• Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 48 (35, 10, 2, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 16-20hrs (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1, plus Cleanup.
  • Number of missable trophies: None, with chapter selection.
  • Glitched trophies: Yes, 2 - Card Sharp and One Careful Owner
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, you must finish the game on Hard but the difficulty trophies stack so you don't have to do a Medium playthrough as well.
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats.


Born the son of a poor immigrant, Vito is a beaten down Italian American who is trying to escape the life of poverty that consumed his childhood. It was on the streets that Vito learns that joining the Mafia is the only route to wealth and respect for people of his standing. Wanting to escape the life of hardship that his father led, he dreams about becoming a "Made Man." A petty criminal his whole life, Vito, along with his childhood friend, Joe, will descend into the world of Organized Crime. Together, they will work to prove themselves to the Mob as they try to make their names on the streets of a cold and unforgiving city.


STEP 1 - COMPLETE GAME ON HARD DIFFICULTY: This is a fairly straightforward game, and not overly challenging even on hard. In theory you can complete it in its entirety on your first go. Aside from some of the combat based trophies like Hairdresser, Hard to Kill or Stuck Up, you shouldn't have any trouble with the trophies. Once you have completed the game on Hard, you will get the Made Man and Tough Nut trophies.

There is a chapter select feature, so there is no need for a full playthrough for any trophies you may have missed, though I would recommend that you make an effort to get the Ladies' Man trophy on your first playthrough to limit the number of chapters that you'll have to repeat. Most of the Playboys only appear in specific chapters, sometimes in locations that cannot be returned do without starting the chapter over. With that in mind, it is likely that you'll be able to earn most if not all trophies in your initial run.

STEP 2 - COLLECTIBLE CLEANUP (OPTIONAL): If necessary, use the chapter select feature to gather Playboys for Ladies' Man, Wanted posters for Card Sharp, or cars for Petrol Head.

STEP 3 - CLEANUP ON EASY DIFFICULTY (OPTIONAL): If you had difficulty with any of the combat based trophies, start a new game to polish those off. Once Joe gives you a gun in Chapter 2, you'll be able to complete any of the remaining trophies you may have missed.

*Thanks to Jin_man for stating the obvious before I could.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT STATS AND AUTOSAVES: When using Chapter Select for trophy cleanup, bear in mind that statistics such as Cars Driven or Melee Kills will reflect your stats at the time of the last autosave. In order for stats changes to be retained, you must progress to a point in the chapter where an autosave is triggered, usually just before or after a major plot point. Once saved, you can quit and select a new chapter and your totals will carry with you. Guns, cars, suits and money however will always reflect the autosave from the beginning of the chapter selected and not be persistent. This also applies to the upgrades and condition of a car and the "Distance Travelled" stat for that vehicle. All will reflect the original state from that chapter's autosave. Playboys and Wanted Posters trigger a save after you pick up each one but this ONLY saves the collectible information not any other stats or progress.

NOTE: For the purposes of this guide, I am using Controller Set 2.

[PST Would Like to Thank Lord Maim for this Roadmap]


Jimmy's Vendetta DLC:


  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10 (personal estimate)
  • Offline trophies: 10 (8, 2)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 30+ hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do trophies stack?: N/A
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A

A Note on Saving

Saving in this DLC works slightly differently than in the regular game. You can save by going to any of the "Home" locations and using the spinning house icon or by initiating any of the missions. An autosave from the beginning or ending of a mission will retain all of your progress, money and stats up to that point. When you continue from an autosave, Jimmy will appear on the map at the point where that mission started or ended.


Step 1: Play the Missions

Simply start the DLC on whatever difficulty you prefer then play through the missions in whatever order you wish.

Step 2: Cleanup

Now comes the tedious grind that will make up the bulk of the high time to complete. It's highly likely you will be quite a bit short of the 1000 kills needed for Massacre and a long way short of the 1000 miles needed for Explorer. Check the trophy guide for the requirements of those and any other trophies you have not yet obtained.

Note as of the latest patch the glitch mentioned under the Millionaire and Massacre trophy descriptions has been nerfed slightly. The glitch is still possible however the game pauses periodically (possibly every 15-20 minutes) so you need to press  regularly to resume the game.

[PST Would Like to Thank number45_ for this Roadmap]

Joe's Adventure DLC:


  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10 (personal estimate)
  • Offline trophies: 10 (8, 2)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 6-8 hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do trophies stack?: N/A
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A

A Note on Saving

Saving in this DLC works the same way as it does in Jimmy's Vendetta. You can save by going to any of the "Home" locations and using the spinning house icon or by initiating any of the missions. An autosave from the beginning or ending of a mission will retain all of your progress, money and stats up to that point. When you continue from an autosave, Joe will appear on the map at the point where that mission started or ended.


Step 1: Play the Missions

Simply start the DLC on whatever difficulty you prefer then play through the missions in whatever order you wish.

During your playthrough you will want to keep an eye out for several missions that make some of the miscellaneous trophies easier. See the trophy guide for details of these missions.

Step 2: Cleanup

Now is the time to clean up any trophies you didn't get when playing the missions. If necessary you can replay the missions by returning to their marker location which are now marked on the map by a star and starting the mission again.

