• Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10 (Personal Estimate) - Platinum Difficulty Rating Thread
  • Offline trophies: 46 (39, 4, 3)
  • Online trophies: 5 (4, 1)
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 10-15 Hours (Personal Estimate) - Estimated Time to Platinum Thread
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 full playthrough + 2 partial playthroughs with XP grinding, 2 Online Co-op Missions + 15 Minutes Survival in Open Protocol Mode
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: None specifically, but note that a number of trophies will not pop and may permanently be locked if you play signed out from PSN/not connected to the internet
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, you must complete the Campaign on Hard (Singular Difficulty)
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes, the 3 Difficulty Trophies stack
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats
  • Additional peripherals required?: No extra peripherals required

Livelock is an isometric top down shooter along the same lines as Dead Nation, but much easier. It features a rather generic post-apocalyptic setting, in which humanity's awareness has been loaded into mechanized robots. The story isn't anything to write home about, but the gameplay mechanics and graphics are well done, and the combat is decent, if a bit repetitive.

In terms of trophies, the platinum is a fairly straightforward affair. You are looking at completing the campaign 3 times, or once fully on hard then grinding the last mission repeatedly to level up the other 2 characters. While the latter is arguably the shorter route, it is a bit of a boring slog, so replaying the relatively short campaign may be more enjoyable.

The game features infinite respawns, so you can never really get stuck, and even on hard the game doesn't pose much of a challenge. Probably the most difficult part is finding 2 other players to boost the 4 online co-op trophies - as the game features no local co-op, you will need to find some friends or boost this.

A word of warning (which I learned the hard way) - the game constantly updates in real time, by connecting to a leaderboard/server. As a result, if you play offline (with your PS4 disconnected from the internet or not signed into PSN) some trophies will NOT pop. This doesn't affect all of them, but when I reached level 30 on my first character, I had lost internet connection and the trophy would not pop. Reconnecting did NOT fix the issue, so I had to revert to a previous save. This does not mean you cannot choose to play the campaign in offline mode from the game menu, it just means you must ensure that the game has you signed in at all times.

Overall a fairly easy and relatively short platinum, which can be had at a reasonable price if you wait for a sale.

Step 1 - Complete the Campaign on Hard (Singular Mode)

Choose any one of the 3 characters and start the game on Hard (Singular difficulty) - note that the hardest difficulty (Transcendent) is not required for trophy purposes. Overall the game isn't terribly difficult, so it probably doesn't matter which character you choose, but I would say Hex or Catalyst are probably the easier options.

There are only 21 Levels in the game, with most taking 10-15 minutes to complete.

During this step you will also be aiming to collect all the Audio Logs (there are 16 total in the game, and you can track progress from the Main Menu, but the game does NOT tell you which Level has Logs) and the 6 Chassis Logs specific to your chosen character.

Along the way you will earn trophies for completing the 3 Acts of the Campaign and getting Data Cards through enemy kills.

By the end of your playthrough your chosen Character will likely be around XP Level 27 - replay the last Level 1 or 2 times to reach the XP cap of Level 30 and finish Step 1.

Trophies earned in this step: 26
Script Kiddie
1337 h4x0r
Scrap Heap
Scrap Yard
Ashes and Rust
The Endless War
Breaking the Cycle
Johnny 5
Tomb Raided
Carbon Collector
Carbon Connoisseur
Carbon Cognoscente

+ 3 Chassis XP trophies (Depending upon which Chassis you choose)
and 1 Chassis Audiolog trophy

Step 2 - Reach XP Level 30 with the other 2 Characters

Once you finish Step 1, you will have unlocked all Levels and you now have a choice to make. You will need to select the other 2 Characters, and replay the Levels with the 6 Chassis Logs (see the trophy guide for details), then max out their XP at Level 30. You can either replay the Campaign from start to end, or just replay the final Level over and over. The latter method, while boring, is definitely the quicker route. Playing on easy you should get about 40,000 XP per run, and on normal 50,000XP, and each run should take only 5 minutes max.

