Score 150,000 points Trophy in Arcade Archives: Magician Lord

  • Score 150,000 points


    The score won 150,000 points in one game

    How to unlock Score 150,000 points

    Before starting your proper playthrough to reach 150,000 points, you will first want to adjust some settings which will make reaching such a score much easier for yourself.

    The first thing you will want to do is to change the Game Settings, which can be accessed by pressing when you have started an Original Mode game. Select Game Settings, where you will be able to increase your lives up to 9 (Number of Players) as well as set the game difficulty to Level 1 (default is Level 4).

    After you have changed these settings press twice to drop out the menus, where you will be prompted to reset the game with these adjusted settings. Press to continue and the game will reset.

    Another feature within this mode that you'll want to take advantage of is the 'Create Interrupt Save Data', which is located at the top of the pause menu when pressing . This feature allows you to manually save the game at any point so that if you die, you can simply reload your game (after closing application to the XMB) and start back at the point you last saved it at. You are essentially making your own manual checkpoints, therefore reaching the required 150,000 points is made much easier when dying is no longer a major issue. It's highly recommended you frequently create Sava Data so that you can try and preserve your health as best as possible.

    Your only means of attack when killing enemies is pressing and aiming with , which will cast magic projectiles. You will also want to destroy every chest that you encounter, as the loot obtained from them will generally consist of both a score points boost and a power-up, which will greatly help you to reaching 150,000 as the base points awarded for killing standard enemies isn't very much.

    You will want to pick up as many power-ups as you can, as not only do they grant you an advanced form of magic but they also increase your health (as shown below). Each bar represents one damage/hit you can withstand from any enemy, the pink bars is the additional health granted from your power up. When hit twice and the pink health is depleted, you will lose your power-up. Utilising both your ability to jump using and ducking down with are vital in order to defeat the enemies which also attack you with projectiles.

    Each stage has a mini-boss at the end followed by a main boss immediately afterwards . As already mentioned, be sure to frequently save your game at points with as high health as possible as well as saving between each boss battle, so that you're giving yourself the best possible chance to kill them without dying. Your points at the end of each stage will vary depending on how many loot rooms you entered. Below are the points thresholds you should at least be on upon completing each stage.

    STAGE 1 - 20,000+ Points
    STAGE 2 - 65,000+ Points (Score 50,000 points will unlock)
    STAGE 3 - 80,000+ Points
    STAGE 4 - 135,000+ Points (Score 100,000 points will unlock)
    STAGE 5 - 150,000+ Points (You'll have the required points before reaching/needing to kill the bosses)

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