[PST Would Like to Thank number45_ for this Roadmap]

Mafia II Trophy Guide

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68 trophies ( 14  51  )

  • Unlocked when all trophies collected.

    Unlock all the non-DLC trophies to get this one.

  • Complete Chapter 1.

    Story related. Complete Chapter 1 to unlock.

  • Complete Chapter 2.

    Story related. Complete Chapter 2 to unlock.

  • Do your first job for Mike Bruski.

    You'll get this during Chapter 2 once Joe takes you to meet Mike Bruski. Bring the Walter Coupe back to Mike and this trophy will pop.

  • Protect Francesca.

    Near the beginning of Chapter 2 you will spot your sister Francesca in an alley arguing with a thug. When you intervene he will start a fight with you (this will be the melee combat tutorial). Win the fight and you'll earn this trophy.

  • Help the woman fix her car in Home Sweet Home.

    Near the beginning of Chapter 2 (after getting the Big Brother trophy) and while walking to Joe's apartment you'll pass a man and woman fighting over a broken down car. From your starting point they'll be across the street in an alley next to the wooden fence. As you approach you'll hear them arguing. When they finish, the husband will leave. Fix the car to receive the trophy.

    Video guide courtesy of PowerPyx.


  • Complete Chapter 3.

    Story related. Complete Chapter 3 to unlock.

  • Obtain the ration stamps without raising the alarm.

    In Chapter 3, you will have to infiltrate the Office of Price Administration, steal the gas ration stamps and escape without being detected. All guards must be subdued stealthily by creeping up behind them and pressing the button before attempting the theft. You will also need to disable the silent alarm in the basement before opening the safe, or reinforcements will appear outside during your escape. After you steal the stamps, go out through the Hearing Room on the second floor, the coal chute in the basement, or out the way you came in. If you were not seen, didn't fire your gun and did not set off the silent alarm, you'll get the trophy once you get over the gate at the end.

    Video guide courtesy of PowerPyx.


  • Sell all the gas stamps before the time runs out.

    At the end of chapter 3, you have to sell the 6 ration stamps before they expire at midnight. Once Henry gives the word, your countdown will begin and all gas stations will be highlighted on your minimap. You can only sell one stamp at each gas station and there are eight stations so plan your route carefully. You will have to move quickly to make the deadline but be careful not to attract any heat. When you get to a station, you won't have to get out of the car. Just pull up between the pumps and the office and stop and you will get a prompt to sell the stamps with the button. Once Vito starts to talk with the attendant, set a waypoint for the next station in the sequence. Once the deal is done, head to the next station immediately. If you manage to sell all six before the time runs out, you'll get the trophy.

    Credit to PendeoProductions for the video.

  • Complete Chapter 4.

    Story related. Complete Chapter 4 to unlock.

  • Complete Chapter 5.

    Story related. Complete Chapter 5 to unlock.

  • Complete Chapter 6.

    Story related. Complete Chapter 6 to unlock.

  • Complete Chapter 7.

    Story related. Complete Chapter 7 to unlock.

  • Complete Chapter 8.

    Story related. Complete Chapter 8 to unlock.

  • Complete Chapter 9.

    Story related. Complete Chapter 9 to unlock.

  • Complete Chapter 10.

    Story related. Complete Chapter 10 to unlock.

  • Complete Chapter 11.

    Story related. Complete Chapter 11 to unlock.

  • Help Leo out of a tricky situation without getting caught.

    In Chapter 11 when you have to warn Leo before he is killed, you have the opportunity to escape with him if you're fast enough. As soon as the cinematic with Leo is finished, run to the hamper outside the bathroom and grab a sheet. A cinematic will play showing your escape and you will receive the trophy.

    Video guide courtesy of PowerPyx.


  • Complete Chapter 12.

    Story related. Complete Chapter 12 to unlock.

  • Complete Chapter 13.

    Story related. Complete Chapter 13 to unlock.

  • Complete Chapter 14.

    Story related. Complete Chapter 14 to unlock.

  • Finish what you started.

    You'll get this trophy at the end of Chapter 15 for whacking Carlo Falcone in the Hillwood Observatory. This trophy will pop during the ending, just after any difficulty related trophies you may have earned.

  • Finish the story on Medium difficulty or higher.


    Finish the story on Medium or Hard difficulty. This trophy will stack with the Tough Nut trophy if you play on Hard difficulty for your first playthrough. NOTE: If you start a game at a lower difficulty, then use chapter select to go back and play at a higher difficulty, this trophy may not unlock for you once you have completed the game. Instead of using chapter select, choose the "New Game" option to start again at Medium or Hard difficulty and play through the first chapter. Once you've completed Chapter 1, if you've done all the other chapters at that difficulty, this trophy will unlock.

  • Finish the story on Hard difficulty level.

    Finish the story on Hard difficulty. You will also get the Made Man trophy if you play on Hard difficulty for your first playthrough. NOTE: If you start a game at a lower difficulty, then use chapter select to go back and play at a higher difficulty, this trophy may not unlock for you once you have completed the game. Instead of using chapter select, choose the "New Game" option to start again at Hard difficulty and play through the first chapter. Once you've completed Chapter 1, if you've done all the other chapters at that difficulty, this trophy will unlock.

