The servers have now closed, therefore the Platinum is unobtainable if you didn't get the online trophies before that happened.

Estimated Trophy Difficulty: 7/10 (Platinum Difficulty Thread)
Trophies (Breakdown): 48 (36, 8, 3, 1)
Offline: 26 (22, 3, 1)
Online: 21 (14, 5, 2) - Unobtainable
Time To : 30hrs+ (Depending on prize bubble gathering skills + acing skills. Also reliant on boosting the creation trophies)
Minimum Number of Playthroughs Needed: 1
Missable Trophies: None as you can Level Select at any time.
Glitched Trophies: Possibly Expert Creator and potentially Booty Master as well if you're not careful.
Does Difficulty Affect Trophies: No, there is only 1 difficulty.
Do Cheats Disable Trophies: No cheats available
Additional Hardware: If you want to do the prize bubbles offline, then you will need 4 controllers
Online Pass needed for the Platinum?: No

LittleBigPlanet is a game that allows your imagination to run wild and use almost any tools to create a level for others to play. The story is quite fun but the main point in the game is to create your own levels and go online and play levels from other users! There are so many possibilities from making a theme park to your own football match or even create a level that is identical to your own home. It's a game for everyone, from young children to experienced gamers and is fun filled for everyone.

  • I have included the trophies that need more than one player in the offline section. If you do not have the required number of controllers, this will become an online one for you.
  • I have put the trophies that are easier to do online, in the online section. They are possible offline but it is much harder.
  • If you need a boosting partner for any of the trophies, ask here: Boosting Thread
  • All of the trophies involving level hearts and plays as well as your author hearts, will pop once you take control of the controller in your pod by pressing . Also, for these you must set your in-game privacy settings to open so that players can find your game as this will greatly reduce the time taken to find them.
  • If the LBP servers are ever inaccessible it is because they are down for maintenance or just very busy.
  • There are many patches to install for both the GOTY (Game Of The Year) and Vanilla versions of this game so installation will take a while. Thanks to Terminator for the information.
  • You can import all of your LBP items into LBP2 so don't delete it all if you are going to get LBP2.
  • Even though the GOTY edition comes with the Metal Gear Solid DLC, it is not needed for the Platinum .
  • Thanks Terminator for this useful information about GOTY/Vanilla versions: If you switch from the GOTY edition back to the vanilla release then anything you've unlocked from the DLCs will vanish. To get them back you have return to the GOTY edition. This isn't going to happen to many people but I do feel it's worth at least a small mention.
  • Some levels are impossible to complete if the author was too lazy to put in an end-game scoreboard. The only way out of these levels is to quit to the pod.
  • Thanks to Terminator for this useful tip: To be able to backup your profile you have to first use the Export Profile option. The reason for this is LBP saves everything to the Game Data Utility but doesn't create a copyable save in the Save Data Utility until you Export your profile. If you have to get a new Hard Drive or Console for whatever reason, then you have to use the Hard Drive Backup Utility to move the Game Data files else you will lose pretty much everything. This info can also be found here: Can't find my save file ?
  • There is a rare crashing issue that can happen whilst entering community levels: Little Big Planet freezes/crashes ps3 when loading community levels
  • Some of the challenge/survival missions are locked. To access them you will need to find a key. If you follow the path from the locked level to a main level. They key is somewhere in there, they are usually easy to find.

1. Complete "The Gardens"
You must complete the levels in "The Gardens" before you can advance on to any other features of this game. After you complete the 4 short levels, you will get "The Gardens" and "Artist".

2. Tutorials, creating a level and posting it in the boosting thread
Now you will need to complete all the tutorials on the moon. This will give you the "Expert Creator" trophy. During one of the tutorials you will create a monster, make sure it has 2 eyes, 2 legs and a brain for the "Dr Frankenstein" trophy.

