• Estimated trophy difficulty: ?/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 28 (11, 10, 6, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 3-5 hours (personal opinion) (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 2
  • Number of missable trophies: Yes, 5 - Character-Driven Story, #Hashtag, Hippie Boy, Character-Driven Story and ...Then Blew It Up.
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No difficulty
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats
  • Additional Peripherals Required?: 2 controllers or 1 with a Vita using remote play


Manual Samuel is a dexterity game in which you control the eponymous hero by making him walk, breath and even blink. Due to an unfortunate accident, Samuel must make a deal with the skateboarding Death which requires him to live for 24 hours with no automatic bodily functions so everything he does, he must do manually and by him I mean you - the player. While the idea of a dexterity game is not a new one, Manual Samuel tries various different approaches to shake things up. In addition to Samuel, you will also control a giant robot and a hellish demon (with a British accent). If you never got the chance to learn how to drive a stick shift, the game will give you an opportunity to do so. At the end of the day, pushing and on and on would becomes tedious. It's a good thing then that Manual Samuel doesn't overstay its welcome and allows you to finish the main story line in an hour or two.


Step 1: Beat the game solo

Just play the game for fun. You don't need to pay any attention to any miscellaneous trophies because you will need another playthrough anyway. The only thing you need to remember is not to skip any cutscenes when you are prompted to do so by holding a button. Just watch them all and enjoy the story to unlock Character-Driven Story . By finishing the game you will get all the trophies for beating each individual chapter as well as the trophy for beating the game solo:

  • Feces Happen
  • To Hell With Hell
  • Bad Everything Day
  • Carpoolin'
  • Ok Papa
  • All In A Day’s Work
  • No Child Left Behind
  • No Refunds!
  • Good Job, Sam!
  • Character-Driven Story

Step 2: Beat the game co-op

You don't need a second person to do this but you will need a second controller. When starting the game you will be asked to map controls to both controllers. Just pick the least used action (I used the right-hand stick) to the second controller. Keep it close in case you need to use it. Otherwise, just focus on your primary controller and beat the game again. This time, you can try to get all the miscellaneous trophies, including the one for finding all the hashtags (#Hashtag ). In order to do this, you will need to skip at least on of the cutscenes. If you decide not to focus on the hashtags just yet, skip one of the cutscenes anyway to unlock Skip Right To The Action . By beating the game in co-op mode and skipping the clip you will unlock the following two trophies:

  • Good Job, Sams!
  • Skip Right To The Action

Step 3. Speed run

There are six speed run sections to beat. They are parts of the levels you have already beaten twice so you should know their structure fairly well. You should also have no problems controlling Samuel by the time you get here. Fast movement is crucial, as is knowing which actions are necessary to complete a given section and which are optional. You can find The strategies for the speed runs, as well as a video, in the description of the trophy Golden Furniture . The trophies you will unlock by getting 'gold' times in all six sections are:

  • Bronze Before Brains
  • Silver Spoon In His Mouth
  • Golden Furniture

Step 4: Cleanup

There are certain optional actions and challenges you can complete while playing this game. Some of them will come naturally but some of them require some skill or exploration. Most challenges can be beaten by selecting specific chapters. Some require you to do something earlier in the game so you should focus on them in one of the two initial playthroughs. Follow the tips in the descriptions to unlock the rest of the trophies:

  • Treat Yourself Twice A Day
  • Take My Breath Away
  • Slow Down Dude!
  • Wordsmith
  • Robocorpse
  • Blink 2000 Times For Yes
  • #Hashtag
  • Hippie Boy
  • Made Tony Open A Cafe…
  • …Then Blew It Up
  • Stairway To The Living Room
  • Piss Perfect

[PST Would Like To Thank plpalo for this Roadmap]

Manual Samuel Trophy Guide

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28 trophies ( 10  11  6  )

  • Unlock all the Trophies in Manual Samuel

    The only kind of hard thing on your way to the Platinum is the speed run challenge. The game itself, finding all the hidden hashtags and performing the extra activities to unlock most of the trophies should be a piece of cake. Since you need to beat the game twice to unlock every trophy, you should be familiar enough with the controls and the game mechanics to easily complete the speed runs when you eventually do them so I recommend leaving it as the final thing you do in the game. Strategies for 'gold' times in all six speed runs are given in the description of Golden Furniture. If you're having problems with the trophy, consult the video guide.