  • Get all wheels of your car into the air for at least 20 meters and then touch the ground again.

    The easiest way to do this is to head east across the Grand Upper Bridge, building up as much speed as you can. Once you reach the end of the bridge, angle slightly to the left to hit the downhill slope of the road across the street and you should have no trouble clearing the 20m in your first attempt. If you have trouble with this trophy you can wait until Chapter 8 when you get a Hot Rod, however you can easily accomplish this with the Jefferson Provincial that you steal in Chapter 2 if you travel the length of the bridge to pick up speed before hitting the drop.

    Video guide courtesy of PowerPyx.


  • Travel at 125 mph.

    Just like Get Rich or Die Flyin', find a long stretch of relatively traffic free road, switch off your speed limiter and drive as fast as you can. If you haven't gotten this trophy before Chapter 11, the Ascot Bailey you get early in the chapter is a perfect car for this. The base model is good but even better with a Super Charge tuning. Aside from the DLC vehicles, it's one of the fastest in the game. As for location, you can attempt this on the freeway but I found it easier on the Grand Upper Bridge. No turns, less traffic and easier to avoid the Driving A.I's random sideswipes.

  • Travel a total of 50 miles in one vehicle.


    Even though the description says you have to drive 50 miles, you actually need 51.

    This isn't a difficult trophy but it is a boring one. 51 miles in the same vehicle means that particular vehicle, not one of the same type. Make sure that you store the vehicle in the garage before you start so that you'll be able to leave the car in random places and it will always be available from the garage. Don't let it get destroyed however or you'll have to start over with a new vehicle. That means you'll have to maintain the car, fuel it when necessary and keep it running until the trophy pops.

    You'll be able to keep track of your progress using the "Show Legend" option in your garage. The "Distance Travelled" stat will save at checkpoints at at the end of each chapter. If you have not completed this trophy by the end of the story, bear in mind that using Chapter Select to go back will cause your "Distance Travelled" stat for that vehicle to reflect the value it had at the beginning of that chapter. You will have to complete whatever is left of the 51 miles from that point in the story.

  • Sell 5 vehicles to Mike Bruski at the scrapyard.

    In Chapter 2 you'll meet Mike Bruski, and unlock an easy way to earn money. Beside his office in the scrapyard is a car crusher, AKA "Mike's Beast". Drive a car into the crusher, walk up the metal stairs to the control panel and pull the lever with the button to earn $400. After five cars are recycled, this trophy will pop.

  • Sell 5 vehicles to Derek at the dock.

    Near the end of Chapter 8, you will unlock the ability to sell cars to Derek at the docks and for a lot more money than what Mike's Wrecking will net you. Remember that Derek only wants high end cars. Any car that has a lock with four or five tumblers will usually do. To sell the cars, you'll find a cargo lift on the pier just to the South East of Derek's office door, next to the ship the cars will be be loaded onto. Drive five suitable vehicles onto the cargo lift at the docks, and the trophy is yours. Note: that you will not be able to sell to Derek in Chapter 14 & 15 so plan accordingly.

    Cars that Derek will buy include (but not limited to):

    Ascot Bailey
    Berkley Kingfisher
    ISW 508
    Jefferson Provincial
    Lassiter Series 69
    Lassiter Series 75 Hollywood
    Shubert Frigate
    Smith 34 Hot Rod
    Walker Rocket

    A good location to find high end cars regularly is the small parking lot just east of the park, shown in the map below:

  • Keep any vehicle at 30 mph or over for 5 or more minutes.

    See the map below for a suggested route. Try not to go too fast, not only because you'll have more difficulty maintaining control/speed but you'll also eat up road faster and therefore have to manoeuvrer more. Even though you should avoid travelling at high speeds, I recommend that you don't use the speed limiter however in areas where there is a lot of traffic or where the speed limit drops to 40. The A.I. drivers have a tendency to sideswipe you randomly and while using the speed limiter it's very easy to dip below 30 if you happen to clip one of them. To minimize this, you can honk your horn as you're coming up on them and they will usually move out of your way. On the highway you can use the speed limiter if you prefer but the speed limit on the highway is significantly higher. Don't travel too fast or you will run out of road on the highway and have to brave the city blocks in the North West area of the map. If you manage your speed manually you can adjust dynamically as the situation requires, and not need more than a full lap. Credit to Burfid for the horn tip and RomanClaret for the picture.

  • Kill 5 enemies in rapid succession with a headshot.

    This should be fairly easy to accomplish with a rifle or pistol but it is necessary for the headshot  to kill your target. You can miss in between shots, as long as your headshot kills are relatively quick (5 headshot kills within about 30 seconds or so). The easiest place to try this is right at the beginning of the game in Chapter 1. In the initial attack at the start of the chapter there are five soldiers to kill while the crowd disperses. There is a second opportunity later in the chapter on the balcony before entering the room with the MG42. In both cases you may have to restart the mission if one of the other soldiers steals your kill but it's still manageable.



    Credit to cards7509 and IRON MAN for these videos.

  • Kill a total of 30 enemies using melee attacks.

    Make sure you don't have a weapon equipped and use the and buttons to pummel your enemies. Incidentally, civilians also count towards this trophy so you can start fights on the street to round out your total. The Police will break up the fight if they're in the area however so go on and fight them too! Credit to Guttsu-87 for suggesting the collateral damage.

