YACtastic Trophy in Madden NFL 11

  • YACtastic


    Have over 100 YAC in one game (no OTP)

    How to unlock YACtastic

    YAC stands for 'Yards After Catch'. This means the distance a player travels after they catch a pass. Use the same setup as outlined for Did I Break It?. In fact, you should probably try to do the two at the same time. Throw a shorter pass to give your receiver room to run. This will cut down on the amount of runs you have to make.

    Important: This one has to be done using a single receiver. So recycle the same play every time to make sure you are finding the right man.

    This trophy will unlock at the end of the game.

    Trophies that can be done at the same time:
    Deadly Accurate, Winning Isn’t Everything, Perfect Game, Defensive Dominance & Did I Break It?

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