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    The only kind of hard thing on your way to the Platinum is the speed run challenge. The game itself, finding all the hidden hashtags and performing the extra activities to unlock most of the trophies should be a piece of cake. Since you need to beat the game twice to unlock every trophy, you should be familiar enough with the controls and the game mechanics to easily complete the speed runs when you eventually do them so I recommend leaving it as the final thing you do in the game. Strategies for 'gold' times in all six speed runs are given in the description of Golden Furniture. If you're having problems with the trophy, consult the video guide.

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  • Feces is right. Horrible ungodly controls. Wouldnt be that bad except for the speed runs you have to do in ridiculous times.
  • Ok, I took a break for couple days and came back to it and got it. Just be aware controls take quite a bit of getting used to, did for me anyway.

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