk left until you see a boat. The hashtag is triggeret by the narrator.
    5. (01:12) Chapter 2. #SeenEnough. MISSABLE. After talking to Death approach the booth by walking right. Wait some time, while the newcomers to hell get new jobs assigned to them. When the demon takes a lunch break and leaves the screen, the narrator tells you that you've seen enough and should proceed. This triggers the hashtag.
    6. (01:33) Chapter 3. #BlinkingAndBreathing. Appears at the start of the chapter once you learn how to breath and blink.
    7. (02:12) Chapter 3. #CleanTeeth. Appears after washing your teeth.
    8. (02:33) Chapter 3. #TookALeak. Appears when you take a leak.
    9. (02:33) Chapter 3. #Horribly. MISSABLE. To trigger this hashtag, DON'T aim for the toilet when peeing.
    10. (02:53) Chapter 3. #NiceAndClean. Appears when you brush your teeth, pee and take a shower.
    11. (04:14) Chapter 3. #Explorer. MISSABLE. When you leave the first room, take a few steps left until the narrator triggers the hashtag.
    12. (04:27) Chapter 3. #WearPants. Put on pants.
    13. (04:41) Chapter 3. #FullyClothed. Put on pants and shirt.
    14. (04:56) Chapter 3. #AteSomeFood. MISSABLE. There's a plate with food on the kitchen table. Eat one spoonful of food to trigger the hashtag.
    15. (05:14) Chapter 3. #AteSomeMoreFood. MISSABLE. Eat another spoonful of food.
    16. (05:26) Chapter 3. #AteAllTheFood. MISSABLE. Complete the meal.
    17. (05:35) Chapter 3. #DrinkCoffee (option 1). MISSABLE. Before leaving the house, drink some coffee from the coffee machine next to the door.
    18. (05:59) Chapter 4. #OhFudge. Appears whn you crash the car.
    19. (06:15) Chapter 4. #NoDeal. MISSABLE. When Death asks Sam to give him his final life shred, he tells him to blink twice to agree. Don't do it until the hashtag appears.
    20. (07:12) Chapter 5. #PestControl. At the factory lobby, you will encounter the Robo-maid. This hashtag will trigger when you approach her.
    21. (07:12) Chapter 5. #RestControl. Same as above.
    22. (07:12) Chapter 5. #GuestControl. Same as above.
    23. (07:24) Chapter 5. #Pling. Ring the bell to talk to the receptionist.
    24. (07:36) Chapter 5. #HelloIngrid. MISSABLE. When you use the keycard for the first time, walk up to Ingrind and another co-worker. The hashtag will trigger when the half-cyborg stops talking.
    25. Chapter 5. #DrinkCoffee (option 2). MISSABLE. In the second room of your office there's another coffee machine you can use to trigger this hashtag.
    26. (08:03) Chapter 6. #WhyNot. MISSABLE. At the far right of the basement you will find a water cooler. Have a drink of water BEFORE you activate all the robots.
    27. (08:18) Chapter 7. #BlewUpLibrary. MISSABLE. See #BlewUpEverything.
    28. (08:28) Chapter 7. #BlewUpRobert. MISSABLE. See #BlewUpEverything.
    29. (08:41) Chapter 7. #BlewUpTony. MISSABLE. See #BlewUpEverything.
    30. (08:55) Chapter 7. #BlewUpEverything. MISSABLE. When in control of the robot, when you miss with the rocket launcher, you will destroy the building in the background. Do this for every enemy encounter to trigger this hashtag and the three previous ones. To get #BlewUpTony, make sure to give all the money to Tony the barista in the very first chapter of the game (See Made Tony Open A Cafe…).
    31. (09:05) Chapter 8. #PoorSatan. MISSABLE. When Death finally does a kickflip during your final boss battle, Satan will start wondering why he can't perform such a trick. DON'T reach for the sword until the hashtag appears.
    32. (09:57) Final scene. #Awwww. Appears during the final scene with the girlfriend at the cafe where it all began.

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  • Do these all need to be done in 1 playthrough? Or will they carry over?
  • @1 you do not need to do them all in one playthrough. They carry over. Even if you change save files, I did most of them on my first solo playthrough and trophy unlocked on second co-op playghtough at chapter 7 when I did the last few I was missing.
  • How about Time Attack, can these be picked up there for the trophy? May try that. Didn't get in the 2 playthroughs.
  • I can also add that if you miss one during a playthrough, you can get em in Chapter Select after. I messed up on the eating ones and went back and got em, trophy popped.
  • Thanks. Glad I did not have to re-collect the hashtags.

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