  • Completed Level 1

    Story related, can't be missed

    Unlocked after beating the first level (get hit by the garbage truck).

  • Completed Level 2

    Story related, can't be missed

    Unlocked after beating the second level (get sent back to Earth by Death).

  • Completed Level 3

    Story related, can't be missed

    Unlocked after beating the third level (enter the car with Death).

  • Completed Level 4

    Story related, can't be missed

    Unlocked after beating the fourth level (get to work).

  • Completed Level 5

    Story related, can't be missed

    Unlocked after beating the fifth level (get sent to work in the basement).

  • Completed Level 6

    Story related, can't be missed

    Unlocked after beating the sixth level ('volunteer' to fight the rogue robots).

  • Completed Level 7

    Story related, can't be missed

    Unlocked after beating the seventh level (destroy the orphanage).

  • Completed Level 8

    Story related, can't be missed

    Unlocked after beating the eighth level (defeat the final boss).

  • Drank two cups of coffee

    Chapter 3. When you're downstairs in the kitchen there's a coffee machine near the door so press to brew a cup of coffee then blow on it with / to cool it down. When the steam no longer appears above the cup, lift it with . You will see a bar with a Death marker on top of the screen. Press when the marker is in the blue region to pour the coffee into your mouth. Do it twice to unlock the trophy. There are only three cups available in the machine so make sure to carefully time the action. If you fail twice, then you will need to restart the chapter.

  • Completed Sams house only breathing in 15 times

    Chapter 3. Breathe only when Samuel turns very blue to avoid losing consciousness. Avoid optional tasks, such as putting on shoes, eating breakfast or drinking coffee. Each second spent on them brings you closer to the next inhale/exhale cycle. If you're fast and save your breath, then you should have no problems completing the level in less then 10 breaths (See Golden Furniture - Sam Awakens). Note: The trophy must be unlocked by using chapter select. It won't unlock in speed run mode.

  • Drove 150 km per hour

    Chapter 4. In order to accelerate to 150 km/h you need to be at least in 4th gear. If your driving skills aren't perfect, wait until War gets in the car and you have to drive her around. When she tells you to stop the car, just ignore her and keep accelerating. In this part of the level there will be no grannies or other obstacles so you can take your time speeding up.

  • Spoke perfectly

    Chapter 5. When Samuel loses his work keycard and must request a new one, you will need to talk to the receptionist. The 'speech' minigame requires you to stop the marker at the green letter or syllable. Getting the timing right takes some time, as there is a lag between the time you press the button and the time the marker stops. If you fail the first time, you should have had enough practice by the time you get here in your second playthrough. The trophy doesn't require you to be 100% accurate as I unlocked the trophy with one error.

  • Killed every robot

    Chapter 7. Samuel must destroy most of the robots on its way to the final boss in the chapter. Only the 'runners' can hit your robot and flee the screen. Make sure to only shoot them with the machine gun and not the slowly-reloading rocket launcher. This way you might get a second chance if you miss the first time. The placement of the robots is always the same so during your first playthrough remember where the runners appear and be ready when you get to this section the second time around. You can also replay this section in speed run mode or by chapter select.

  • Completed Story Mode Single Player

    Unlocked when you beat the game in Single Player mode.

  • Completed Story Mode Co-Op

    Unlocked when you beat the game in Co-Op mode.

  • Got bronze or higher on every time trial

    See Golden Furniture

  • Got silver or higher on every time trial

    See Golden Furniture

  • Got gold on every time trial

    The times to beat to get the gold in speed run sections are not that difficult to reach if you know the level structure and you know how to control Samuel. This should be the case if you get here after having beaten the game twice. In case of problems, consult the following video:


