• Estimated difficulty: 5,5/10 Personal Estimate (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 29 (15 , 6 , 7 , 1 )
  • Online trophies: None.
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 20-40 hours (Estimated Time)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 +Clean Up
  • Number of missable trophies: None. Game has stage select.
  • Glitched trophies: 1 (Dressed to the Nines)
  • Does difficulty affect any trophies: no.
  • Additional Peripherals Required: First Date Requires two controllers.

Welcome to a lovely space time adventure! Probably the most romantic twin stick space shooter quest you will ever depart on. If you are a lonely person don't worry! Your trusty space pet companions will help you out... hopefully. This game is best experienced with someone on the couch and that makes also getting the trophies in this game way easier.

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime was released on steam a while back and it got some mixed reviews. It was also showcased at numerous festivals and gaming events. Do remember that the levels in this game is randomly generated sometimes, meaning that no stage will be the same so it's hard to make a specific collectible guide with that. For myself the most enjoyable treat with the game is the stellar soundtrack by Ryan Henwood.

To find Share-Play partners, head here: Share-Play Partners Thread


Step 1: Play through the game and collect every space friend you can find (Note: all stages have a collectible tracking system so you know what level you missed friends on) and avoid using any gems at all during the campaign 1. Make sure that you are playing on Casual difficulty as it's way easier, faster and does not disable trophies! (You can play on Easy that is even easier then Casual, however this mode is often slower for acquiring gems and collectibles.) Note: Both accounts that are playing earn trophies at the same time besides specific ones like Seat Warmer. Get familiar with Gems and what they do (See Gem chart). Sometimes you can die just because you switched a gem into something worse!)

During this step you will unlock:
Romantic Getaway
Bear-Knuckle Boxing
Wave Goodbye
Belt It Out
Love Has Prevailed
Love is All You Need

Step 2: Clean up a few in the campaign 1 stage 1 by using stage select. Keep the difficulty settings on casual. I included this step as it's the fastest way to obtain the mentioned below trophies in the game, if you have not obtained them during your first play through that is!

During this step you will unlock:
First Date
Space-Man's Best Friend
Clearing the Air
Perfect Date
Seat Warmer
Couples Dance Lessons

Step 3: Clean up the collectibles and the boss specific trophies by using stage select, again keep the difficulty settings on casual.

Do note that Token of Affection Requires you to do the whole campaign, level select disables the trophy.

During this step you will unlock: Dressed to the Nines
Token of Affection
All Creatures Great and Small
Fight With Care, Bear
Underwater Expedition
SPF 100
The Spice of Life
Rocket Science
Warm Embrace
Missile Kiss

[PST Would Like To Thank NightRusticDawn for this Roadmap]

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime Trophy Guide

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29 trophies ( 15  )

  • Collect all other trophies.

    Congratulations love birds you are now a master of space and time!

  • Finish the tutorial.

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    You will get this after the first stage after exiting the portal in the tutorial.

  • Beat any level in two player mode.

    Story related, cannot be missed. Two player mode Only.

    Will unlock after campaign 1 stage 1 or any other stage you started playing with a friend. This trophy requires two controllers.

  • Beat any level with the help of your trusty space-pet.

    Story related, cannot be missed. Single play only mode.

    Will unlock after campaign 1 stage 1 or any other stage you decided to be lonely on. You can still do this trophy Online if you like, but that requires one of you to abandon ship.

  • Defeat Ursa Major.

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    The bear has five attacks first of all is his punch that is relative slow but always seem to aim on your sides from his point of view. He can shoot missiles from his fingers, he can teleport to the opposite side of your ship and lastly he can charge a dash swipe attack that is fast besides the charging. Beware of asteroids.

  • Defeat Cetus.

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    Cetus is actually a boss fight where it's really easy to die. He only has a few attacks but one of them are deadly. You are stuck on a rotation loop around a water globe so keep in mind that you don't need to do any movement at all (besides avoiding tsunami.)