If you build and save a level with another player that has a thermometer that's over 30% full, you will get the trophies "Creator" and "Team Creator". Once you publish this level you'll have the trophy "Publisher", plus any of the DLC publishing trophies should you own them. Now post the level in the Create Boosting Thread and follow the rules there to give you a few trophies such as "Look What I Made", "Crowd Pleaser", "Feel the Love", "Celebrity" and "Create". Note: You will only get these trophies if everyone participates, as they should, as the 50 plays will take some time if the rules aren't followed. If you post it at this stage, you will be able to get hearted while you are busy playing the story levels so it will save time.

3. Complete story Levels + Miscellaneous
This will definitely get you "The Savannah", "The Wedding", "The Canyons", "The Metropolis", "The Islands", "The Temples" and "Just Beginning". You will almost certainly get "Forager", "2X Multiplier" and "Cranium Collector". Nothing too hard but there could be a few levels that cause problems see trophy guide and "Play" for more details.

Stick 10 random stickers in your pod on the menu to get the "Homemaker" trophy and finally dress your sackperson with a material and something on it's head and body for the "Fashion Sense" trophy.

4. Online Levels - Unobtainable
My guide co-author TheManUtdFan has designed a level to help you get trophies here. The level is called "16 Easy trophies! TMUF". In this level you will gain: "2X Multiplier", "8X Multiplier", "20X Multiplier", "Hi Score", "Sackbird", "Incredible Height", "Incredible Speed", "Opinionated", "Talkative", "Traveller". It will count towards "Networking" and "Neighbourhood Watch" if you heart the level and him. Also, in turn this will count towards "Share". If you play the level with another 3 players and win, you will get the trophies "Friendly", "Top Of The Class" and if they are all on your friends list "Party Person", if they are not then you will get the "Socialite" trophy.

Play a newly created level with less than 10 plays to get the "FIRST!" trophy. Heart 3 authors to get "Networking" and 5 levels to get "Neighbourhood Watch". By putting a sticker on another Sackboy, you will obtain the trophy "Trendsetter". By playing 150 community levels, tagging 50 of them and hearting 10 you will get the trophy "Share".

5. Prize Bubbles
In First Steps, you will need to use the stickers to unlock the secret race to get the "Secret Stickerist" trophy. Then the long grind for all of the prize bubbles begin. After collecting all of these, you will obtain the "Forager" (If not already obtained), "Sticky Fingers", "Treasure Hunter" and "Booty Master" trophies. During this run it is recommended that you learn the paths through the levels as this will help with the final part of the Road Map.

6. Acing the levels
Finally, the "Play" trophy, you need to Ace all story levels (with the exception of survival challenges). This will be the most frustrating time but if you are patient and follow the instructions in the trophy guide, this will come through persistence and then you will get your Platinum "100% Complete" (Unobtainable). Congratulations.
 [PST Would Like to Thank C-IRVINE-94 and danc for this Road Map]
Metal Gear Solid DLC:

The servers have now closed, therefore the 100% is unobtainable if you didn't get the online trophy before that happened.

-Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10
-Offline: 10 (8 , 2 )
-Online: 1 (1 ) - Unobtainable
-Approximate amount of time to 100%: 4-8 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Number of missable trophies: None, Level select is available
-Glitched trophies: None
-Do cheat codes disable trophies?: None available

The trophy set that comes along with the Metal Gear Solid 4 Level Pack is really nothing challenging. They can easily all be earned in just the one setting by yourself. Having said that, for trophies such as Speedy Rexecutioner and Virtual Survivor, having a friend to help out could make a huge difference. Due to the nature of the game it is not possible to miss any trophies although a couple of trophies are missable in the sense that if you miss a prize bubble (METAL GEAR SOLID® Booty Master) or die, (Ace Act 3 and Act 4) you will need to start the level again.


There are only two logical paths to take for these trophies which are as follows:

Step One: Easy Way - Complete each level
  • Simple enough, complete all 5 Acts. Don't worry about anything else, just enjoy the new levels.
  • Doing this will unlock the levels as well as earn you Rexecutioner.

