The 40 Trophy

  • The 40


    You achieved a High-Score in every song.

    There are 40 songs in total, and you’ll need to achieve a High-Score in every one. To get a High-Score, you need at least 3000 points for that song. This is infinitely easier than it sounds, using the fan trick will get you this amount in each song with no effort needed.

    You will know if you got a High-Score if you see a large “HIGH SCORE” graphic at the end of the song and you are asked to give your name.

    To get the High-Scores, you’ll need to play each song individually by going to Main Menu > Single > Normal. Make sure the  (difficulty) option is set to Easy, and the  option is set to Full (using the short versions of songs will not count towards the trophy). The  option is irrelevant, Vocal will have both music and vocal tracks while Instrumental removes the vocals. The All Lyrics/Split Lyrics choice is also unimportant, the former shows every line while the latter removes lines every so often.

    Do not make a playlist and play each song this way! You will only get awarded points for your specific playlist and not the individual songs on it. Play each song one at a time as outlined above.

    You can check which songs you have High-Scores on by going to the Main Menu > Charts and looking for your name (your completed songs will be bunched together as they are arranged in order of highest score). Also, provided you only play each song once, each completed song will have a small green box with a white arrow next to it, though this can be temperamental.

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