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    You've succeded in all of the counter actions.

    How to unlock Counter Master

    This trophy requires you to get every boss’ counters in the game. During battles, you may see some prompts asking you to press : This is a counter action and each boss has 1 or even more than 1 and you need to get them all for the Trophy. You can get this by playing the Story mode normally or in Free mode or you can use both of them.

    Make sure that you kill the boss after triggering all the counters available in the fight and check the results screen so that the game records your progresses; triggering the counters and quitting the fight before killing the boss won’t record anything you have done!

    In order to get a counter you need specific weapons and you may need a correct position or the boss has to do something. I will now be listing them and I will be giving strategies and tips for each one. Since it is easier to get this trophy in Free Play mode, where you have all weapons and infinite Continues at your disposal, I won’t be writing which weapons you need for each fight to trigger the Counters. I would recommend getting all the Counters at the end of your 1st playthrough before starting the game anew. Free mode should unlock after beating the 5th boss of the "Subjugation" Story on Normal.

    Forsaken Library

    For this counter you have to be in the 2nd phase of the fight. Just wait for the boss to climb up the building and position yourself under it. The boss will drop down and the prompt will appear if you were standing in the right position.

    Forbidden Floor

    Just stay close to her during the 1st phase and the prompt will eventually appear.

    Royal Battle Escort

    Even with the new bosses on Vita this remains the most annoying counter to trigger. Break his shield in his 1st phase (DON’T start the 2nd phase) and stay not too close nor too far from the boss. It may take even 40 minutes but eventually the prompt will appear. Shortly after getting the 1st prompt, a 2nd one will appear. Get that one as well and be done with it.

    Battlefield of Yore

    Break all of the boss’ platforms and stand in front of its head (you have to be in the air). The boss will eventually stretch its head and the prompt will appear.

    Triumphal Square

    This one is trickier than it was on the PS3 but still easy. During the 1st phase, stand behind the boss (you MUST be on the ground) and eventually the prompt will appear. It may require some time, but it’s not a frustrating counter at all.

    Edge of the Abyss

    This is annoying since there are 4 different counters in the 1st phase of the fight. Keeping track of the counters you have triggered may be confusing, therefore, if you’re on Step 1 of the Roadmap, I’d suggest to do this in Free mode rather than during the Story and it would be beneficial if you left this boss for last (I’m including the bosses from the 2nd story mode as well). This way not only it will be easier, but also you won’t need to memorize each animation as the trophy will pop right after triggering the last of his 4 counters. Basically, do it on Free Mode for last and keep triggering counters until the trophy pops. As for the counters, you can trigger them all while standing on the blue platforms. I suggest moving from one platform to another to increase the probability of him doing different counters. Sooner or later you will get them all. Just be patient and stay on the lookout for enemies and attacks.

    Triumphal Square (2)

    You can trigger this counter in the 1st OR 2nd phase. You only need to stay on the ground and close to the boss. Be careful with his attacks and eventually the prompt will appear.

    Imperial Garrison

    This is the 2nd most annoying counter in the game. It can be triggered during the 2nd phase of the fight, however you’ll have to be very patient. Just move around and hit them once in a while. I did this for about 20 minutes before the prompt appeared. There’s no way to tell when they’re going to do it and how to trigger it, so it’s all up to your patience and luck here unfortunately.

    Abhorrent Altar

    This counter is easy and can be triggered during the 1st phase. Equip the Fists, hit him a couple of times and back off a little. Keep doing this until the prompt appears.

    The Great Rift

    This counter can be triggered during the 2nd phase of the fight. It’s a weird counter for sure, since sometimes it will trigger when you least expect it and viceversa. You have to be on the circular platform of the stage and the boss must be on it too. What I noticed is that, if you stand on the opposite side of where he is standing and you move towards him when he is charging at you, the probability of triggering the counter increases. It’s not that bad of a counter but it does require some luck.

    The Void

    This boss has 2 counters and they can both be triggered when the boss is standing on two feet in his Dragon form. The 1st counter can be triggered when the boss releases the homing orange orbs at you: Stay close to him and the prompt should appear. If it doesn’t, keep trying. For the 2nd counter you simply have to be close to him and it will eventually trigger. Make sure you saw 2 different animations when you triggered 2 counters, as the boss may repeat the same counter twice and you may finish him off without noticing.

    White Room

    The last boss has 1 counter made of 2 prompts and can be triggered during the 2nd phase of the fight. Stay not too close nor too far from her and wait for her to throw her weapons at you. The 1st prompt should appear; after a few seconds the 2nd prompt will appear as well. Get both of them and be done with it.

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