Step One: Easy Way - Complete all level related trophies
  • Now you will need to go back to each level and complete the respective trophies that you missed which should be: METAL GEAR SOLID® Booty Master, Thrifty Painter, Speedy Rexecutioner, Diamond Hunter, Ace Act 5: The Boss and Ace Act 3 and Act 4.
  • The video guides listed below will take you step by step through the various trophies listed above.

Alternatively, if you fancy more of a challenge and want to save yourself multiple playthroughs you can go for the harder option:

Step One: Hard Way - Complete each level and at the same time unlock all level related trophies
  • If you choose to do this you'll need to ensure you've got some videos open to guide you.
  • You're going to need to destroy the diamonds in act 4 for Diamond Hunter, you'll need to shoot less than 125 paintballs in act 3 for Thrifty Painter and of course collect all prize bubbles and ensure you don't die during act's 3, 4 and 5 for the respective trophies related to that.

Step Two: Mopping up
  • Regardless of how you did step one, you'll still be left with a couple of non story related trophies to finish up.
  • Start off by heading to create and publishing a level with the Paintinator for Paint Sharer.
  • Now check out the new challenge and go for the score for Virtual Survivor.
  • Lastly you will want to fire off 40 paintballs in 5 seconds for QuickFire Artiste
  • While going for all the preceding trophies you should have fired over 5,000 paintballs and therefore earned Paint Splurge. If not simply get into a level and start firing away. There is no way to keep track of it but since it's possible to fire a few hundred a minute this should come really quickly.
 [PST Would Like to Thank Lukey52 for this Road Map]
Pirates of the Caribbean DLC:

The servers have now closed, therefore the 100% is unobtainable if you didn't get the online trophies before that happened.


-Estimated Trophy Difficulty: 4/10
-Offline: 9
-Online: 2 - Unobtainable
-Approximate time to 100%: Variable, 2-5+ hours (The total time required to get 100% will be based in part on your ability to obtain assistance for the "2x" and "4x" Co-op Prize Bubbles as well as complete the 2 Challenge trophies.)
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2 (Although not every level in the DLC requires a 2nd playthrough, a replay of several are necessary due to previously unobtainable Prize Bubbles unlocked by specific Stickers found in latter levels.)
-Number of missable trophies: 0
-Glitched trophies: 0
-Do cheat codes disable trophies? No cheat codes available
-Trophy Breakdown: -9- -2-


The wait is over! LBP veterans and fans alike have finally been treated to a long overdue DLC for this amazing game. New to LittleBigPlanet? No problem! There has never been a better time to get started and what better way than to dive into Davy Jones Locker for some Prize Bubble plundering!

Experienced veterans will instantly find familiarity with this DLC. Those new to LBP will find the perfect blending of swashbucklin' challenges and outrageous fun, all sprinkled with a bit of salt water! The Prize Bubbles are still abundantly scattered throughout each level, some of which can be elusive if you're not paying attention so look lively now! The trophy difficulty is slightly easier than that of the original game (excluding online community trophies). A few trophies will require patience and skill but none are missable and you'll have a lot of fun hunting every one of these.

Pirates of the Caribbean plays very smoothly and fluidly. All trophies unlocked when they were supposed to and I encountered no glitches of any kind. At least 2 playthroughs of various levels will be required before obtaining specific trophies.


Note: After purchasing the LittleBigPlanet Pirates of the Caribbean DLC Kit from the PlayStation Store you may be required to download a patch or two upon booting the game up. Once this is done you will find the DLC under "My Content". Just search for the new PotC icon and you're ready to get started!

Step 1: 1st Playthrough

You can decide whether or not to try and Ace (completing a level without dying) each level as you progress through them or to just casually hunt Prize Bubbles first and worry about perfecting the levels later. Whichever you decide to do, you'll first be required to unlock subsequent levels as you progress through the game. Additionally, it may take a little bit of time to get accustomed to moving your Sackboy/Sackgirl under water. The controls are easy with very little learning curve. But you'll want to practice swimming and moving around while pressing the "X" button for speed.