  • Rob 5 stores in under 5 minutes.

    To rob a store, equip a weapon and aim it at the cashier with the button. While keeping them covered, move over to the cash register until the prompt to press to rob it comes up. Move to your next target and repeat four more times within 5 minutes. Be careful though, some stores hire protection to guard the loot. Remember that you can't rob Harry's Army Surplus, Giuseppe's shop, the Maltese Falcon, Freddy's Pub or the Mona Lisa.

    Gun shop owners will always be armed but the stores are always empty and with a shotgun you can usually get the drop on them and get out before any cops arrive. If you prefer a safer approach, you can use the button to just shove the cashier out of the way, grab the money and run. It's a melee attack technically so it's still considered a robbery. You're less likely to attract police attention and even if you do it won't immediately be an armed response. You can attempt this anywhere but below is a suggested route starting at the East Side gun shop. Thanks to Burfid for the pacifist approach.

    Video Guide courtesy of PowerPyx.


  • Kill 50 enemies.

    Just kill 50 enemies, method doesn't matter.

  • Buy your first luxury suit.

    The key word here is "luxury". Head over to Vangel's and buy either version of the Tailored Suit to unlock this trophy. Note that Vangel's is accessible from the beginning of the game, well before it is added to your map automatically in Chapter 9. Just south of the park on the East Side, in the larger of the two blocks with entrances on both sides of the store. The icon will appear as soon as you are in the area (credit to RomanClaret for the image).

  • Upgrade one of your cars one level.

    At any body shop, purchase the Basic tuning upgrade.

  • Upgrade one of your cars to the maximum level.

    The description of this trophy is misleading. Though there are three levels of tuning available for cars (Basic, Sports and Super Charge) you only have to upgrade to Sports tuning to get this trophy. It becomes available in Chapter 7 and costs around $800-1000 depending on the car you're upgrading.

  • The police want you dead. Survive for 10 minutes!

    When you're at a four star wanted level, stay alive for ten minutes and you'll earn this trophy. An easy place to get this trophy is at the end of Chapter 4, after Joe takes the loot and leaves you in the alley. Pop your head out to draw the police's attention. Once they see you, you'll instantly jump to a four star wanted level. Run back down the alley and take cover behind the small corner on the west side of the alley. Four or five cops will run in, while one will remain behind the fence at the mouth of the alley shooting in. Kill all the cops that enter the alley, leaving the one outside shooting. Stay behind cover, popping out once in a while to maintain your wanted level. This is also important because I've found that if you stay too long in cover, the cop will sometimes try to take advantage of the lull in the firefight to close the distance. Pop out regularly to get his attention and he should keep his distance. You can do ten minutes easily this way, with minimal risk. Credit to M-Easy for this strategy.

    Video courtesy of PowerPyx, demonstrating the strategy in a different location.


  • Find at least one collectible in the game.


    See Ladies' Man or Card Sharp.

  • Drive at least 30 different vehicles.

    You should get this trophy over the course of the game. Simply drive 30 different types of vehicle and the trophy will pop. There are a total of 38 cars available in the game, not including DLC cars that also count towards this total. To make this easier on yourself, try to get half of them before the events of Chapter 6. From Chapter 7 onwards, new car models are introduced and many of the earlier cars are either very rare or unavailable.

  • Find all of the Playboy magazines.

    In total there are 50 Playboy magazines to pick up.

    CHAPTER 2 - 2 Playboys
    1. JOE'S APARTMENT - On the coffee table.
    3. MIKE'S GARAGE - Across from Mike Bruski's office is a a three car garage, the door to the right will be unlocked. It will be on a metal shelf against the wall on the right.

    CHAPTER 3 - 5 Playboys
    18. DEREK'S OFFICE - Steve will drop this just outside the office door near the stairs.
    4. MARIA'S APARTMENT BUILDING - Just inside the doorway to the building, you'll find this in the dark corner behind the door to the left, next to a shelf.
    5. OFFICE OF PRICE ADMINISTRATION - In the Industrial Specialist's office, across the hall from the Director's office. Enter and turn right, it will be on the windowsill.
    40. OFFICE OF PRICE ADMINISTRATION - First floor, on the security guard's desk in the main hall.
    6. OFFICE OF PRICE ADMINISTRATION - In the basement, coming out of the room with the safe alarm switch, go left and enter the room on the left. You'll find it on the floor between the first and second rack on the left side of the room.

    CHAPTER 4 - 4 Playboys
    9. MALL - While following Joe up the first set of stairs away from the bookstore there will be a box of books in the corner, with the Playboy next to it on the floor.
    2. MALL - Immediately after #9, go through the door and down towards the doors to find a Playboy in the shadows under the stairwell.
    8. MALL - On the roof, in the small room just before you jump down to the fire escape. It will be on the floor next to a shelf on the right.
    7. JOE'S APARTMENT - At the end of the chapter, go down to the dark area with the locked gate to the basement and you'll find the Playboy next to the gate.

