• Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 - some trophies require a bit of luck with the RNG (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 36 (16, 15, 4, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 21-25hrs (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 2+ (one regular playthrough, one for True Ending)
  • Number of missable trophies: 13 - All-Seeing Eye , potentially all bond trophies and thus Chosen Possibility and True Victor
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes, twice on the Vita and twice on the PS3 (2 different countries/regions)
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available.

Lost Dimension is a Japanese strategy RPG that just recently made its way to the west. In it, players will have to battle the mysterious "The End" using a squad of 11 characters. Yet, betrayal is just around the corner.

If you played Final Fantasy Tactics or Shinning Force, you pretty much know what to expect from the gameplay. During each turn you'll be able to "move" your units and perform one action. In between battles, you will get to talk and become friends with each of the other 10 playable characters. The only "missable" trophies are the bond trophies, which are somewhat luck dependant but hard to miss. 5 characters in your party are traitors (it's random each time, and there's no way around this), and you'll lose them throughout the story. Yet, with a bit of luck, each one of those 10 trophies can be gotten in two playthroughs or even 3 if your luck is particularly bad. Forming these bonds leads to the true ending, which entails almost all of the necessary requisites for 100% completion. There are no online trophies so you can rest easy.

I wrote this guide based off of the Vita version, yet the PS3 release has the exact same requirements.


Step 1: Play through the game
The first playthrough you'll unlock most of the story trophies along with at least 5 bond trophies (potentially up to 7-8). Set your difficulty to easy and kick butt while keeping an eye on collectibles to potentially save time. Regardless, some collectibles don't show up until the second playthrough so you will need to be back for this, see The Sealed Truth for more information. Also, be sure to correctly identify all traitors for All-seeing eye.

Step 2: True Ending playthrough
Play the game a second time, this time focusing on creating bonds with the characters who were traitors the first time around, and gathering the remaining Tips files. If one of the characters you still need to create bonds with happens to be a traitor before the fourth floor, you'll need an extra playthrough where they are not traitors to get the true ending. Reaching that point would require extremely bad luck, though.

Step 3: Clean Up
If you missed anything, now is the time to clean up those trophies. Create a new save (don't overwrite the old one in case you still need to gather Tips files) then try again and hope you get the right combination of traitors to get the remaining trophies and whatever else you might have missed.

[PST Would Like To Thank okelfo for this Road Map]

Lost Dimension Trophy Guide

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36 trophies ( 15  16  14  )

  • Acquire all trophies.

    As the description implies, unlock all trophies to get this shiny new Platinum trophy.

  • Strengthen your bond with Himeno.


    Befriend Himeno, the cold redhead. See Chosen Possibility for details.

  • Strengthen your bond with Toya.


    Befriend Toya, the rich guy. See Chosen Possibility for details.

  • Strengthen your bond with Mana.


    Befriend Mana, the fan of everything cute. See Chosen Possibility for details.

  • Strengthen your bond with Nagi.


    Befriend Nagi, the military chick. See Chosen Possibility for details.

  • Strengthen your bond with Sojiro.


    Befriend Sojiro, the doctor guy. See Chosen Possibility for details.

  • Strengthen your bond with Zenji.


    Befriend Zenji, the asshat. See Chosen Possibility for details.

  • Strengthen your bond with Marco.


    Befriend Marco, the insecure kid. See Chosen Possibility for details.

  • Strengthen your bond with Yoko.


    Befriend Yoko, the singer gal. See Chosen Possibility for details.

  • Strengthen your bond with Agito.


    Befriend Agito, the peace & love guy. See Chosen Possibility for details.

  • Strengthen your bond with George.


    Befriend George, the American guy. See Chosen Possibility for details.

  • Unmask the full might of The End and defeat him.



    Fight The End during the True Ending to obtain this trophy, see Chosen Possibility for more info. I was level 34-36 when fighting him, and totally crushed him. Some skills that will make things easier for you are Sho's Daydream (skip enemy's turn), Yoko's Brain Hacker (max stats for all characters) or George with Heroism + max strength + ultimate weapon. Also, always hit him from behind to get damage multipliers. Regardless, don't be intimidated, it'll be over before you know it, in 3 turns at most.

    Be aware: All traitors need to have been identified in your current playthrough for this trophy to pop, see All-Seeing Eye for more details.