You can and will drown if you don't grab some air bubbles while underwater. These air bubble locations will be very easy to spot. Just look for large bubbles flowing out of small round yellow vents and grab some fresh air as needed.

"30" means you're filled up with plenty of air but you'll start to see that number decrease fairly rapidly. When your air reaches "0" you drown and restart from your last checkpoint. A lot of underwater sequences are fairly quick but others require that you keep a sharp eye out for those air bubble vents. Try to have fun, though and not panic. There are plenty of vents to be found when you're down deep.

Here are the story-related levels and the number of Prize Bubbles they contain each. Port Royal is available at the start of the game, after which time upon completing, you'll unlock the next level and so on.

Note: Please refer to the Trophy Guide and Prize Bubble Video Walkthrough section for more information.

- Port Royal - 44 Prize Bubbles total
- Pirate Town - 38 Prize Bubbles total
- A Navy Frigate - 37 Prize Bubbles total
- Cursed Bay - 63 Prize Bubbles total
- The Kraken!!! - 13 Prize Bubbles total

When you first get started, if you're in a hurry to focus on trophy hunting and getting 100% as quickly as possible, then you'll want to try and Ace (Again, completing each level without dying) each level and collect as many Prize Bubbles as possible. Try to be thorough. A lot of Prize Bubbles are in obvious locations while others are well hidden. And of course there are Prize Bubbles only obtainable by 'unlocking' with the appropriate Sticker. When it comes to hunting Bubbles the main key is being thorough and keeping a sharp eye out for obscure locations.

Tip: Pressing the "Start" button on your controller at any time can give you a good idea where you're at on Prize Bubble collecting. Select "About This Level" and you'll see what % you're at and how many Bubbles you're missing from that level.

As you progress to new levels you'll find the difficulties increase just a tad. Most are just obstacles that come with a little danger attached while others just require timing and simple solving to proceed.

It is most likely that during your 1st playthrough you'll go toe to toe with the Kraken in, oddly enough, "The Kraken!!!" level. Please refer to the Trophy Guide for detailed information on strategies.

A Note about perfecting a level (Acing): In order to obtain the Ace Symbol at the end of each stage you must diligently complete each level without any deaths. Dying and restarting at your last checkpoint does not count toward the Ace and therefore a restart of the level is in order. Take your time. Familiarize yourself with each level and the obstacles/challenges therein and you should do just fine. Mistakes can and probably will happen but don't let it discourage you.

Step 2: 2nd Playthrough

Initially, you will not be able to get "100%" on "Items" for the first few levels until you progress farther into the game (play through subsequent levels). You will notice very quickly starting with Port Royal that you don't have the correct Stickers to unlock specific Prize Bubbles. Not to worry! The Stickers you're missing can be obtained as you progress through the upcoming levels (providing you grab all the Prize Bubbles!). This is why it's necessary to make trips back to previous levels in order to aquire remaining Prize Bubbles.

Use this opportunity on your 2nd playthrough to obtain any remaining Prize Bubbles/Stickers you might be missing and ensure you've unlocked as many them requiring Stickers as possible.

Step 3: Clean Up

This is where you wrap up the last few trophies you have left. You'll also want to ensure you've completely Aced every level and obtained every Prize Bubble in the DLC. This includes having found help with the "2x" and "4x" Co-op Prize Bubbles. Assuming you've only obtained the story-related trophies you should have these left to complete:

- "The Bends" trophy - Achieve a score of 7000 in the Diving for Treasure Survival Challenge
- "Tributary" trophy - Publish a level containing WATER - Unobtainable
- "Salty Dog" trophy - Complete 20 community levels that contain WATER - Unobtainable
- "HMS Interceptor" trophy - Complete the race in Cursed Bay with at least 4000 points left on the clock.

Specifics regarding these last remaining trophies will be covered in the Trophy Guide as well as videos for guidance.


