The Platinum and 100% are now impossible due to server closure.

MAG is an online game ONLY. There is no offline mode or campaign.

Considering many trophies are ribbon and medal related, I also have a complete guide for ribbons and medals. Folllow this link: Ribbon and Medal Guide.


- Estimated trophy difficulty: 10/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
- Offline: 0
- Online: 38 (20 , 13 , 4 , 1 )
- Approximate amount of time to : 150+ Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 3 (PMCs)
- Number of missable trophies: 0
- Glitched trophies: None reported
- Do cheat codes disable trophies: No cheat codes


MAG is a very long platinum because of the multiple ribbons and medals which must be earned. There is also 3 playthroughs required. These are not your regular playthroughs as its online only: there is 3 PMCs or factions. They are Raven, SVER and Valor. Each must be completed to level 60 to acquire a gold trophy, but you need to go to Level 70 (around 120,000 xp), you will have the opportunity to do Veteran mode. This is similar to Prestige mode in Call of Duty, as you will not lose stats, medals, or ribbons, and you keep your qualifications, but you will lose all skill points and will have to restart from level 1. Although, you do get a veteran xp bonus of 10% of your score and a snazzy number in gold under your rank. Veteran mode may be done as many times as you want, so after completing all 3 you may go back to your favourite. I've even seen people that have completed veteran more 10 times, but you don't need to do that. No cheat codes are available as the game is online only. There is also no missable trophies, as all trophies can be earned at any time.


Step 1. Complete Each PMC

In there are 3 PMCs in total: Raven, SVER and Valor. Many people feel that SVER is easiest to complete, with Raven a close second and Valor the hardest. In order to complete each PMC as quickly as possible, I would recommend being a medic (by getting the Medkit and the Revive skill). Reviving nets you 10 xp each time you revive and healing nets you between 1 and sometimes 10 xp. If you stay near your squad and heal many of them, you may get a FRAGO bonus: This doubles the xp you get so for that revive you will receive 20 xp. A FRAGO bonus can be earned near any primary objective e.g. in acquisition near the vehicle, in domination near to burnoff towers, cooling towers and of course the letters. Squad leaders can also set their own FRAGO bonuses for their squad. They can always be seen on the map, no matter how far away you are from it. If you look at the picture on your map, the FRAGO will have a white border around the emblem which will flash. This is what your leader wants you to do. Follow and complete those objectives for extra points. While completing each PMC, I would recommend you aim to get 1000 kills with each weapon. For each faction, here's recommendations for the weapons to use:

SVER: Machine Guns, Assault Rifles, Shotguns and SMGs.
Raven: Sidearms.
Valor: Assault Rifles and Sniper Rifles.

Step 2. Getting Non-Ribbon/Medal-Related Trophies

These trophies include I Got 5 In It, Dropping Like Flies, Mea Culpa, Jack Of One Trade, Clown Car, Target Practice, Duteous Maximus, Angel of Mercy, Silent but Deadly, Take Me To Your Leader, Precious Cargo, Hammer Of The Gods, Coughing Killer and Steamroller. You will have probably earned many of these trophies already. Just finish off those remaining now.

Step 3. Getting Ribbon/Medal-Related Trophies

You may need to get the following trophies. Some you may have already collected just by completing the game. The trophies you may need are: Lil' Buddy, Boom Town, Junkyard Jockey, Close Call, Efficiency Engineer, In Your Face, A Whole Lotta Hurt, Devil Dog, The Streaker, Baby Need A Bandage?, Headhunter, Triple Threat and of course Chest Candy. As you are completing each PMC you may earn ribbons and medals which go towards some of these, eg the Silver Bullet Ribbon which must be acquired 5 times to unlock the Headhunter trophy. In this guide you'll have tips and tricks to get every ribbon required for each trophy.