    CHAPTER 5 - 3 Playboys
    11. APARTMENT 233 - After using the MG42, go up the stairs instead of down and find a Playboy at the top, just around the corner.
    10. DISTILLERY - First floor office across from the stairwell, on a shelf on the right side as you enter the room.
    12. DISTILLERY - Fifth floor across from where you catch up with "The Fat Man", between two chain link cages on the floor near some chairs.

    CHAPTER 6 - 3 Playboys
    13. HARTMANN PENITENTIARY - From where you start in the yard, go due west and look around the corner to the right. You'll find the Playboy by a prisoner sleeping behind the bleachers.
    14. HARTMANN PENITENTIARY - From where you start in the yard, go south and around the back of the gray shed by the basketball court.
    15. HARTMANN PENITENTIARY - In the laundry room. Find this Playboy on top of one of the dryers after you fight.

    CHAPTER 7 - 4 Playboys
    16. HARRY's ARMY SURPLUS - On the floor near the stairs.
    50. JOE'S APARTMENT - Before Joe takes you to your new apartment, go to the top floor of his building and find it on the hallway floor.
    17. VITO'S APARTMENT - In the second floor hallway, on a side table.
    46. VITO'S APARTMENT - On the kitchen table.
    NOTE: For some people (including myself), Playboy #46 will not appear on the kitchen table in this chapter, especially if you open the door before your landlord does. If this Playboy doesn't appear in this chapter, it will appear either at the beginning of Chapter 8 or the end when you return to your apartment.

    CHAPTER 8 - 3 Playboys
    19. OLD FOUNDRY - After entering the foundry, go west all the way to the back of the area. Just as you turn the first corner, you'll see a shack to your left. The Playboy will be inside the shack on top of an oil drum.
    21. OLD FOUNDRY - Loop around and come all the way back to the east side of the area. When you turn south, there will be a catwalk with a guy shooting at you with a Thompson. The Playboy will be on the ground just before the catwalk next to some oil drums
    20. OLD FOUNDRY - When Joe suggests that you steal the hot rods, turn left and you'll see a set of stairs next to the last building. Go under the stairs and around the building to the right. Near the fire, you'll find the Playboy under a dirty cot.

    CHAPTER 9 - 4 Playboys
    41. MALTESE FALCON - On the bar.
    23. SEWER - While in the sewer on the way to the slaughterhouse, take the right fork as you enter, then you will find the Playboy in the fork to the left just before the tunnel with the ladder out.
    22. SLAUGHTERHOUSE - In the first room you enter on the left hand side near a metal bin.
    24. SLAUGHTERHOUSE - In the far North East corner of the room with the meat counters and butchers.

    CHAPTER 10 - 4 Playboys
    25. EMPIRE ARMS HOTEL - In the laundry area, find the "Daily Room." The Playboy is on the corner of the desk.
    27. EMPIRE ARMS HOTEL - After cleaning the floor in the conference room, Joe opens the stairwell door. Go down to the 16th floor and the Playboy will be next to the security gate.
    26. EMPIRE ARMS HOTEL - On the roof, on the same platform as the motor for the window cleaners lift.
    48. VITO'S APARTMENT - At the end of the chapter, it will be in the larger bathroom attached to the bedroom. You'll find it just to the left of the door in the corner by the tub.

    CHAPTER 11 - 5 Playboys
    47. LEO GALANTE's HOUSE - 2nd floor on windowsill overlooking the front of the house.
    29. LEO GALANTE's HOUSE - 2nd floor bathroom on the basket next to the sink.
    28. ERIC'S FRIEND'S APARTMENT - Bedroom across from the entrance, next to a guy slumped against the closet.
    49. JOE'S APARTMENT - On the floor next to Joe's bed.
    30. HILL OF TARA PUB - Dead end hallway beside the bar, under a box at the end.

    CHAPTER 12 - 3 Playboys
    31. SEA GIFT WAREHOUSE - North of where you meet the Chinese contact at the end of the alley, on the ground behind an overgrown dumpster.
    32. SEA GIFT WAREHOUSE - South West of where you meet the Chinese contact, on the ground between a truck and the loading dock.
    33. SEA GIFT WAREHOUSE - After the cinematic, you'll climb the stairs and go across the walkway. Turn left, and it will be halfway down the hallway on the right, on the ground next to a junction box.

    CHAPTER 13 - 3 Playboys
    34. RED DRAGON RESTAURANT - In the South West corner of the 2nd level of the dining area, above the bar. The Playboy will be on the seat of the corner booth.
    36. RED DRAGON RESTAURANT - When you enter the opium den area, and come down the stairs, enter the lit shanty immediately to the left and you will find the Playboy just inside the door on the left.
    35. RED DRAGON RESTAURANT - In the basement, on a box in the armory.

    CHAPTER 14 - 3 Playboys
    44. VINCI'S BUILDING - After escaping and dealing with all three of the heavies on that floor, head to the South East and look for a palette of cement bags. Go down the little path to the right of the bags, and you'll find the Playboy just around the corner.
    37. VINCI'S BUILDING - Third floor at the base of the stairs, on some palettes around the corner to the left.
    38. VINCI'S BUILDING - After getting Playboy #37, climb up and over the platform and kill everyone in the hallway. Cross the hallway, go through the open door to the left and go south. You'll find the Playboy next to the back wall.

