EXPERT RAUSER Trophy in Luftrausers



    Become a feared level 10 rauser pilot

    How to unlock EXPERT RAUSER

    Level 10 is the max level to reach in the game and you need 108,000 points to attain it. You gain points to kill everything but as far as you can hold the max Combo (20) and killing stronger enemies will grant you with the most points and you will reach the 10th level faster, depending in your skills you should be able to reach this level in your road to beat the Blimp or before you notice it.

    To be honest there is no reason to farm this trophy because you still will need to grind all 125 different combination parts but if you need/have to reach this level faster, then you can customize your parts and select the Laser, Nuke and Underwater parts and keep holding your MAX combo as much as you can killing everything. Rise and repeat if needed.

    Here is the gap between levels and the points required to progress:

    • Level 2: 4,000
    • Level 3: 17,000
    • Level 4: 30,000
    • Level 5: 43,000
    • Level 6: 56,000
    • Level 7: 69,000
    • Level 8: 82,000
    • Level 9: 95,000
    • Level 10: 108,000

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