Step 4. Eager Beaver

All that is left now is to acquire the remaining medals. These will likely include getting 1000 bunker turret kills, repairing 50 anti-air batteries, possibly running over 250 enemies, killing 100 enemies parachuting in and many more. A complete Medal guide is available to help you getting the medals as fast as possible. Since patch 1.06, the medal requirements have been drastically lowered, 4 new medals have been added, and these ones are really quick to earn. So you can drop up to 4 medals you consider you would spend too much time to earn! 4 new medals are also available to earn in the Escalation DLC.

[PST Would Like to Thank MrTxxThaxxLad for this Road Map]

MAG Trophy Guide

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44 trophies ( 15  22  2  )

  • Won All Trophies

    The Platinum and 100% are now impossible due to server closure.

    Congratulations. You finally Platinumed MAG, you should be proud of yourself. Especially if you did so before 1.06, where it was much harder to achieve.

  • Earn 2 Purple Sidekick Ribbons.

    This ribbon can be earned quite simply, there are several tactics to get it: driving a vehicle and getting assists with the gunner kills, using poison gas, or simply shooting on enemies with weak weapons and let the others finish the job. You can check your progress with the Start button, and you'll need 15 assists to get the ribbon. To get the trophy, you'll need it twice.

    For further information: see Ribbon guide (#20).

  • Earn the Mortar Demolition, Total Blackout and AAA Demolition Ribbons.

    You'll need to get three different ribbons in order to earn this trophy. Each ribbon requires you to blow up two mortar batteries, two sensor arrays and one anti-air artillery in one round. Getting the Mortar Demolition and the Total Blackout ribbons will be easy, by using the Precision Strike when being a Platoon Leader. The Precision Strike can be used every 5 minutes.

    The Triple-A ribbon was hard to earn before 1.06. You can't destroy AAAs with a Precision Strike since the bomber will get blown up (even if in your zone, the AAA is down). You'll need to get them on foot. However you only need to destroy one anti-air battery to get the ribbon (instead of 3 before 1.06), and to get one you'll need some stealth equipment like motion sensor and sensor jammer.

    For further information: see Ribbon guide (#12, #14, #25).

  • Kill 5 enemies with a single Strategic Strike, excluding Poison Gas Barrage.

    This is an easy one. You just have to launch a special attack (one the attacks when you're a Squad or a Platoon Leader) into a crowded area. Throwing them on enemy bunkers or spawn points are good ways to get multiple kills.

  • Destroy 5 enemy helicopters.

    You'll have to destroy 5 helicopters, which can be done easiest when you're defending on a map. Destroying vehicles can prove to be tough however. Your best friend to get this trophy is the Guided Artillery, available when you are a Squad Leader. The Guided Artillery can blow up any vehicle, including helicopters. When the triple-A of your area is down, you should see a helicopter approach on the map. (Be careful as in some areas there will be airdrops rather than choppers). Unleash all your fury on it, and you'll take it down easily. Repeat this five times to get the trophy.

  • Kill 50 enemies with a turret over a career.

    This trophy is self-explanatory, you'll need to kill 50 enemies with a turret across all games. You can use bunker turrets and vehicle turrets. Be careful if using a bunker turret, as using the rockets and killing people with them won't count towards this trophy.

    For further information: see Medal guide (#43).

  • Earn 3 Mr. Badwrench Ribbons.

    To earn this trophy, you'll need to blow up 5 vehicles in one round three times. To increase your destroyed vehicles count, you'll need to get the final blow on the vehicle, which means the vehicle will start to burn after you hit it. Example: if you get a kill while damaging a vehicle, or if you get 10 xp after damaging it, you'll get one vehicle destroyed for your count.

    This one can be tough, however it becomes easier to earn on Acquisition defense. Get a good anti-vehicular set (RPG, anti-tank mines) or sit in a bunker turret to pick off vehicles that try to pass through. Another tactic is to blow up Motor Pools while there are vehicles in them.

    For further information: see Ribbon guide (#3).

  • Earn 3 Bomb Squad Ribbons.

