1 Kill Clear Trophy in Malicious Rebirth

  • 1 Kill Clear


    You've gone cleared this scene by defeating exclusively the scene boss.

    How to unlock 1 Kill Clear

    This trophy will pop if you kill the boss of a stage without killing any of the minions around. Do this on Free Play mode by selecting the “Forsaken Library” stage and kill the boss with the Fists combo (do not use weapons like the Sword because it has a wide range and you may kill the minions by accident). While working on this task, you should also try to get No Guard to kill two birds with one stone.
    NOTE: This trophy won’t pop if you are trying to get it in the “White Room” stage. While it is true that you are technically facing 2 bosses, the game either treats the boss from the 1st phase as a regular foe or, more simply, as the name of the trophy suggests, it strictly requires 1 boss kill only, preventing you from getting the trophy in this stage.

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