    CHAPTER 15 - 4 Playboys
    45. HILLWOOD OBSERVATORY - First floor, at the bottom of the stairwell. You can knock down the
    barrier that "blocks" you from going down a floor. You'll find it in the corner next to the stairs.
    39. HILLWOOD OBSERVATORY - Rooftop, on your way to the telescope dome turn right and go around
    the edge of the building. It will be in a corner near the front of the building.
    43. HILLWOOD OBSERVATORY - Behind the telescope, in a corner next to the stairs.
    42. HILLWOOD OBSERVATORY - In the well next to the projector in the Planetarium.

    Video courtesy of PowerPyx


  • Find all of the Wanted posters.



    Certain Wanted posters, most notably no58 in PowerPyx's video Guide, can be really glitchy and won't appear. If a poster glitches, then you will have to collect it via Chapter Select. It doesn't help that this game crashes a lot so make plenty of backups. Collect all 159 Wanted Posters. Click below for numbered maps to all the posters. See the Mafia II Wanted Poster Locations Guide for a detailed list of how to find each Wanted poster number.

    Videos courtesy of PowerPyx, click here: LINK for a playlist.

    NOTE: The Poster numbers in the videos do not correspond to numbers on maps/game, Click here for a video specific map: LINK







  • Improve the dockworker's haircuts.

    Near the beginning of Chapter 3, Derek gives you a shot to prove yourself by collecting the "fee for the barber" from the dock workers in the warehouse. After collecting from three workers, a worker named Bill challenges you to a fight. Knock him out, bring the loot to Derek and you'll have the trophy.

  • Show that you know how to treat a lady.

    Right at the beginning of Chapter 5, upon leaving the apartment you'll you'll see a car accident between Joe's "girlfriend" and an angry man. Fight the man and knock him out to receive the trophy.

  • Clean up after Joe.

    At the end of Chapter 10, you'll receive a call to pick Joe up at the Lone Star bar. Shortly after arriving, he will accidentally kill the bartender. Drag Leon's body out to his car and stuff him in the trunk. Drive Joe back to his place, making sure to take your time since the cops will be very alert. Even passing a cop can net you a two star wanted level so easy does it. After you drive Joe home, take a ride out to Mike's junkyard and crush the evidence.

  • Settle the score with the Irish once and for all.

    In Chapter 11 your house will be burnt down. Run away from your attackers and steal a car as soon as you can. Drive to Joe's and recruit him to attack the Hill of Tara pub. After you kill all the people inside, pick up the Grease gun that was dropped by the enemy near the back door. Equip this, then exit the back door to see the Irish leader try to flee in his car. Fire at either him or his gas tank to kill him quickly before he pulls away. If you fail to kill him, you'll have to chase him in Joe's car to finish the job.

  • Pay a visit to an old friend.

    In Chapter 14 you'll receive a mission to kill a witness as a favour for another family. After you eliminate the witness, you will be attacked by two cars worth of Federal Agents and receive a three star wanted level. Deal with the police however you prefer, then drive Joe to his car in Kingston to receive the trophy.

  • Learn what it means to be a Scaletta.

    In Chapter 14 you'll get into a firefight with Steve and eventually Derek. This is probably the most difficult mission in the game, mostly because of the poor waypoint placement. Make your way down the pier, killing Steve and the other enemies on the way by. Eventually you'll make it to the warehouse for your fight with Derek.

    METHOD 1: The easiest way I've found to do this is to immediately run for the far left side of the warehouse, under the platform Derek is on, killing the worker in front of you on the way or from the cover of one of the metal pillars. There will be another goon on the east side in the back, kill him too. Come back towards the front of the warehouse, stopping at the centre pillar where you can hide behind a stack of boxes and a large cask. Edge left around the boxes slightly past the pillar to trigger two guys to run across the catwalk on the west side towards the stairs. Don't move out too far or the guy on the platform above you will kill you almost instantly. Kill the two thugs before they reach the ground, then repeat the process until a second set of guys spawn.

    Now you're ready to make your move. Move to the edge of the platform on the west side of the warehouse, turn around and look up. Using the pink circle that indicates Derek's location as a guide, lob a grenade or two straight up onto the platform using the circle on the minimap as a guide. One grenade should do the trick, two at most. Once Derek is dead, kill any of his men left in the warehouse and the trophy will pop.

    METHOD 2: It turns out there's an even easier way to do this. Start off the same as Method 1 and kill off Steve and all the goons outside the warehouse. Then, before entering the warehouse get in your car and drive off the pier. Instead of killing you, the game respawns you on the pier. What's even stranger is that the warehouse door closes and you can gain entry via Derek's office. You can't be hit by Molotovs while in there and you pretty much have a clear shot at everyone in relative safety.

DLC: Jimmy's Vendetta

10 trophies

  • Complete your first mission in 'Jimmy's Vendetta.'

    Finish the opening mission and escape from prison. This trophy will unlock during the cinematic of your escape.

  • Achieve a 10x point multiplier in 'Jimmy's Vendetta.'

    This is easiest if you can chain headshots together. Keep the chain alive by killing additional enemies before the meter runs out. Once you have a 10x multiplier, you'll receive this trophy.

  • Drive a total of 1,000 miles in vehicles in 'Jimmy's Vendetta.'