  • Clear a quest for the first time.

    Story Related, can not be missed.

    You'll earn this trophy after completing your first battle.

  • Unlock one Gift skill.

    See True Power Unleashed.

  • Defeat twenty enemies together with a comrade.

    The description makes a reference to "assist" attacks, the follow up attacks allies can be performed when in range of the enemy. It's not the assists but the kills what the trophy counts. This will probably come naturally, because you should be trying to get as many assists as possible throughout each and every battle to maximize damage.

  • Score an S rating in a quest.

    You will get this while working towards Perfect Commander. It's most likely that you'll get this through regular gameplay if you're playing on Easy.

  • Complete all quests with an S rating.


    After each battle you will be graded according to your performance, with "S" being the best rank. The key to achieving the best ratings is to beat the mission in as few turns as possible so use defer a lot and stay on the move with your main damage dealers. This is really easier than it sounds if you set your difficulty as easy. You will unlock this trophy as soon as you get an "S" in all battles except the final boss, which doesn't have a rating.

    Note: The "all quests" from the description includes sub-quests and definitely includes the round of quests that only unlock on your second playthrough so don't even bother with this during your first playthrough. The quests not included in this trophy are each character's sub quests, which doesn't matter as it's impossible to get them all on the same playthrough. Each quest (minus character quests) can be replayed at any time so if a quest is proving too hard, then just come back once you've levelled up a bit.

  • Use defer twenty times.

    This will come naturally. "Defer" is a skill all characters have where they can move but instead of performing an action, they will let another character have a turn instead. This is particularly useful when moving forward long hallways or when setting up characters for assist attacks.

  • Discover a Tips file.


    This will come naturally while working towards The SEALED Truth.

  • Defeat an enemy with a berserk character.

    Using your gifts/skills will consume GP (basically mana) and Sanity. When a character's sanity reaches zero, they will go into a berserk state with replenished health and GP. Berserk characters are incredibly powerful but uncontrollable because they will always use attacking skills and fight both enemies and allies. When going for this trophy make sure no allies are nearby, use your gifts to deplete your sanity meter and just watch your berserker wreck everything around him/her.

  • Create a weapon from energy with the Generator.

    Starting with the second floor, you will be able to create or dissolve weapons, items, apps and gadgets at the "Generator" tab. As soon as you create your first weapon, this easy trophy will be yours.

  • Label someone with a red marker in the Vision screen.

    This is another really easy one. Go to the Vision tab => Vision history then press on any character and change their portrait to red but don't worry, you can remove this mark right after. Regardless of whether they are guilty or not, this trophy will unlock right there.


Secret trophies

  • Clear the first stratum.

    Story Related, can not be missed.

    Complete the first stratum and the trophy will automatically unlock after voting for the traitor.

  • Clear the second stratum.

    Story Related, can not be missed.

    Complete the second stratum and the trophy will automatically unlock after voting for the traitor.

  • Clear the third stratum.

    Story Related, can not be missed.

    Complete the third stratum and the trophy will automatically unlock after voting for the traitor.

  • Clear the fourth stratum.

    Story Related, can not be missed.

    Complete the fourth stratum and the trophy will automatically unlock after voting for the two traitors.

  • Clear the final stratum.

    Story Related, can not be missed.

    Complete the fifth and final stratum and defeat The End. There are no traitors on this floor. For tips on battling The End, see True Victor. Also, keep in mind that if you didn't single out the traitors then you will have to face them in this floor.

  • Witness the true ending.


    Beat the game after befriending everyone on as many playthroughs as you need and fight The End after identifying all 5 traitors. Throughout the game, you will get breaks in between battles where you will be able to talk with characters to improve your camaraderie, usually 2 or 3 characters at a time. This is not unlike the social links in Persona games. The actions that raise camaraderie are:

    • Taking the characters on missions.
    • Speaking with them when they have a blue or golden dialogue box (blue is Regular dialogue, golden is event dialogue and raises camaraderie further).
    • Performing their own unique mission which will unlock on the fourth floor (Mana's mission unlocks in the third floor but you still need to get to the fourth stratum to max her camaraderie).