The only downside to grinding the final Level is this may leave you more clean-up for the LulzSec trophy, as you won't quite get enough kills to max the Data Cards in your first campaign. Obviously if you did not play on Hard the first time, you will have to do a full second run, otherwise it is your choice.

My recommendation is to do 2 full playthroughs, then 1 XP grind, but ultimately it is up to individual preference.

You should also hit 10000 cumulative kills during this step.

Trophies earned in this step: 8 of the following 11 (3 would be earned in Step 1, dependent upon which Chassis you start with)
The Dream Team
Scrap Mountain

Step 3 - Clean up

If you missed any logs you will have to go back and get them, otherwise the only things left will be to get the 100 Destruction Chain, Equip and Helmet, Alloy and Cape, and complete all the Master Data Cards.

The Master Data Cards simply require you to get a specific number of kills for each of the Enemy Types. This can be tracked from the Main Menu.

After your first playthrough you actually should have most of the Master Data Cards done, but depending on whether you chose to replay the campaign fully, or just grind XP for the other 2 Characters, you may have a few Enemies left to clean up

Trophies earned in this step: 9 of the following 10 (1 of the Chassis specific Audiolog trophies would be earned in Step 1, dependent upon which Chassis you start with)
Hard Hat Area
Fashion Killer
Ice Cream Paint Job
Fully Kitted
Hex Gon' Give it to Ya'
Echoes of Eternity
Break the Internet
Raiders of the Lost 'Log

Step 4 - 15 Minutes of Survival in Open Protocol Mode

This step will require you to start an Open Protocol Endless War Map, and survive for 15 minutes in one run. There are no re-spawns in this mode. Fortunately this can be cheesed very easily by simply running around the map, and should not pose much difficulty. That said, I would suggest using a fully upgraded Character to attempt this.

Trophies earned in this step: 3

Step 5 - Co-op

As the game has no local Co-op MP option, you will need 2 friends to finish the online trophies. This is a very short step, 5-10 minutes max. You will need to complete a Level on hard without dying (choose the first Level, which takes about 2 minutes to complete), and finish a Level with each person as a different Character, and all as the same Character. You can combine these steps so you should only need to replay the first Level twice.

Trophies earned in this step: 5
The Few, the Proud
Just the Few of Us
Few's Company
A Few of the Same

and lastly:
Capital Intellect

[PST would like to thank diskdocx for this Roadmap]

Livelock Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

51 trophies ( 43  )

  • Unlock all Trophies

    As always, this will unlock once you earn all other trophies in the game.

  • Noob


    Reach Level 10 with Hex

    See The Dream Team.

  • Reach Level 20 with Hex

    See The Dream Team.

  • Reach Level 30 with Hex

    See The Dream Team.

  • Reach Level 10 with Vanguard

    See The Dream Team.

  • Reach Level 20 with Vanguard

    See The Dream Team.

  • Reach Level 30 with Vanguard

    See The Dream Team.

  • Reach Level 10 with Catalyst

    See The Dream Team.

  • Reach Level 20 with Catalyst

    See The Dream Team.

  • Reach Level 30 with Catalyst

    See The Dream Team.

  • Reach level 30 with Hex, Catalyst and Vanguard

    There are 3 Characters, or Chassis, in the game. All are unlocked when you start. Each Chassis has unique weapons and abilities, and a slightly different combat style.

    Hex is your all round Character, Tactical class, with a balanced arsenal. Vanguard is a Heavy class, which can absorb the most damage, but also has more limited weaponry, with the default attack being melee. Catalyst is a Support class, a very quick character better suited for flanking and dealing damage from a distance. That said, she may have the most useful specials, and while the default weapon sucks, the dual machine guns that unlock as you play will really shred most enemies quickly.

