The Ultimate Trophy

  • The Ultimate


    You have won all Awards.

    There are 6 Awards that are given to you at the end of each Career Mode playthrough. Therefore, this trophy will require that you play through the Career Mode a total of 6 times. Wasting as little time as possible, each playthrough will last just over 30 minutes. The Awards are:

    • New Artist Award
    • Concert Award
    • Artist Award
    • Album Award
    • Video Award
    • Song Award

    The Awards are given out in the specific order above, however the game tries to make you think it’s totally random. This will unlock at the same time as  Best song. 

    To start a new Career Mode playthrough, go to Main Menu > Career > New. You will be prompted to type your name, then you’ll get to a screen with 8 doors. The Career Mode consists of 8 rounds (by picking each of these doors) with 5 possible songs you’ll have to sing your way through. The aim of Career Mode is to get your (non-existent) single up the charts from #40 to #1, and your performance in each round will dictate how fast you rise up the charts. Each round is a random challenge, where you’ll have to do one of the following:

    • Sing one of the 5 songs
    • Sing one of the 5 songs in Expert mode (no lyrics on screen)
    • Sing the chorus of one of the 5 songs
    • Sing an extract from all 5 songs
    • Sing one of the 5 songs a capella (no sound at all playing)

    Using the fan trick, all you’ll need to do to complete each round, and each Career Mode playthrough, is press to advance. You will rise up the charts within the 8 rounds, and most of the time you’ll hit #1; however, getting to #1 is not important, you will get an Award per each full playthrough. I know this because somehow my single only got to #2 on one occasion and I still got an award.

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