    His attacks are as follows: Yellow mines that stay where he places them, Vomit attack that spawns two bubbles and when popped spawn 4 additional baby versions of him. He tries to bite you sometimes. His main attack is a Tsunami that he does by rotating inside his water orb; first a small wave and then a bigger one and if it hits you it will shoot you straight into the asteroid belt. Keep shooting his weak spots that are red and you win!

  • Defeat Orion.

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    Orion is kind of tricky but nothing to much, sometimes you can be really unlucky and get trapped in a circle of suns that will never seem to hit him as the angles seems to be wrong. All I can say is; stay within the circle and the three obstacles. There is no point in driving around in Lonely mode just keep trying and he should go down quickly. To damage him, you need to shoot the solar flares at him by aiming at the sun. It removes his protective layer.

  • Defeat King Cepheus.

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    Cepheus is kind of straight forward in any mode. Use your partner for shields and you will almost never get hit by his spikes or orbs. The attack to be cautious about is his plasma orb that he charges up. If you stay in it, it will deal 50% health so you die after his second one, but you can avoid it by using the thruster turret, shoot his red orbs then shoot him. It is really a basic boss fight and one of the easier.

  • Finish a level after removing all fog of war.

    Can be easily done in campaign 1 stage 1. Just remove the fog of war on the map, and use the navigation system to detect fog. Trophy will unlock when you enter the heart portal.

  • Finish a level without taking damage.

    One of the more difficult trophies in the game and maybe won't come naturally for people. Not taking damage includes colliding with things in space and of course enemy projectiles. I recommend playing with someone for this as it's easier to coordinate rather then to rely on the pet.

    Play Campaign 1 stage 1 or the tutorial as it's the easiest and just keep trying; you'll get it. (Note: Enemies spawn constantly so you need to find a balance with progression and shooting. Green Warp Gem counts so if it takes damage, no trophy.) If that does not work for you, try the stage Campaign 1 level 3 Wormhole and use the Gumball P as long as you have your pet on the right side and you man the left it should be easy. Put the green core under your turret and the shield on the top.

  • Finish a level without crossing paths with your partner.

    This one should most likely be done in campaign 1 stage 1 as it has less enemies and obstacles to deal with. Easiest way to make sure you don't cross paths is that player 2 or pet is put on shield and you take care of the rest. Just don't enter the shield room.

  • Fill up all gem slots in a fully upgraded ship.



    This will come naturally as you play the game and is collecting friends, around level 8 and you get a fully upgraded ship (Around campaign three). Simply fill all the gem slots and you get this.

    Note: Sometimes in two-player mode it doesn't unlock so just replay it in solo if that happens.

  • Play through a campaign without using any gems.

    This sounds harder then it is. All you have to do is never use any gems but remember not to pick up any gems as you can by accident use them. I recommend not opening the presents in your ship as a precaution.

    You should do this on Campaign 1 as it's the easiest.

  • Earn one of each type of ship badge.

    You get badges by completing campaigns with each of the three individual ships: Gumball, Banana Split and Jelly. The Power up version of Gumball does not count. Also, if you use "Start from level" instead of Start Campaign, you will disable the trophy so no skipping. You have to do all levels in one campaign. Gumball is the classic ship that you start with and it got nothing extra to it. Banana Split divides the ship into two sections: one for player two and one for you besides thrusters and navigation. The layout is a bit different but it's basically Gumball again but with less health. Finally, Jelly that have a coating that prevent collision damage But you spin around constantly while moving.

  • Rescue every captured friend.



    This is a collectible trophy and you must rescue every friend on every stage there is. It should be really easy to do as it can be done on casual mode.

  • Defeat Ursa Major without taking a punch.

    Put your pet on a turret that you've upgraded. Any will do and then put yourself in the shield station. Keep blocking his punches and nothing else and your pet will be able to kill him eventually.

  • Defeat Cetus while its head is underwater.

    Keep an eye on the mini-map it tells you when he is inside the water.

