MASTER RAUSER Trophy in Luftrausers



    Beat all missions and launch the [CLASSIFIED]

    How to unlock MASTER RAUSER


    As of the time I wrote this Guide, this trophy is unachievable and will be maybe for ever. The reason why this trophy is glitched is because the very last mission to beat for the Body part: 'Kill 3 blimps after death' is glitched. You can even use Nukes against Blimps everytime in many games but the statistics will show always 0/3.

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  • I found out how to achieve 'Kill 3 blimps after death '. Equip the Nuke as the body, go to SFMT mode and do a run until the blimp appears. After it appears, you have to damage it before dying and exploding the nuke. The counter will go up. Best of luck

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