100 Chain Trophy in Malicious Rebirth

  • 100 Chain


    You've achieved a chain of 100.

    How to unlock 100 Chain

    In order to build a chain, you need to kill enemies with combos; this will cause them to explode and leave a sort of ring behind which can touch and kill other enemies which will spawn other rings until no one is around. The Chain will reset if you take too long to kill enemies. This trophy has been made less of a tedium in this version and, while you could probably try to get it with the methods used in the PS3 version, it is highly recommended to get it in the stage “The Void”, since it is also the requirement to get S Rank in the Max Chain parameter.

    At the beginning of the stage, equip the Sorcerer Bullets, press and target as many flying enemies as possible and press . Keep doing this quickly and repeatedly until you hit a chain of 100 or above and the trophy will pop. It takes some luck but you should be able to get the Chain in a few tries. Make sure that the boss is far away from you and that he is not targeting you with his instant-kill attack (it’s a purple beam that comes from his mouth and targets you; he will then release a sphere that follows this beam to hit you; dash away to avoid it).

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