Golden Furniture Trophy

  • Golden Furniture


    Got gold on every time trial

    The times to beat to get the gold in speed run sections are not that difficult to reach if you know the level structure and you know how to control Samuel. This should be the case if you get here after having beaten the game twice. In case of problems, consult the following video:


    • Sam Awakens (00:07). Wash your teeth, pressing as fast as possible then use the toilet b uttry to be as clean as possible to reduce the time you spend in the shower afterwards. After the shower leave the first location. Go right and enter the wardrobe. Put on pants and a shirt, ignore the shoes. Fall down the stairs to reach the ground floor faster. Get up and walk right, ignoring the TV, the breakfast and the coffee machine. Get to the door and press to stop the timer.
    • Sam Drives (03:23). Get as fast as possible as soon as possible. Death will let you know when to start avoiding the old ladies so follow his instructions. If you fail and the car stops, restart the challenge as gold will become unreachable.
    • Sam Shows Up (05:45). Approach the receptionist and get the keycard. You don't need to be flawless so if you see the correct letter at the far end of the bar, just press and move on. You'll most likely be understood anyway. If you're not, restart the challenge. Go right, up the stairs and into your office. Ignore Ingrid and enter your room immediately. Walk right until you reach the arcade machine.
    • Sam Works (07:21). Activate the three robots in the first room, starting from the one closest to you. After you activate the first one, use the panel to open the sliding door. Once you do it, walk left to get the orb. Then go right to the next room and insert it into the big robot. On your way back, open the door behind you again and repeat the process. You won't be able to open the door if you're holding the orb so make sure they are open when you're approaching the big robot. In the second part of this section, put some water in your mouth and use it to open the door. Then walk left, ignoring the blinking prompt and the vision problems. They don't influence your walking speed so get to the exit as fast as possible.
    • Sam Blasts (09:44). This is the hardest challenge of the six. It requires you to know exactly which enemies appear when and what the best weapon is to beat them. If possible, use the rocket launcher to defeat the normal robots in one shot. However, never throw Death when holding the rocket launcher. It reloads very slowly and you can't change back to the machine gun without Death on your back. When fighting the robo-maid, you can only damage her when her shield is down. Shoot her with the rocket launcher, then twice with the machine gun, then go back to the rocket launcher etc. If you follow this pattern, she will go down the second time her shield deactivates.
    • Sam Dies Again (14:32). As soon as you leave your cell, walk left. Ignore the demons initially, until you reach an invisible wall. All the enemies should be to your left. Spam the attack buttons and the demons should go down easily. When fighting Satan, learn what do do in each phase of the battle. The challenges are, in order:

      Block. Split. Block. Split. 'Speech' minigame.
      Block. Split. Block. Block + wrestling. 'Speech' minigame.
      Split. Block + wrestling. Split. Block + blowing. 'Speech' minigame.
      Douse flames. Block. Split. Block.
      Douse flames. Block + blowing. Block + wrestling. 'Speech' minigame.
      Douse flames. Block + blowing.
      Hold Satan's sword and hand ( + ) and walk right ( and )

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