BIG SCIENCE Trophy in Luftrausers



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    How to unlock BIG SCIENCE

    Just like SMALL SCIENCE but this time you need to keep completing missions and you will be able to unlock all 25 different parts. Note: You do NOT need to complete the mission 'Kill a Blimp to unlock this mission' to unlock all parts. In fact if you are playing with the different parts and trying to complete different missions every time, you should be able to unlock this trophy in less than your first 2 hours of gameplay. Bear in mind that once you progress though all parts you should be able to unlock the Nuke (Body) and is one of your best allies to complete missions in a faster way, it also can help beating tricky mission such as 'Kill 2 battleships in one game'. Go to the Customize Menu when you are in the Hangar, with or , in any intermission to be able to change and mix between Weapon, Body, Engine parts available.

    Go to SEEN IT ALL for a full list of the available parts and their skills.

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