    Ultimately it doesn't matter which Chassis you start with - I did my Hard run with Hex, although I think Catalyst might have been a better choice. Vanguard may be a challenge due to having no default gun, and ammo not being all that plentiful.

    Ultimately you will need to reach XP Level 30 on all 3 Chassis to unlock this trophy. A full playthrough will get you to around Level 27. The last Level awards about 50,000 XP per run, so replaying this 1 or 2 times will max you out.

    Alternately, after your first full playthrough you can opt to grind to Level 30 by just replaying the last Level. A more boring route, but quicker than replaying the entire Campaign.

    Note that if you do choose the latter option, you will still need to replay the levels with the Chassis specific Audio Logs.

    Warning - this trophy may glitch if you play the game signed out from PSN, or with your PS4 not connected to the internet. I would suggest backing up your save BEFORE reaching Level 30, just in case this does not unlock.

  • Equip first Helmet

    See Fully Kitted.

  • Equip first Cape

    See Fully Kitted.

  • Equip first Alloy

    See Fully Kitted.

  • Have a Helmet, Cape and Alloy equipped at the same time

    As you play the game enemies will periodically drop cosmetic upgrades - these can be Helmets, Capes or Alloys for your Chassis. You can change these from the Firmware section at the Level start.

    Other than changing your appearance, these upgrades do not seem to serve any purpose.

    I believe drops are random, but they do come quite frequently, typically from the Mini-Bosses and Upgraded Enemies. There should be no need to farm these, you will have quite a few by the end of your first Campaign. They will appear on screen as orange cylinders with a bright beacon - they are very hard to miss.

    Simply swap out a Helmet for the Hard Hat Area trophy, a Cape for Fashion Killer and an Alloy for Ice Cream Paint Job.

    Swapping all 3 from the default appearance will then earn Fully Kitted.

  • Decrypt a Data Card

    See LulzSec.

  • Decrypt a Master Data Card

    See LulzSec.

  • Decrypt all Data Cards

    See LulzSec.

  • Decrypt all Master Data Cards

    As you play the game, you will unlock a new Data Card the first time you kill any new Enemy Type. Unlocked Data Cards are tracked in the Main Menu under the Database option, in the Corrupted tab. You do not need to do anything to collect these - the Data Card unlocks automatically the first time you earn a kill for that Enemy Type.

    Once you have unlocked a Data Card, your kills for that Enemy Type are then tracked. To Decrypt a Master Data Card, you need a cumulative total number of kills over the course of the game. Kills in all modes - Campaign, Co-op and Open Protocol Mode - are tracked.

    By the end of your first Campaign you should have Anonymous, and you will likely have reached the target for most of the Master Data Cards.

    A second Campaign run should clean up all but 2 Master Data Cards - there are a very small number of Siege Breaker and Ivan type enemies. Fortunately you only need 25 of each, but you will likely only have between 10 and 15 after finishing everything else.

    Siege Breaker is easy to grind - simply load up Level 2-6 and play until the second node. 3 Siege Breakers will spawn. Kill them, then restart the Level. Kills are tracked automatically, you do not need to complete the Level for them to register. 3-4 replays of 2-6 should clean this up.

    Ivans are more rare. I believe Level 3-1 is the only location and there are only 3-4 instances. Unfortunately they spawn right at the end, during the final Artifact defense against the 3 waves of enemies. There is no short cut here - you'll need to completely replay Level 3-1 5-6 times to finish this.

  • Destroy 100 enemies

    See Scrap Mountain.

  • Destroy 1000 enemies

    See Scrap Mountain.

  • Destroy 10000 enemies

    You will need a cumulative total of 10000 Enemies to unlock this final trophy. All Enemy kills across all game modes will count. This will not pop during your first playthrough, but should unlock during your grind with the 2 other Chassis. I would suggest playing the game naturally and not skipping fights.

