Born Survivor Trophy in Man vs. Wild

  • Born Survivor


    Complete all episodes without passing out.

    How to unlock Born Survivor

    This could potentially be a headache. After you have completed the game the first time, you can simply Episode select any chapter you passed out in. You will know when you have passed out when you see "Bear is incapacitated" on your screen with the option to continue or exit. If you die and get respawned without the incapacitated screen, you should be alright. These are ways that you can pass out.

    Hot Steam
    Attacked by animals

    In theory, you should be able to fall off a cliff, rocks, die in quicksand, fall off the horse at the end, and it "shouldn't" count against you. If you feel like you are about to pass out, immediately hit start and restart checkpoint. As long as you do that before passing out, you'll be fine. If you do get knocked out, there are reports of people claiming that they quickly hit the PSN button and returned to XMB and restarted the game again successfully. That seems to be hit or miss if it works. There are glitch reports where people swear that they haven't died or been incapacitated and the trophy didn't pop. There's a few things you should do to limit the possibility of a glitch.

    • Complete the entire game (including the tutorial) in one sitting. If you have reached the maximum level, then you will have pretty high resistance to the elements and won't get thirsty as fast. You should be able to "carefully" run through the levels.
    • Restart the Chapter if you get incapacitated. You can try the XMB trick, but you won't know if it worked until you complete the game so better safe than sorry and just restart chapter.
    • Answer the quizzes that appear after each episode. While not important to answer correctly, you will get a little SP boost by doing so.
    • If the above didn't work, play on a new save.
    • Worst case scenario, delete your game data and saves and start fresh, then complete the game in one sitting without any kind of deaths, and don't skip the quizzes.

    Episode specific things to watch out for:

    Episode 1 - Attacks from animals are your biggest threats. Be careful of the Bears and the Puma. Also watch out for your hydration. When you find water, make sure to top of your hydration level and fill the canteen. Both should be full before moving on.

    Episode 2 - There's plenty of water so there isn't much worry about hydration here but keep an eye on it, especially if you get lost in the saw-grass area. Your biggest threat is from the alligators. Avoid them, especially when you're gathering supplies to build the shelter.

    Episode 3 - The only real challenge is not to get dehydrated. Avoid sprinting at all. There's only a couple places to refill water, so make sure you drink enough to refill your hydration bar and then refill your canteen to 100% before moving on. When you get thirsty, drink only enough to refill you halfway.

    Episode 4 - This episode's biggest challenge is crossing some fallen logs above lava where hot steam shoots out at you. You won't instantly become incapacitated from the steam, but it quickly lowers your health. When you reach the steam and log combo, try to have full health. Cross the first log up until the steam and wait for the steam to stop before crossing. Then you'll have one more to contend with, this time with two steam showers along a single log. You will most likely take a little health damage on that last log, so if you're low on health you may as well restart checkpoint. Also, watch out for sharks when you're in the water.

    Episode 5 - This has a couple tricky parts. The first is the ice sheets that you must jump across. If you miss your jump, you can swim to the opposite side and there is a place to get out of the water on the right. The second part that can possibly trip you up is in the ice cave when you are instructed to use the leg to look for thin ice. When you equip it, move really slow for Bear to check for thin ice. The final thing this is that you can become incapacitated when you are on the horse if you hit the branches or succumb to the cold. When your screen turns red, hit restart checkpoint to avoid being knocked out.

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