    When their camaraderie is high enough, their unique missions unlock and after, beating that (and maybe doing an extra mission), you will be able to speak with them one more time to get their personal notification of maxed camaraderie and the respective Trophy for each one. Keep in mind you could vote someone who isn't a traitor at the end of any stratum so you can continue to work on their camaraderie but this means you will be one character down during the final battle with The End as that character will betray you. Regardless, once you've maxed camaraderie with everyone, then fight The End to get Chosen Possibility along with True Victor , if you've met the conditions.

  • Clear the game by erasing only traitors.


    In stratums 1 to 3, you'll have to eliminate traitors, 1 at the end of each floor. In stratum 4, there will be two traitors. Your task will be to identify them and the only way to do this is using Sho's skills outside of battle. After each battle, Sho might hear "suspicious" voices if there are potential traitors in that party. If this happens your goal is to identify the 3 potential traitors by switching around members and doing different battles. Once you've narrowed it down, you can use Sho's vision points to confirm your suspicions in the deep vision minigame but you will only get a few points after each main story battle and some sidequests so use them sparingly. Keep in mind, there is a way to "save-scum" your way around this trophy but only if you have PS+ or can make a hard copy of your save elsewhere e.g. to a USB Drive. This is because each time you launch the minigame, the game saves and the point is gone forever with no way to acquire more unless you buy them through Micro-transactions or win more battles.

    Once you've identified the traitors, you need to convince the rest of your team of who the traitor is so they can vote them off at the end of each stratum. These traitors are random each and every time, and there is no way to manipulate the RNG so don't neglect any characters, because you never know when you might have to rely on them. If you fail to identify them, you will have to face them before the final battle with The End and you'll be locked out of the True Ending.

  • Clear all quests.

    You will earn this trophy after beating every mission in the game, with the final battle with The End being included. A whole set of missions (the ones dubbed "memories") will only unlock on your second playthrough and onwards. Be sure to finish every other battle before fighting The End for the last time to ensure this trophy unlocks because there is no post-game free roam, only new game+ where just your bonds and a few gift points carry over. This trophy doesn't take each character's sub-quest in consideration, which is a good thing as it's impossible to unlock all 11 of them in a single playthrough.

  • Unlock all Gift abilities for a character.

    Characters will earn experience and level up after every battle whether they live or die, unless they've been erased. With each level you might earn "gift" points, which can be used in the setup screen to unlock "gifts", the skills and special abilities of each character. In order to unlock this trophy you need to work on making all skills available but not necessarily maxed out, just available. This is easier done in characters like Zenji, Sho or George who have shorter trees but you should be doing this with every character anyway to both give you a range of skills and to unlock the "ultimate" skills which become available after unlocking all of the red, blue or green group skills.

  • Succeed in a Deep Vision.

    Simply succeed on the Deep Vision mini-game where you attempt to find a traitor. In this section, you'll need to chase after a character following their voices, both in audio and text form. If the characters happen to be traitors, the image will turn black and white and Sho will say something along the lines of "[name]... so, you're the traitor?". You will need to do this while working towards All-Seeing Eye.

  • Collect all Tips files.


    "Tips files" are this game's version of collectibles, they are text with lore and character descriptions. Some of them are obtained automatically after beating some battles and some others need to be picked up from the battlefield. There are many Tips files but you can read the exact location of each one here: LINK.

  • Defeat five enemies at once.

    This is surprisingly easy. The best spot to get this trophy is during the one star sub quest "Unknown Mechanism" in the 1st floor. After levelling up enough, replay that mission, run towards the middle and use any area skill to get rid of all six enemies in one fell swoop. If your character can't get close enough to act, use another character and then defer so your main can find the right position. Sho's Rubble Strike or Himeno and Marco's area skills are very useful for this but when your level is high enough, pretty much any attack will do.

  • Perform an attack with five assists.

    As the description implies, you need to attack with one character while the other 5 members of your party perform follow-ups assist attacks. This is easily done when fighting some of the many mech-type enemies, as they have the biggest HP and require many hits to be brought down. All five assists need to hit the target so make sure the enemy has enough HP to survive the first few hits. If all else fails, the final battle with The End during the perfect ending is the perfect place to get it as his HP is massive, he's the only one in the battlefield and doesn't move around a lot.

  • Clear a stage using very few turns.

    You need to finish any battle in 2 turns or less. This will come naturally while going for S ranks for Perfect Commander but in case it didn't, the strategy used for the Multi-kill trophy will work here too.

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