Ranking Debut Trophy in Malicious Rebirth

  • Ranking Debut


    You've made a debut in our ranking.

    How to unlock Ranking Debut

    This trophy is technically missable if you don't go for the S Rank playthrough. For this trophy you need to unlock Score Attack and Time Attack modes. I can't recall when I unlocked them but by the end of my S Rank playthrough I had both of them unlocked (check the possible requirements below). Select Free Play mode, press on an easy stage then press and choose Score Attack or Time Attack and kill the boss. After the fight ends, your score will be uploaded to the online ranking, which means you need to be logged in in order to get this trophy.

    Possible requirements for Score & Time Attack modes:

    • Beat the 1st story in under an hour (or both stories in under an hour each) on Normal;
    • Beat all stages with B Rank or higher (the Japanese Wiki mentions this but it is unsure).

    These are the supposed requirements for the PS3 version but you MAY need to clear both stories on the Vita version in under an hour each.

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  • I unlocked Score and Time Attack after completing the 1st story in a little over 70 minutes with 3 continues used on the Edge of the Abyss boss and an overall A rank across all stages.

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