Treat Yourself Twice A Day Trophy

  • Treat Yourself Twice A Day


    Drank two cups of coffee

    Chapter 3. When you're downstairs in the kitchen there's a coffee machine near the door so press to brew a cup of coffee then blow on it with / to cool it down. When the steam no longer appears above the cup, lift it with . You will see a bar with a Death marker on top of the screen. Press when the marker is in the blue region to pour the coffee into your mouth. Do it twice to unlock the trophy. There are only three cups available in the machine so make sure to carefully time the action. If you fail twice, then you will need to restart the chapter.

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  • This actually isn't your only chance, there is another coffee machine in your office when you arrive at work later in the game
  • This trophy doesn't need to be done in a single playthrough. You just need to drink two cups of coffee in a single savefile. I had one on my regular playthrough and the other afterwards via chapter select when I went for "Take my breath away". Only two cups of coffee I've had in the game and yet the trophy popped.

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