Two-Headed Giant Trophy in Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013

  • Two-Headed Giant


    Win a Two-Headed Giant duel

    How to unlock Two-Headed Giant

    Similar to previous editions of the game, a Two-Headed Giant duel is basically a 2v2 match. For offline play, you can do this with an AI partner or a local Human partner against 2 AIs. For online play, you can play with a local or online Human partner against Human opponents. Remember to use to stop the timer to give you time to evaluate your options and analyze the situation, especially if you're playing by yourself with two controllers. The basic rules are:

    • Each team has a shared pool of 30 lifepoints.
    • The mana pool is NOT shared (i.e player 2 cannot tap player 1's lands for mana).
    • You can no longer use your creatures to defend a partner from opponent's creatures.

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