Numero Uno Trophy

  • Numero Uno


    You achieved a High-Score of at least 9000.


    This should technically be the hardest trophy in the game, but it is made effortless with the fan trick. It’s highly likely that this trophy, and the preceding ones, will unlock during the course of playing each song in Single Mode for the 40 High-Scores.

    In case there is a possibility that the fan doesn’t work for you, to actually try for this trophy, go to Main Menu > Single > Normal. Make sure the  (difficulty) option is set to Easy, and the  option is set to Full (using the short versions of songs will not count towards the trophy). The  option is irrelevant, Vocal will have both music and vocal tracks while Instrumental removes the vocals. The All Lyrics/Split Lyrics choice is also unimportant unless you are doing it legitimately, the former shows every line while the latter removes lines every so often. Use All Lyrics if you actually need them. Pick a song that you are most comfortable with, or that the fan came close to getting 9000 points on, and pull out your best singing performance.

    The individual “achieved X score” trophies will only unlock once you get past the name entry/High-Score screen and the game displays your score.

    For reference, the fan trick got me three scores over 9000 and these were the tracks where it happened:

    • Lilly Wood & The Prick /R. Schulz - Prayer in C (9740 points)
    • Antonio Orozco - Temblando (9093 points)
    • James Blunt - Bonfire Heart (9025 points)

    There were 6 other songs that achieved 8500+ too. The above is not a definitive list and will possibly vary depending on your fan trick setup.

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