    A Bomb Squad Ribbon is earned when you defuse 3 explosive charges in a single round. This can be tough since everyone will try to defuse a planted charge on an objective when they are close to it. To get it easily, in Domination while defending, keep an eye out for players who try to blow up everything in the center of the map. Try to follow them and defuse the charges behind them. Get this ribbon 3 times and the trophy will be yours.

    For further information: see Ribbon guide (#17).

  • Awarded when a player reaches the bottom tier of a skill tree.

    Since 2.0, the skill tree system has been completely changed. The easiest way to acquire the trophy is to fill up entirely one tree, this will cost over 10 skill points. I strongly advise to get the Medical tree filled up first as it's very helpful for you and for your teammates, and it will give you tons of xp.

  • Awarded when a player kills 50 of a certain speciality: Field Support.

    See "Out of Scope".

  • Awarded when a player kills 50 of a certain specialty: Commando.

    See "Out of Scope".

  • Awarded when a player kills 50 of a certain specialty: Rapid Assault.

    See "Out of Scope".

  • Earn 3 Bunker Buster Ribbons.

    A Bunker Buster Ribbon is earned when you blow up 2 bunkers in one round. You'll need to get it 3 times to get the trophy. An easy way to earn these ribbons is to play as a Platoon Leader, and use the Precision Strike on a bunker when the anti-air is down. Considering this attack can be used every 5 minutes, playing in Domination will give you all the time you need to get this ribbon easily.

    For further information: see Ribbon guide (#5).

  • Awarded when a player kills 50 of a certain specialty: Direct Action.

    See "Out of Scope".

  • Awarded when a player destroys an APC or a Bunker, killing 2 players.

    An easy one, just destroy an APC with the RPG or blow up a bunker. You'll probably get the trophy with the blast of the explosion. It happens fairly often.

  • Awarded when a player shoots down 25 paratroopers over a career.

    The paratroopers are players who are spawning from an airplane and coming down on the ground using a parachute. You'll need to play a map where you are defending. You'll see paratroopers everytime you lose A & B points in Sabotage. To have a kill counted, you'll need to kill the soldier while he is parachuting, and before he touches the ground. You'll need 25 kills to earn the trophy.

    For further information: see Medal guide (#25).

  • Earn 5 Combat Melee Ribbons.

    You'll need to kill 15 people with your knife in one round to get a Combat Melee Ribbon. To get the trophy, you'll need to get the ribbon 5 times. Getting the knife skills in the Personal Defense tree really helps you to get easy kills.

    For further information: see Ribbon guide (#29).

  • Awarded when a player kills 50 of a certain specialty: Sniper.

    These trophies are earned by killing 50 of each class. A class is defined by the skills bought by the player. This trophy should come naturally after a short amount of play, and the classes are quite equilibrated in numbers (except for Commandos as they are very rare, because of the new skill tree).

  • Be on the winning faction for 10 Multiqueue matches.

    Just win 10 Multiqueue Matches. Simple as that. Multiqueue is a feature that permits to join multiple waiting queues for all modes. The more modes you select, the bigger your xp bonus is. It can go up to 120% when you select every mode, if you have bought both DLCs.

  • 25 enemies killed in their incapacitated state over a career.

    When you kill someone, he will be incapacited most of the time (that means he can be revived by his teammates). You can still shoot at him to really kill him. Do this 25 times. Very easy to get.

  • Earn 5 Combat Machine Gun Ribbons and 5 Combat Fragger Ribbons

    The Combat Machine Gun Ribbon is earned when you kill 25 people with a Machine Gun in one round, when the Combat Fragger Ribbon is awarded when you kill 10 people with frag grenades. The Machine Gun have the same power as assault rifles, but they have a much larger magazine, but also a bigger recoil and less precision. But the bodycount will increase quite quickly, especially if you get every upgrade in the skill tree, and you will get the 25 kills quite easily.

    The Fragger Ribbon is more difficult to earn. You can only carry 2 grenades at a time, and sometimes the grenade throw is quite unpredictable. You'll need to know how to throw your grenade exactly where you want it. A good tactic is to throw grenades into areas where you are sure there are plenty of enemies, like bunkers, or lettered objectives. After getting each ribbon 5 times, the trophy will pop. Grenade launcher kills doesn't count!