    Luckily this isn't tied to a specific vehicle but that is a lot of driving. Once your total distance travelled reaches 1,000 miles you'll receive this trophy.

    unwraper1 has discovered a glitch that currently allows you to get this trophy by falling through the map. Getting the trophy via this method will take roughly 30-35 hours of falling, depending on your starting score. See the video below and this post by AJ1127 for details on where to start. To get the trophy via this method, turn off your controller's power saving function and plug it in to a USB cable to prevent it from turning off for any reason, then I would advise you to do this over several nights or leaving your PS3 on overnight and saving your progress in the morning. To save your progress, simply select "Restart Last Checkpoint" from the start menu, then go to any mission and start it to trigger an autosave. Your progress will be retained the next time you start the game. This has been tested and confirmed as working.


    A map showing where this location is can be found here.

  • Kill your enemies in 'Jimmy's Vendetta' with every weapon available in the game.

    In addition to the guns available from Harry's Army Surplus, Giuseppe's and the regular gun shops, the police carry the M1A1 Thompson that is unavailable in stores. You will need to get at least one kill with all of them. Give them a heaping helping of lead salad with the following weapons:

    .38 SMG
    .38 Revolver
    1911 Semi
    1911 Special
    C96 Pistol
    Grease Gun
    K98 Rifle
    M1A1 Thompson
    M1 Garand

  • Destroy 100 vehicles in 'Jimmy's Vendetta.'

    This will also take a while to accomplish but can be done by either using Grenades and Molotovs or more economically by shooting their gas tanks.

  • Kill 100 enemies by headshots in 'Jimmy's Vendetta.'

    You should get this naturally through working towards the Millionaire trophy because headshots are worth 250 points as opposed to a normal kill which is worth 100. After getting your 100th headshot, this trophy will pop.

  • Finish all Car Dealer missions in 'Jimmy's Vendetta.'

    The Car Dealer missions are represented by the light blue pentagonal mission icons. They will become available as the story missions are completed. Steal the car that is indicated and drive it to the drop off point before time runs out.

  • Finish 'Jimmy's Vendetta' on any difficulty level.

    Complete all the missions to earn this trophy.

  • Earn 1,000,000 points in 'Jimmy's Vendetta.'

    You can see your score total on the map screen in the lower right corner. Either earn 1,000,000 points in "Mission Score" or "Bonus Score". A combination of the two scores will not work, you have to earn the full million in one score or the other. To maximize your "Mission Score", play on Hard difficulty and try to chain head shots together. There are several good missions to focus on to rack up huge scores, like "Kill the Accountant" or "I Got the Stones", which can make up almost half a million between them if you maintain your chains. You can replay missions to improve your scores, but only your highest total for that mission will count towards your score.

    unwraper1 has discovered a glitch that currently allows you to exploit the "Bonus Score" to get this trophy by falling through the map. Getting the trophy via this method will take roughly 3.5 hours of falling, depending on your starting score. See the video below and this post by AJ1127 for details. This can be done while working towards your Explorer trophy as well. See that trophy for details.


    Thanks to M00nkey and Guttsu-87 for the tips. Thanks to AJ1127 for pointing out Bonus Score can unlock the trophy.

  • Kill 1,000 enemies in 'Jimmy's Vendetta.'

    Kill 1,000 enemies to get this trophy. Note that police and civilians do not count towards this total. The good news is that any kills you get in replayed missions still count towards this total so you don't have to worry about running out of targets. In fact, even if you die or fail to complete a mission your total still counts.

    By the end of the missions, you'll likely be about halfway to this total. To farm the rest, stock up on ammo (especially grenades) and do the mission "Account Closed" just above the east side of the Grand Upper Bridge. There is a big alley full of enemies. It will take you about two minutes with grenades to go through this alley and there are upwards of thirty enemies each time. Don't worry about being too careful, just run and gun, tossing grenades at any cars that a lot of enemies are using for cover. If you die or reach the end of the alley, then you can restart from the checkpoint to maintain your kill totals and refill your ammo. Each time you restart this mission it will automatically save your progress.

DLC: Joe's Adventures

10 trophies

  • Finish the Witness level in 'Joe's Adventures.'

    See Arctic Grave.

  • Push the chief witness into the ice lake in 'Joe's Adventures.'

    Complete the first story mission "Witness - Frozen Memories" and eliminate the key witness. During the car chase, you'll drive over a frozen lake with many stretches of open water that you'll zig zag through. Use your car to force the witness' car into the water, while avoiding following him in. You'll get the Arctic Grave trophy immediately upon sending the witness into the water and the What Witness? trophy at the end of the mission. Note that some have reported that forcing the witness' car into the water did not cause the trophy to pop for them. I didn't have this trouble but you can also try forcing the witness' car to stop by getting in front of him, pulling him out and pushing him into the water while on foot.

  • Finish the Connection level in 'Joe's Adventures.'

    The second story mission "Connection" starts on the docks once you've completed the other side missions on the map. Complete the mission and steal the train. The trophy will pop after the cinematic.

  • Finish the Supermarket level in 'Joe's Adventures.'

    Complete the third story mission "Supermarket," which will appear in Sand Island once you've completed the other side missions on the map. Make sure to bring a lot of ammo for this mission. Fight your way through to the office of the supermarket, defend the office then fight your way to the car and drive to the safe zone. There are several checkpoints in this mission so it isn't terribly difficult.