Well gang, the Roadmap has ended but the excitement and fun has only begun! I hope you continue to enjoy this fantastic and quality DLC as much as I plan to. Please post any comments or feedback if you'd like and refer to the Trophy Guide and Prize Bubble Video Walkthroughs for additional information.
Thank you very much and happy plundering!
 [PST Would Like to Thank Yoshi_Girl for this Road Map]

LittleBigPlanet Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

70 trophies ( 12  54  4  )

  • Complete all levels in The Gardens

    For this trophy you must complete all of the main paths in this area. The levels that you must complete are:

    • Introduction (Automatically played on game start)
    • First Steps
    • Get a Grip
    • Skate to Victory
  • Complete all levels in The Savannah

    For this trophy you must complete all of the main paths in this area. The levels that you must complete are:

    • Swinging Safari
    • Burning Forest
    • The Meerkat Kingdom
  • Complete all levels in The Wedding

    For this trophy you must complete all of the main paths in this area. The levels that you must complete are:

    • The Wedding Reception
    • The Darkness
    • Skulldozer
  • Complete all levels in The Canyons

    For this trophy you must complete all of the main paths in this area. The levels that you must complete are:

    • Boom Town
    • The Mines
    • Serpent Shrine
  • Complete all levels in The Metropolis

    For this trophy you must complete all of the main paths in this area. The levels that you must complete are:

    • Lowrider
    • Subway
    • The Construction Site
  • Complete all levels in The Islands

    For this trophy you must complete all of the main paths in this area. The levels that you must complete are:

    • Endurance Dojo
    • Sensei's Lost Castle
    • The Terrible Oni's Volcano
  • Complete all levels in The Temples

    For this trophy you must complete all of the main paths in this area. The levels that you must complete are:

    • The Dancers' Court
    • Elephant Temple
    • Great Magician's Palace
  • Complete all levels in the Tutorials

    This trophy could be glitched as Terminator points out:

    The Expert Collector trophy can glitch if you're not careful. Make sure you watch/play all the tutorials from start to finish without skipping any videos or exiting early. If you manage to glitch this trophy then you will have to re-watch/replay all the tutorials from the start without skipping them. If this fails then backup your character, delete it from the Hard Drive, start a new game and play through until you regain access to the tutorials. After regaining access to the Tutorials make sure you you watch/play them right through from beginning to end without skipping anything.

    Also there could be a problem, with a fix-around from legendisreal:

    I got stuck on that stupid sound tutorial where you have to stick a sound on the ape cutout and modify it to sound like a chimp, I must have done it a million times and it just never worked.

    I know I'm not the only one, I found stacks of people online who just couldn't get it to work. I tried changing the placement of the sound, the modifier to every possible node, chimp 1 and chimp 2, everything, but now I know how.

    If you too are having trouble with this, try this out - open your Popit and place the sound on the ape cutout like you know you have to do, and then hit circle enough to completely back out of your Popit menus. Now reopen your Popit and select the top left selection tool, select the sound that you've just placed on the ape cutout, and modify it from here to play the chimp sound. Confirm your selections and boom, done and done.

    To access the tutorials, you will need to go into "The Moon" and choose a space to create a level. Once in Create mode, open your pop-it and notice a new "?" icon. Every time you select that option it will take you to a tutorial which you must complete. After all of the following are complete the trophy will pop.

    Credit to CCooper1392631 for the following list of all tutorials that need to be completed:

    Here is a list of the tutorials that you have to find in the popit:

    Under Tools:
    Capture Object (Video)

    Under Gadgets:
    Sprung Bolt
    Motor Bolt
    Wobble Bolt
    2 Way Switch
    Sticker Switch
    Grab Switch
    Three Way Switch
    Sensor Switch
    Magnetic Key

    Gameplay Kits:
    Camera Zone (Video)
    Entrance (Video)
    Score Bubble (Video)
    Scoreboard (Video)
    Checkpoint (Video)
    Close-Level Post (Video)
    Photo Booth (Video)
    Prize Bubble (Video)
    Start Gate (Video)

    (Just click on one of them and the video should start.)