    I would estimate there are between 5000-7500 enemies in a full campaign. Accordingly, if you decide to play the complete campaign a second time, this should unlock around the mid way point, probably during Act 2. It may be a bit early or later depending on how you approach the game.

    There is no way to track this, but no farming should be necessary.

  • Destroy 1 Upgraded enemy

    See Terminated.

  • Destroy 10 Upgraded enemies

    See Terminated.

  • Destroy 100 Upgraded enemies

    Upgraded Enemies are basically normal Enemies with more power and a protective shield. They are noted by a bright colored glow during battle. You will need to destroy their shield with bullets or melee before being able to damage them. Typically the shields will absorb quite a bit of damage before going down, and the shield will also regenerate if not damaged for a period of time.

    Assuming you don't skip combat, there are more than 100 Upgraded Enemies in a single Campaign, so this should unlock towards the end of your first playthrough.

  • Complete ACT 01

    Act 1 consists of the first 11 Levels in the game. The trophy will unlock when you finish the 11th Level.

  • Complete ACT 02

    Act 2 consists of 6 Levels, and the trophy will unlock when you complete the 17th Level in the Campaign.

  • Complete ACT 03

    Act 3 is only 4 Levels, with the final Level just being the last Boss. This trophy will unlock during the Credits after clearing the final Level and watching the ending cutscene.

  • Complete all missions on Easy

    See Singular.

  • Complete all missions on Medium

    See Singular.

  • Complete all missions on Hard

    There are 4 difficulty options in the game - fortunately the 4th difficulty, Transcendent, which features perma-death, is not required for trophy purposes.

    Singular, which is Hard (and isn't really all that hard) should be your starting difficulty. You have unlimited re-spawns, so there should be little difficulty getting through the game.

    Note that you can upgrade and swap out your primary and secondary weapons using Carbon collected from killing Enemies and interacting with Crates and Fallen Humans in the environment. Make sure you do this as you progress.

    Otherwise the difficulty trophies do stack, so finishing the game on Singular will also unlock Autonomous and Emergent.

  • 5 Destruction streak

    See T-100.

  • 20 Destruction streak

    See T-100.

  • 30 Destruction streak

    See T-100.

  • 100 Destruction streak

    Destruction Streaks are awarded when you kill Enemies in rapid succession. Go too long between kills and the streak will end. Getting the 5, 20 and 30 Destruction Streaks is very easy and you should be able to do this naturally many times over the course of the game.

    The 100 Destruction Streak is a different matter. In fact, there appears to be only 1 area in the game where you can get this.

    Load up Level 2-1, and proceed into the farm area just after the start. There is a barn with a glowing door that you can enter. In this Sub-Level, numerous small Beetle Enemies will spawn. There are about 120-150 total, so you should have little difficult getting the Streak here. I would suggest using melee to kill them as they die very easily, but pausing to reload can break your Streak.

    I have done a video outlining the above information:

  • Survive 5 minutes in Survival OP Mission

    See Transcendent.

  • Survive 10 minutes in Survival OP Mission

    See Transcendent.

  • Survive 15 minutes in Survival OP Mission

    From the Main Menu select Open Protocol Mode, then Endless War. You will need to survive for 15 minutes during a single run in this Mode.

    This is not as difficult as it sounds, although I would suggest using one of your Level 30 Chassis.

    Once you start the game, just move around the map slowly in a clock wise direction. You can stop periodically and melee or shoot nearby enemies, just don't get trapped in a crowd.

    Rennikz has done a great video showing this technique:

  • Collect an Audiolog

    See Tomb Raided.

  • Collect all Story Audiologs

    The game has a total of 16 Story Audiologs. These are the same regardless of which character you are playing as. Once collected they are automatically saved, and you can track them from the Main Menu under the Database option, in the Audiolog tab.

    The game does not tell you which Levels contain Logs, but they are not overly difficult to find as most of the Levels are quite linear.