    For further information: see Ribbon guide (#28, #30).

  • Awarded when a player kills 25 enemies with Poison Gas over a career.

    This one should come over time. Use the gas grenades (unlockable) or the gas mortar attack on crowded areas (when you're a Platoon Leader in defense). You only need to kill 25 enemies, so it will come quickly.

  • Earn 5 Combat Assault Ribbons and 5 Combat Sidearm Ribbons

    This trophy can be quite hard. The Combat Assault Ribbon requires you to kill 25 enemies with your Assault Rifle. This one is also easy to earn if you have the skills. Before 1.06, the LMG were overpowered compared to ARs, but now it's much more balanced. To get kills even easier, you'll need to flank enemies and attack from behind to get kills. Beware however, your magazine is limited, and your ammo reserve wipes out quickly. You'll need to go back to the supplies several times to get enough ammo.

    The Sidearm ribbon is achieved the same way as the Assault Rifle, but the firepower is lower, the magazine is smaller and you have much less ammo. In other words, sidearm weapons totally suck. However, since 1.06, you only need 10 kills in a round (before it was 30!) to get the ribbon. Using the PDW really helps, since you can kill enemies faster with.

    For further information: see Ribbon guide (#27, #34).

  • Earn the Streaker medal.

    The Streaker medal is earned when you do a 15 kill streak in a match, without being downed. That means you have to get 15 kills in a row without dying. Getting it is quite simple if you know the tactics: using a turret (bunker or APC) is a good way to get kills easily, while being quite safe. Also, being a "parachutist-killing sniper" is a good method too.

    When using Squad/Platoon Leader special attacks, you'll get plenty of kills without getting into the heat of the action. The trophy will pop once the medal is added to your collection (it doesn't pop just after getting the 15th consecutive kill).

    For further information: see Medal guide (#23).

  • Earn 5 Silver Cross Ribbons and 5 Golden Cross Ribbons.

    The Silver Cross Ribbon is earned when you heal a total of 250 HP in a game, while the Golden Cross Ribbon is awarded when you revive 15 teammates. A revive doesn't count towards the Silver Cross ribbon. Be everywhere, heal everyone who needs it, and revive every teammate who's down. Improved Healing and Improved Revive are must-have additions to your soldier. You can receive both ribbons in a single, full 30 min Domination game, and you need 5 of each to get the trophy.

    For further information: see Ribbon guide (#19, #23).

  • Earn 1 win as a squad leader.

    When you reach level 15, you can apply to be a Squad Leader. However it will be quite difficult on the lower levels to be a Squad Leader, because the priority goes to the higher levels. If you are not a Squad Leader yet, I advise you to watch this video:

    For further information: see Medal guide (#52).

  • Awarded when a player has earned at least 40 ribbons.

    You need to earn at least 40 ribbons (out of 48). Considering every ribbon can't fit in this trophy guide, I advise you to refer to the Ribbon Guide which provides tips and tricks on how to get each ribbon. Since 1.06, the Interdiction pack added 4 ribbons, and you can get some DLC ribbons instead of some annoying ones (like 30 bunker turret kills). For two of them, you don't even need to buy the DLC to obtain them.

    4 new ribbons were added in the 2.00 update (getting a total of 48) but they can't be obtained if you didn't buy the Escalation DLC.

  • Earn the Golden Cross Medal and the Grim Reaper Medal.

    You’ll get these two medals quite easily and quickly. One requires you to play the Medic (500 revives), the other one requires 2,000 total kills. Just play normally, and you’ll get them.

    For further information: see Medal guide (#1, #27).

  • Destroy 20 Escort Vehicles over a career.