    Pink Floaty

    I got all those after doing the "?" Tutorials and the trophy unlocked.

    I hope this helps.

    Here's a video for further reference, big thanks to raqtor96 for it:
  • Place a sticker

    For this trophy you must place a sticker anywhere. Whether it be in your pod or in a level, open your pop-it, select the sticker icon and choose a sticker of your liking. Press to stick it. You can get this at the same time as "Trendsetter" by sticking a sticker on another player. See "Trendsetter" for more details.
  • Place 10 stickers or decorations in your pod

    This trophy unlocks when you stick 10 stickers in your pod. They can all be the same sticker (i.e not unique). Enter your pop-it, choose a sticker of your liking and press 10 times for the trophy.
  • Choose a costume for your sackperson with at least one item on your head, at least one item on your body, and a material

    For this trophy you must place an item of clothing on your head, body and also a material for your sackperson. To do this open your pop-it, select "Customise Character" and select any material from here, then press to move onto the head, repeat this to move onto the body. Once you have selected an item for all 3, the trophy will unlock. This trophy will also unlock if you choose "Random" when selecting clothes so you don't even need to choose yourself!
  • Collect 25% of the prize bubbles on the story levels

    See Booty Master
  • Collect 50% of the prize bubbles on the story levels

    See Booty Master
  • Collect 75% of the prize bubbles on the story levels

    See Booty Master
  • Get a 2X Multiplier

    Unless you are avoiding bubbles on purpose, it is virtually impossible to not get this by just playing through the story. You do not need to have exactly a 2x multiplier as anything higher will do. The trophy will pop soon after you lose the multiplier.
  • Get an 8X Multiplier

    Along with 2x multiplier it is extremely likely that you will get this through just normally playing through the story. The trophy will pop when you lose a 8x or higher multiplier.
  • Travel at incredible speed

    See Incredible Height! for more details on this trophy.
  • Travel to an incredible height

    It is difficult, perhaps impossible, to get these on a story level, for this trophy, "Incredible Speed!" and "Sackbird" you need to rely on a community level. We have one made which will help you called "6 easy trophies! TMUF". Eventually you will come to a yellow pad with a red button on it. Jumping on this should send you flying in the air. When you land, all three trophies should unlock.
  • Complete a level with more than one player

    This trophy is as simple as it looks. You can either get this by inviting a friend to a game or if you press "Quick Play" on the controller in the pod, you will be placed in someone else's game. Whatever way you find somebody, just complete any level with them and this will unlock. Also, you can use 2 controllers for this trophy and get it offline.
  • Complete a level online with 3 other players who are on your friends list


    This trophy is self explanatory. There are 4 possible methods for getting this trophy:
    • Having three friends who own the game and inviting them then completing a level
    • Join a random game with 3 others and adding everybody then completing a level. If you choose this method you may want to complete one level before you add any of them to unlock "Socialite".
    • Finding and adding 3 people in the Boosting Thread then completing a level with them.
    • A new method has been found here: Party Person trophy w/ 2 controller method - Credit to johncnstntn for the pointers.
    Any of these are fine but if you feel you would struggle winning one of these games, I would personally choose number 3 so you can boost "Top of the Class" at the same time.
  • Complete a level online with 3 other players who are not on your friends list


    This is almost the same as "Party Person" but this time they can not be on your friends list. You can, however, just delete the people you used for "Party Person" temporarily, as long as you stay in the game and nobody leaves and play another level. This means that these two trophies tie in quite nicely or you can just find a 4 player game using the "Quick Play" option and finish a level with them.
  • Win a 4-player game

    While you go for the other two trophies that require a 4 player game, you should also attempt to win a game by getting the most points. If you are using the random people method, try to rush ahead to get any bubbles before everyone else. If you are boosting "Socialite" and "Party Person". This is easy to boost by letting the person who is getting it go first in a level.
  • Complete a community level


    This will unlock after you play any level in the "Community Section" tab for the first time. There is no need to look out for this one.
  • Be among the first 10 people to complete a community level