  • Finish the Cathouse level in 'Joe's Adventures.'

    Finish the mission "Cathouse" in 'Joe's Adventures.' Make sure to bring a lot of ammo, because you'll be going from this mission directly into the final one, with large firefights in each mission. The trophy will pop inbetween the two cinematics once you escape from the cathouse.

  • Finish Joe's Adventures on any difficulty.

    The last story mission will start immediately after "Cathouse" and take you to the end of Joe's Adventures. Fight to the top of the construction site and give someone flying lessons. You'll receive the trophy after the ending cinematic.

  • Reach 2000 points for one velocity run in 'Joe's Adventures.'

    You will have to attempt this while a scored mission is active in order to start accruing velocity points. Make sure that you have a fast car, preferably with a supercharger. If you've gotten the mission "Bet On That", the bookie drives a Delizia Grandeamerica you can steal at the end of the mission. New to Joe's Adventures, it has a top speed of 169 mph before adding any tuning upgrades thus making it the fastest non-premium DLC car I've seen so far. Start at the offramp at the east end of the Grand Upper Bridge and follow the long straightaway that leads to the freeway. The faster you go, the faster you'll gain points. Try not to hit anything but as long as you don't slow down below 70 mph, you'll continue to gain points. Just like with Cruise Control, you can honk your horn to cause most traffic to pull out of your way. Obviously this will not work for police cars. The only tricky part is manoeuvring around the turn at the end of the straightaway where you can't see the traffic you're coming up on but after that you should be fine. Avoid impacts and you'll gain 2000 points easily by the end of the route shown, and the trophy will be yours.

  • Reach 200 points for one Jump in 'Joe's Adventures.'

    The strategy for this trophy is much the same as it was for the Get Rich or Die Flyin' trophy in the main game. You will have to attempt this while a scored mission is active in order for your jump points to register. Use the Ascot Bailey with Super Charge tuning. Though it isn't as fast as the Delizia, it's much lighter resulting in a better jump. There are three options for large jumps.

    • A) Go east across the Grand Upper Bridge, bear left slightly as you come off the bridge and cross the street. There's a steep hill that you'll fly off of and easily clear 200 points.
    • B) If you find you have difficulty landing safely without killing yourself, you can also try to use the hill at the end of the tunnel that passes under Highbrook. The tunnel starts in Uptown, just west of the hospital where you get the "Wheels of Evidence" mission. Go North into the tunnel, which will curve to the west. Hit the hill at the end with as much speed as you can muster, and try to land as close to the center of the road as possible to avoid crashing into parked cars.
    • C) As a last resort, you can also try the jump in Sand Island. Starting at the Empire Diner, head north at full speed and hit the large wooden ramp at the end of the street. There is no real strategy to landing properly at this location, other than prayer. Depending on your angle and speed, you could come down on a roof, in someone's backyard, or smash into the side of a building. You'll definitely get the points but whether or not you'll keep them is up to fate.

  • Reach 200 points for one Drift in 'Joe's Adventures.'

    Find a long stretch of wide road, such as the one that runs down the West side of Greenfield. Start weaving back and forth or use the handbrake to start the drift. Once the score starts adding up, weave back and forth to maintain the drift, the faster and further each weave goes, the more points you'll rack up. This is easier if you have a fast car with a supercharger and pump the gas to spin the tires going into the apex of each fishtail to bring the rear end around. Counter-steer out of the slide, and repeat in the opposite direction. You'll need to score 200 points before pulling out of the drift successfully to get the trophy. If you hit anything solid during the drift, you will lose the score and not obtain the trophy. Breakable objects such as benches or small lamp posts will not affect your drift unless hitting them causes you to slow down too much or stop entirely.

  • Reach 10 different score actions in one mission in 'Joe's Adventures.'

    At the end of any scored mission you'll receive a score and a rating based on your performance. Have at least 10 different score actions appear on your scorecard at the end of the mission and you'll get the trophy. Possible actions include: Burning Kill, Demolition, Drift, Explode Kill, Headshot, Insanity, Jump, Kill, Melee Finisher, Melee Kill, Stealth Kill, Vehicular Kill and Velocity.

    The best place to undertake this trophy is on the mission "Going Out of Business" right outside Joe's apartment. For this mission you will need some Molotov cocktails from Guiseppi's and some grenades from Harry's Army Navy Surplus.

    • Start the mission
    • Drift around a corner, being careful not to hit anything.
    • Speed above 70mph to get some Velocity points
    • Hit the Jump near the mission area, landing safely.
    • Turn towards the garage and run over the first thug for a Vehicular Kill.
    • Get out of your car and wait for the goons to approach.
    • Use a Molotov to get a Burning Kill.
    • Use a Grenade to get a Explosive Kill.
    • If there's anyone left after the grenade goes off, get a Headshot.
    • Blow up the cars for a Demolition score.
    • After the cars explode, four more guys will appear.
    • Kill one with a shot anywhere but the head.
    • Run up to any of the remaining ones and get a Melee Kill or Melee Finisher.
    • Go to the Safe Zone and you'll get your trophy.

    Thanks to RadiantViper for the suggestions.

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