    To get this trophy, you will have to play Acquisition mode a lot! The escort vehicles are the target vehicles the attacking team must capture. You must destroy 20 of them when defending. You can only put out 3 mines at the same time (thanks to JoSeLeMiX69 for pointing this out). So you'll need some luck to get the final blow. Equip an anti-tank loadout (mines, RPG, grenades), and if possible try to blow up the vehicle using a turret rocket.

    Useful tip: When you're a Squad Leader, use the Guided Artillery at the moment an escort vehicle is unlocked. By the time the door opens, the attack will blow up the vehicle before it comes out of the container!

  • Earn 5 Silver Bullet Ribbons, the Longshot Ribbon and the Sniper Master Specialist Medal.

    This trophy requires sniper skills. In order to obtain the Silver Bullet Ribbons, you must get 10 headshot kills in a round. Those ribbons can be earned with any weapon, and to get those kills, just aim for the torso and the head and fire. The Longshot Ribbon needs to be won only once, but can be tricky to get since you need 3 kills at more than 120 meters. To get it, you need a sniper, preferably the last one. The best way is to shoot parachutists from very far away, even from your spawn point.

    Finally, the Sniper Master Specialist Medal is earned when you get a total of 1,000 kills with sniper rifles. If you’re definitely not a sniper player, the best way to get it is to be in SVER and use the first sniper (it’s a semi-auto one).

    For further information: see Ribbon guide (#21, #22) and Medal guide (#27).

  • Called in 50 cluster bombs or mortar barrages.

    Just be a Squad Leader and call mortar barrages and cluster bombs (airstrikes). You'll have to call 50 of them to get this trophy. That's quite simple.

    Note: When attacking, if you call an airstrike in a zone where the triple-A is still up, it will still count. But it won't be effective at all.

  • Earn 5 Silver Cross Ribbons, 5 Master Engineer Ribbons and the Grim Reaper Medal.

    This one will also come over time. You need to be a Medic, an Engineer, and a Killer. A Silver Cross Ribbon is earned when you heal 250 HP in a round, a Master Engineer Ribbon is earned when you repair 250 points of damage (every building have 100 points), and the Grim Reaper medal is for getting 2,000 total kills. Getting the Improved healing and Improved repairs skills really help to get these ribbons.

    For further information: see Ribbon guide (#18, #19) and Medal guide (#1).

  • Awarded when a player has earned at least 58 medals.

    It will surely be the last trophy you'll need before getting the Platinum, and it will take many hours. Count on over 100 hours of play for this trophy. There are 62 medals in the game (58 original + 4 coming with the Interdiction DLC). Since 1.06, the requirements has been drastically lowered and you need less time to get the trophy and the platinum. To get them efficiently, follow this Medal Guide.

    You will get the trophy after getting your 58th medal. So you can skip some annoying medals in favor of the DLC medals, which are much more easier and quicker to obtain, and the best of all, for two medals, you can get them without the Interdiction DLC.

    4 new medals are available (so there's actually 66 medals) from patch 2.00, but they can only be obtained if you bought the Escalation DLC. If you want easier medals, buy the two DLCs.

  • Awarded when a player reaches level 60 with a S.V.E.R. character.

    See "Sergeant Major".

  • Awarded when a player reaches level 60 with a Raven character.

    See "Sergeant Major".

  • Awarded when a player reaches level 60 with a Valor character.

    You'll have to get to level 60, three times, one time with each faction. It will take at least 50 hours for each, strongly depending on your skills. However, being a medic and completing as many objectives as possible is a great way to level up quickly. Use and overuse FRAGO bonuses to give you more XP, and if there's a double XP weekend, play in it to have a real boost.

    Since 1.07, some modes will give XP bonus and you get double xp when playing for your first hour of the day.

    Since 2.00, even if you get your trophy at level 60, you need to go to level 70 to use the Veteran mode and change factions. You'll need around 110,000 xp to get to level 70. This works like Prestige in Call of Duty: you lose all your skill points and your skills, you restart to level 1 but with a special insignia and you get a permanent 10% XP bonus. You also keep all your stats (so you can go into Veteran without losing any medals or ribbons) and your command experience. However the game chooses the Squad Leaders, the Platoon Leaders and the OICs depending on their level so you'll need to level up a bit to be a leader again.