    Here is a list of the Audiologs and which Level they are in:

    Level 1-1 (Machine Online) - 7412.6
    Level 1-1 (Machine Online) - 7130.4
    Level 1-2 (Core Uplink) - 2259.55
    Level 1-3 (Recovery Operation) - 2258.42
    Level 1-4 (Destructive Interference) - 47988.0
    Level 1-5 (Last Stop) - 1312.4
    Level 1-6 (Door Crasher) - 40759.5
    Level 1-7 (Limited Edition) - 8130.3
    Level 1-11 (Lights Out) - 8210.3
    Level 1-11 (Lights Out) - 9521.6
    Level 2-1 (Crash Site) - 8390.0
    Level 2-3 (Skyscraper) - 8454.1
    Level 2-4 (Colony Collapse) - 9715.5
    Level 2-5 (Fire In The Sky) - 50893.5
    Level 3-1 (Frozen Wasteland) - 56844.9
    Level 3-3 (New-Moscow) - 2233.04

    If you would prefer a video, please refer to Raiders of the Lost 'Log for a full walkthrough

    Note that all Audiologs are registered as soon as you collect them. There is no need to finish the Level for them to be recorded as complete.

  • Collect all Hex Audiologs

    See Breaking the Internet.

  • Collect all Vanguard Audiologs

    See Breaking the Internet.

  • Collect all Catalyst Audiologs

    In addition to the Story Audiologs, each Character has 6 specific Chassis Audiologs. These are always in the same location, but they must be collected 3 times - once using each Chassis.

    Chassis Audiologs are found in the following Levels:

    Level 1-6 (Door Crasher)
    Level 1-11 (Lights Out)
    Level 2-2 (Data Prospection)
    Level 2-6 (Eye Of The Storm)
    Level 3-1 (Frozen Wasteland)
    Level 3-3 (New-Moscow)

    If you would prefer a video, please refer to Raiders of the Lost 'Log for a full walkthrough.

    Note that all Audiologs are registered as soon as you collect them. There is no need to finish the Level for them to be recorded as complete.

  • Collect all Audiologs

    For this trophy you will need to collect all 16 Story Audiologs and all 6 Chassis Audiologs with each of the 3 different Characters (18 in total).

    StayPationt has done an excellent walkthrough which can be found here.

    Here is the accompanying video, again courtesy of StayPationt:

  • Collect 100 Carbon

    See Carbon Cognoscente.

  • Collect 500 Carbon

    See Carbon Cognoscente.

  • Collect 2500 Carbon

    Carbon is the currency found in the game. This is used to upgrade your Chassis' primary and secondary weapons. Carbon is dropped by all Enemies upon their death, and is also found in Crates and by looting Downed Humans found throughout the Levels.

    Carbon is quite abundant in the game, and you should have all 3 Carbon trophies, either before finishing the first Act of the game, or very early in the Second.

  • Complete a COOP Mission on Singular Difficulty without Reprinting

    Reprinting simply means dying and re-spawning. For ease, I would suggest combining this with A Few of the Same. Use the first Level, which is very easy and short, and select Hard (Singular) difficulty. The trophy will pop for all players when the Level ends.

  • Complete a COOP Mission with 3 players.

    See A Few of the Same.

  • Complete a COOP Mission with 3 players using Hex, Catalyst and Vanguard

    See A Few of the Same.

  • Complete a COOP Mission with 3 players using 3 of the same class

    To earn the Co-op trophies you will need 2 other players online, as the game has no local MP options. You will need to complete 2 missions - one where all 3 players choose the same Chassis, and one where every player is a different Chassis.

    I would suggest combining this with The Few, the Proud. Simply choose the first Level, which is very easy and very short, and play on Hard (Singular). Decide if you are going to all be the same or all different Chassis, then complete the Level. Exit back to the Menu and start again, choosing the opposite selection.

    This should take 5-10 minutes max, but as the game is not very populated, you may well need to boost it. Please refer to the Trophy Boosting Thread if you need to find partners.

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