    Next to the community tab in the pod there is a search option. From there choose "Newest levels" There are plenty, make sure the number next to the little sackboy is below 10 and simply complete a level. However, beware that some levels with 0 plays may have not been tested and may be impossible to complete.
  • Tag a community level


    Shortly after completing a level and returning to the pod, you will be offered a number of words which you can use to "tag" a level so it can be grouped with other similar levels. Just choose any of the tags (or press if none of the ones given fit) and this will unlock.
  • Heart 5 community levels


    To heart a level, press "Add to Hearted" on the level's menu. You don't even need to play the level, you can click on it, heart it, then repeat 4 more times to get an easy and quick trophy, although you may want to play the levels anyway to contribute towards "Share".
  • Heart 3 authors


    Hearting an author is slightly different to hearting a level. To heart an author you must click the author's PSN at the top of level's menu, then click on his/her post-it note when it takes you to their world. From there, click "Add to Hearted" to heart them. Repeat the process twice more for this trophy.
  • Post a comment on a community level


    Before or after a level on its start menu, press right until you reach the comments screen. Simply add a comment to unlock this trophy. However, don't spam the same message in every level, actually enjoy the level and leave constructive feedback for the user .
  • Build and save a level with the thermometer more than 30% full

    See Team Creator for more details on this trophy.
  • Build and save a level with more than one player with the thermometer more than 30% full

    In create mode you have a thermometer, it shows you how many items you can use in the level you are making. For this trophy, you will need either two controllers/a friend in the game. Pick "The Canyons" template and the thermometer should already be filled past 30%. When you are done save the level and both "Creator" and "Team Creator" should pop. The second player doesn't have to be in the whole time as pointed out by Terminator: If you invite a friend whilst the thermometer is already at 30% then add an item or two and save, the trophy will pop.
  • Publish a level


    Go to the Moon and create a level, it can be as complex or simple as you like. After saving the level, view the details of it and press and you will see the publish button. Enter the level name and description and press the publish button for the trophy. The trophy will also unlock if you copy a level and publish it as your own. However, MediaMolecule frown upon this to a degree so they may delete your level and warn you about not re-publishing levels. This is most likely to happen if it is a level based on another game e.g. Final Fantasy 7 etc, so be cautious over which levels you re-publish if any. Alternatively you could re-publish mine and I won't mind.

    If you have the Metal Gear Solid+Pirates Of The Caribbean DLCs, then you can get their publishing trophies at the same time as this. Thanks Terminator for the tip.
  • A level you published was played by 5 or more people


    Once you have published your level for the "Publisher" trophy you'll need to wait for 5 people to play it. You can either wait it out or post your level here and follow the rules of the thread: Boosting Thread
  • Complete all the main path story levels

    For this trophy you must complete all the story levels. You must complete the following levels in The Wilderness:

    • The Frozen Tundra
    • The Bunker
    • The Collector's Lair
    • The Collector

    Altogether there are 26 main story levels to complete.
  • Get a 20X Multiplier

    It is unlikely that you will get this trophy playing the story. Therefore you may need to rely on a community level. There are plenty that may get you the trophy but you can use the one you used for "Incredible Height!", "16 easy trophies! TMUF". The very first thing there are a ton of bubbles. If you collect them all you get an 100x multiplier and 1 million points, earning you this and "Hi Score" if you haven't got it already. The prize bubbles you get for completing/acing/getting all prize bubbles in a level count towards this trophy.
  • Collect 1,000,000 points over all levels you have played

    See 20X Multiplier
  • Collect all the prize bubbles on the story levels

    Potentially glitched

    There is a chance this trophy could glitch on you if the following happens (Credit to morphyngryno for this info):
    This bug is caused by playing a user generated level, letting the inventory fill up with community items and collecting a story related prize bubble. The Prize Bubble will not add the prize to your inventory and when you reach the sticker switch for it, you will be stuck since the game thinks you already have the prize.