    Keep shooting away his body parts until his head cracks open. This is now the tricky part. You have to deal the final blow when it is submerged, however there is something you should keep in mind. A lot of weapons ignore the water. I killed him easily with the Metal + Laser thrusters as the spiked mines ignore terrain. There is a lot of other weapons that do the same. Find one and use it.

  • Deliver the final blow to Orion using a solar flare.

    Killing Orion is luck based as it is already but hitting him with a solar flare is not that hard if you are lucky. Bring him down as low as possible and then just keep firing at the sun instead of him. The suns flares needs to kill him. make sure to avoid the legs and icicles.

  • Remove all of King Cepheus's shields.

    You need to destroy every red spike ball that circles around his orbit (Yes he is that fat!). Flails and power turrets are good. Something with quick shoot speed is great. Laser turrets can shoot multiple sometimes but they are slower. I had the metal saw blade on my golden turret and destroyed six of them instantly during the spike face when you cannot attack him. (Note: You get is as quickly as they are destroyed. It's easier then the other three last hit requirements.)

  • Use every station in a single level.

    Simply sit on each battle station in one stage and fire away and it will unlock. Can be done in the tutorial or campaign 1 stage 1.

  • Pirouette 15 times in a single level.

    You do a Pirouette move by running past each other, it's hard to coordinate this with your pet in lonely mode but it's still doable. Do remember that it's in a single level so I recommend doing Campaign 1 stage 1 or the tutorial.

  • Throw a gem into a station that is being used by another player.

    Simply upgrade a station that you have your partner using at that time, shield seems most reliable. Can be done earliest in campaign 1 stage 1.

  • Have 10 unused gems in your ship at one time.

    This should come as you do Love Is All You Need. Earliest you will get this on stage 2 after the warp zone. (Note: Presents does not count as gems, but you can save them as presents until you got ten or after Love Is All You Need.)

  • Use three different types of Yamato weapons in a boss fight.

    This is easiest done in campaign 1 against Ursa Major, however you should play a bit more before that stage and collect some gems. I replayed the level before him. When you fire the cannon, just switch the gems in the sockets and wait for it to reload and repeat. Note: You need to have 2 wrenches for this trophy and or three gems in total. (You can get enough Gems from just simply playing the boss stage on Chapter Select. Thanks to BinkUncia for this information.)

  • Escape a white dwarf without shooting or ramming it.

    This will most likely come naturally as you play, otherwise a good way to escape a dwarf is to use the gravitation of another planet or dwarf against it, so you leave it's orbit naturally.

  • Survive after being fully enveloped by a bomb trap.

    Easy trick to do this is to wait near the exit for the bomb to catch up and let it engulf your whole ship before boosting away from the explosion. You don't actually have to have it running for long. Earliest I got this was campaign 1 stage 2 Note: The whole ship needs to be in the green area.

  • Kill 20 enemies with security guns in a single level.

    This can happen at any stage that got security guns; just sit around and wait and let it kill enemies. Remember that it's in a single level. Note: It's really easy to get this during the campaign Orion 3 stage 1 as there is tons of them at that point and cages spawn bad guys.

  • Have 20 cells at one time on the Metal-Beam shield.

    Metal-Beam shield requires the combination of Laser and Metal in the shield station and cells is what you get from absorbing projectiles. Stack 20 of them on it and you should get this. Note: (Walls and enemies break off pieces and they despawn over time. I did this while standing idle and letting turret walkers shoot at me, preferably black ones as they fire 4 missiles each [one black turret walker is not enough; they despawn faster then they add.])

  • Make two Power-Metal missiles collide.

    You get Power-Metal missiles by combining Power and Metal gems into the turret stations. Note that you need 4 gems to do this. This trophy also requires you to Not be playing lonely mode as the pet will not aim for your own missiles. (Note: There is a trick to do it solo but Iit's only doable during the warp sections with the two switches. Put your pet on one and it will keep shooting. Simply aim at the pet's missiles or block the switch and you will get it.)

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