    • Sam Awakens (00:07). Wash your teeth, pressing as fast as possible then use the toilet b uttry to be as clean as possible to reduce the time you spend in the shower afterwards. After the shower leave the first location. Go right and enter the wardrobe. Put on pants and a shirt, ignore the shoes. Fall down the stairs to reach the ground floor faster. Get up and walk right, ignoring the TV, the breakfast and the coffee machine. Get to the door and press to stop the timer.
    • Sam Drives (03:23). Get as fast as possible as soon as possible. Death will let you know when to start avoiding the old ladies so follow his instructions. If you fail and the car stops, restart the challenge as gold will become unreachable.
    • Sam Shows Up (05:45). Approach the receptionist and get the keycard. You don't need to be flawless so if you see the correct letter at the far end of the bar, just press and move on. You'll most likely be understood anyway. If you're not, restart the challenge. Go right, up the stairs and into your office. Ignore Ingrid and enter your room immediately. Walk right until you reach the arcade machine.
    • Sam Works (07:21). Activate the three robots in the first room, starting from the one closest to you. After you activate the first one, use the panel to open the sliding door. Once you do it, walk left to get the orb. Then go right to the next room and insert it into the big robot. On your way back, open the door behind you again and repeat the process. You won't be able to open the door if you're holding the orb so make sure they are open when you're approaching the big robot. In the second part of this section, put some water in your mouth and use it to open the door. Then walk left, ignoring the blinking prompt and the vision problems. They don't influence your walking speed so get to the exit as fast as possible.
    • Sam Blasts (09:44). This is the hardest challenge of the six. It requires you to know exactly which enemies appear when and what the best weapon is to beat them. If possible, use the rocket launcher to defeat the normal robots in one shot. However, never throw Death when holding the rocket launcher. It reloads very slowly and you can't change back to the machine gun without Death on your back. When fighting the robo-maid, you can only damage her when her shield is down. Shoot her with the rocket launcher, then twice with the machine gun, then go back to the rocket launcher etc. If you follow this pattern, she will go down the second time her shield deactivates.
    • Sam Dies Again (14:32). As soon as you leave your cell, walk left. Ignore the demons initially, until you reach an invisible wall. All the enemies should be to your left. Spam the attack buttons and the demons should go down easily. When fighting Satan, learn what do do in each phase of the battle. The challenges are, in order:

      Block. Split. Block. Split. 'Speech' minigame.
      Block. Split. Block. Block + wrestling. 'Speech' minigame.
      Split. Block + wrestling. Split. Block + blowing. 'Speech' minigame.
      Douse flames. Block. Split. Block.
      Douse flames. Block + blowing. Block + wrestling. 'Speech' minigame.
      Douse flames. Block + blowing.
      Hold Satan's sword and hand ( + ) and walk right ( and )
  • Blinked 2000 times

    You blink with . If you fail to do so, after a while the screen gets very bright and blurry, making the game harder. You don't need to blink 2000 times in a single playthrough and you will probably get the trophy naturally, while beating the game twice and going for other trophies. If you don't, just select a random chapter where you control Sam then press until the trophy pops.

  • Watched all cinematics without skipping


    To unlock the trophy, never skip a cutscene with when prompted to do so but you cannot do this and Skip Right To The Action at the same time.

  • Found every hashtag

    (MISSABLE, Collectible)

    There are 32 hashtags in the game, one of which appears twice. Some of them are not missable and appear naturally during the game. The rest is hidden and requires some extra action to be preformed to get triggered. The list below, accompanied by a video guide, will help you find them.