    Since 2.10 update, you can use the Multiqueue feature to get a good xp bonus. The more modes you choose, the bigger your xp bonus is.

    You can also use the two additional slots to create soldiers from other factions but it will cost you $0.99/month.


Secret trophies

  • Killed an enemy while affected by poison gas grenades

    To get this one, you'll have to kill an enemy when you're affected by poison gas. Poison gas is thrown by special grenades or a special mortar strike called by the defending Platoon Leader. Just find the big greenish-yellowish clouds and try to kill someone before the gas kills you. It's one of the easiest trophies to get.

  • Have a 3-to-1 Kill-to-Death Ratio in any match

    This trophy requires you to get a 3:1 kill/death ratio. If you're not a skill beast, just go into Suppression mode, try to get 3 kills without dying, then die and hide in the spawn (or anywhere in your side of the map where you won’t be noticed) for the rest of the match. You'll get it quite easily. Be careful not to be team-killed.

DLC: Interdiction Mission Pack

3 trophies

  • Earn the Roadside Assistance medal while playing Interdiction

    This is earned when you get to capture 10 Interdiction control points over your career. The Interdiction points are similar to the ones you see in Sabotage or Domination, all you need to do is to take the point, and capture it. However many people will try to get the points so be careful and jump on a point when you see it's free.

    For further information: see DLC Medal Guide (#59).

  • Earn the Designated Driver medal while playing Interdiction

    To get this trophy, you'll need to be one of the first three MVPs in Interdiction, five times. Just medic, medic, capture some points, some some kills, obey orders, and medic some more to get it. Since 1.07, try to play Interdiction in your first hour of playing MAG in a day, so you get double XP, giving you more chance to be MVP.

    For further information: see DLC Medal Guide (#62).

  • Capture 3 Interdiction control points in a single round

    This one requires you to capture 3 Interdiction control points in one game. In Interdiction, the points are like the ones in Sabotage or Domination, and you have 20 minutes to get 3. The best way to get it is to work with a good squad and move around the map with your APC very quickly. When you see a point being contested, wait for it to be captured, then try to recapture it yourself. However it can be difficult as many games doesn't last 20 minutes, and you can have the problem of capturing only 2 points in the game.

    For further information: See DLC Ribbon Guide (#41).

DLC: Escalation Pack

3 trophies

  • Earn the 'Against All Enemies' medal while playing Escalation. ('Escalation' downloadable content)

    This trophy is probably the last one you'll get, despite this being a bronze trophy. You'll need to get the Indiscriminate Fire Ribbon 10 times, that means you'll need to kill 10 enemies in each enemy faction in a game, 10 times. To obtain it easily, just go on the two closest points to your spawn, and on each point, there should be a different faction. Just stay in the same zone, try to count the enemies you have killed, and when you reached 10 from the same faction, go to the other point and try to kill 10 people from the other faction.

    Thanks to SirkSirk for the tip.

  • De-secure objective D in a round of Escalation. ('Escalation' downloadable content)

    This one is fairly easy. To do it, just rush to the D point at the beginning of the game, and wait until the point is secured by another faction. Then un-secure it immediately, and try to defend it at all costs. Be careful as many people from other factions have the same idea. As you need to do it only once, you won't need many games to obtain it.

    Be careful, you won't obtain the trophy if your faction has the control of the D point. If an enemy unsecures it, and you prevent the unsecuring, this won't count. Thanks to SirkSirk for the tip.

  • Earn the 'Power Monger' medal while playing Escalation. ('Escalation' downloadable content)

    This trophy will come over time. To get this trophy, you'll need to capture 10 points on your career. It can be capturing A, B, or C, or unsecuring successfully D. A good tip to it is to camp on a point and capture it as soon as D is unsecured. But be careful, some people (even friendlies) have the same idea.

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