Archmage Trophy in Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013

  • Archmage


    Unlock 30 cards for one deck

    How to unlock Archmage

    Win 30 duels using the same deck to unlock all possible cards for that deck, and the trophy is yours. This can be boosted online by having the opponent concede the duel immediately after starting (make sure the host has turned off AI Takeover).

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  • As an alternative (slower) to boosting it, here's an easy way in campaign mode. Just go to the Dragons' Aerie encounter in the first campaign and use the Dream Puppets deck repeatedly. Dream Puppets is a 'decking' deck meaning it is intended to win by making the opponent run out of cards to draw. This is especially easy on the Dragons' Aerie since he only has 40 cards to start with and his deck is very slow and creature-based. I usually won by turn 6-8.
  • I used Chandras deck on the second encounter (cult of flame). Most games took 5-7 rounds and I got my last eight cards (had used it in both campaign playthroughs) in about 40 minutes.
  • Make sure to use a promotional code when going for this one. Each code automatically adds 10 cards to its deck, which will save you the time of 10 duels for this trophy. Codes can be found here (although they do not tell which decks each code is for, it's easy to put them all in or find a better page in a quick Google search):

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