    1. (00:07) Chapter 1. #Mochspecchiatchidobbino (LowFat). Appears when Sam drinks coffee at the start of the game.
    2. (00:21) Chapter 1. #FracturedJawbone. Appears when Sam's girlfriend hits him with the bottle.
    3. (00:33) Chapter 1. #comedy. MISSABLE. When Sam walks over the street to get to his girlfriend, a cutscene starts to play. Skip it to trigger the hashtag. IT will appear when the garbage truck driver pukes.
    4. (01:00) Chapter 2. #BusForBoat. MISSABLE. When you get control of Sam at the beginning of the second chapter, walk left until you see a boat. The hashtag is triggeret by the narrator.
    5. (01:12) Chapter 2. #SeenEnough. MISSABLE. After talking to Death approach the booth by walking right. Wait some time, while the newcomers to hell get new jobs assigned to them. When the demon takes a lunch break and leaves the screen, the narrator tells you that you've seen enough and should proceed. This triggers the hashtag.
    6. (01:33) Chapter 3. #BlinkingAndBreathing. Appears at the start of the chapter once you learn how to breath and blink.
    7. (02:12) Chapter 3. #CleanTeeth. Appears after washing your teeth.
    8. (02:33) Chapter 3. #TookALeak. Appears when you take a leak.
    9. (02:33) Chapter 3. #Horribly. MISSABLE. To trigger this hashtag, DON'T aim for the toilet when peeing.
    10. (02:53) Chapter 3. #NiceAndClean. Appears when you brush your teeth, pee and take a shower.
    11. (04:14) Chapter 3. #Explorer. MISSABLE. When you leave the first room, take a few steps left until the narrator triggers the hashtag.
    12. (04:27) Chapter 3. #WearPants. Put on pants.
    13. (04:41) Chapter 3. #FullyClothed. Put on pants and shirt.
    14. (04:56) Chapter 3. #AteSomeFood. MISSABLE. There's a plate with food on the kitchen table. Eat one spoonful of food to trigger the hashtag.
    15. (05:14) Chapter 3. #AteSomeMoreFood. MISSABLE. Eat another spoonful of food.
    16. (05:26) Chapter 3. #AteAllTheFood. MISSABLE. Complete the meal.
    17. (05:35) Chapter 3. #DrinkCoffee (option 1). MISSABLE. Before leaving the house, drink some coffee from the coffee machine next to the door.
    18. (05:59) Chapter 4. #OhFudge. Appears whn you crash the car.
    19. (06:15) Chapter 4. #NoDeal. MISSABLE. When Death asks Sam to give him his final life shred, he tells him to blink twice to agree. Don't do it until the hashtag appears.
    20. (07:12) Chapter 5. #PestControl. At the factory lobby, you will encounter the Robo-maid. This hashtag will trigger when you approach her.
    21. (07:12) Chapter 5. #RestControl. Same as above.
    22. (07:12) Chapter 5. #GuestControl. Same as above.
    23. (07:24) Chapter 5. #Pling. Ring the bell to talk to the receptionist.
    24. (07:36) Chapter 5. #HelloIngrid. MISSABLE. When you use the keycard for the first time, walk up to Ingrind and another co-worker. The hashtag will trigger when the half-cyborg stops talking.
    25. Chapter 5. #DrinkCoffee (option 2). MISSABLE. In the second room of your office there's another coffee machine you can use to trigger this hashtag.
    26. (08:03) Chapter 6. #WhyNot. MISSABLE. At the far right of the basement you will find a water cooler. Have a drink of water BEFORE you activate all the robots.
    27. (08:18) Chapter 7. #BlewUpLibrary. MISSABLE. See #BlewUpEverything.
    28. (08:28) Chapter 7. #BlewUpRobert. MISSABLE. See #BlewUpEverything.
    29. (08:41) Chapter 7. #BlewUpTony. MISSABLE. See #BlewUpEverything.
    30. (08:55) Chapter 7. #BlewUpEverything. MISSABLE. When in control of the robot, when you miss with the rocket launcher, you will destroy the building in the background. Do this for every enemy encounter to trigger this hashtag and the three previous ones. To get #BlewUpTony, make sure to give all the money to Tony the barista in the very first chapter of the game (See Made Tony Open A Cafe…).
    31. (09:05) Chapter 8. #PoorSatan. MISSABLE. When Death finally does a kickflip during your final boss battle, Satan will start wondering why he can't perform such a trick. DON'T reach for the sword until the hashtag appears.
    32. (09:57) Final scene. #Awwww. Appears during the final scene with the girlfriend at the cafe where it all began.

Secret trophies

  • Skipped a cinematic


    You will need to skip a cutscene to get the #Hashtag trophy so this should pop then but you cannot do this and Character-Driven Story at the same time.

  • Went to work without shoes


    In chapter three, when you're putting on your pants and shirt, ignore the prompt to put on your shoes and leave the house barefoot. The trophy will unlock when you reach the factory at the beginning of chapter five.

  • In the first location you will need to pay for your coffee. Don't just pay the barista once but keep giving him money until he decides to leave and open his own cafe.

  • Blew up Tony


    In chapter seven, when controlling the robot, miss with the rocket launcher when you see the "Tony's Cafe" sign on one of the buildings in the background. In order to get the building to appear, you need to make Tony open a cafe in the first place. See Made Tony Open A Cafe….

  • Didn't fall down the stairs

    Chapter 3. After you put on your clothes you need to walk down the stairs. Just keep pressing and and make sure not to press the same button twice in a row to reach the bottom of the stairs safely.

  • Made no stains on yourself

    Chapter 3. The peeing minigame requires you to keep the marker in the blue region by pressing and . Don't hold the triggers too long when doing this and just try to gently counter the direction the marker is going in. You don't need to be 100% accurate to pop the trophy, just make sure your cleanliness level doesn't fall below the starting value. See Golden Furniture – Sam Awakens.

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