    Prize bubbles are the large bubbles that have items like costumes and stickers inside them, don't confuse them with the Score bubbles which are the small blue bubbles that add points to your score.

    This trophy will be unlocked once you have collected all 1097 prize bubbles. Some of the bubbles require 2, 3 or even 4 players! This is difficult even if you have 4 controllers as you will need to control all 4 at once. Some bubbles will be hidden behind objects so you will need to think about how to get them. Here is a Youtube playlist with all of the bubbles involved, credit to FatesInfinity:

    If you are still struggling, here is a text guide by AbsoluteSteve:

    Here is a list of the amount of players required in each level. If the level isn't mentioned then it means there are no multiplayer bubbles in it:

    Gardens: Skate to Victory.
    Savannah: All 3 levels have x2 areas.
    Wedding: Wedding Reception, The Darkness.
    Canyons: All 3 levels have x2 areas.
    The Metropolis: All 3 levels have x2 areas.
    The Islands: All 3 levels have x2 areas.
    The Temples: Elephant Temple, Great Magicians Palace.

    Wilderness: The Bunker.

    The Temples: Dancers Court.
    Wilderness: Frozen Tundra, Collectors Lair.

    If you need any partners use the boosting thread here: Boosting Thread
  • Create a living creature with at least 2 eyes, 2 legs or wheels, and a brain

    This is required to complete a create tutorial so cannot be missed if going for "Expert Creator". As Terminator points out this trophy isn't glitched but can be a little temperamental:

    The "Dr. Frankenstein" trophy can be a little temperamental in unlocking. When I went for this trophy a couple of years back it took me ages to figure out why it wouldn't pop, it turned out that a couple of the components weren't quite in touch with the body. To fix the problem I deleted the entire creature and re-did it from scratch, only this time I made sure everything was securely attached and the trophy popped shortly after construction was complete.
  • A level you published was played by 50 or more people


    After you get the "Look What I Made!" trophy, this next trophy will come after 50 plays. There are 3 methods to get it:

    • Wait for 50 plays on your level, if it is good enough then you will get this but you will need to be patient.
    • Post your level here: Boosting Thread but follow the rules of the thread.
    • Then there's the method I used but you need 2 accounts for it. Go onto your alternate account and play the level from your main account 50 times. This might be boring but it's a definite way to get it. The trophy will pop when you get back to your main account.
  • A level you published was hearted by 10 or more people


    Random people could heart your level if they like it but waiting might take a while. Alternatively, post here: Create Boosting Thread to get this trophy quicker (as always follow the rules of the thread).
  • You were hearted by 5 or more people as a player


    Random people could heart you if they like your level but waiting might take a while. Alternatively you could post here: Create Boosting Thread to get this trophy quicker (as always follow the rules of the thread).
  • Play


    Complete all story levels without dying, with the exception of those levels that only end when you die

    For this trophy you must ace all of the story levels (including the Introduction) as well as the score challenges (levels with the kids face and car thing). The only levels that can't be aced are the survival levels (ones with a photo of the moustached man). This is because they are impossible to ace (they only end when you die). You will know when you have aced a level as you will have the ACE symbol next to it as well as the level complete sackboy face.

    There are 26 main story levels and 21 challenge levels you have ace. Just out of interest to anyone there are 8 survival challenges.

    This trophy is not glitched. If you don't get it then you have missed a level somewhere.

    • TAKE YOUR TIME - It is extremely easy to rush and die in LittleBigPlanet so it is important to take it slow when attempting to ace a level. Many things become less dangerous when you approach them with caution.
    • KNOW YOUR ENEMY - All the enemies have a pattern, whether they have parts moving to kill you or just moving left and right with spikes on either side. Be aware of these patterns when approaching.
    • UTILISE THE ACE SAVING TRICK - PS3T user Drover has posted a very handy trick which can save you if you are about to fall in to a dangerous pit, using it can save you from having to start a level again: Ace Trick
    • ACING TEXT GUIDE - SAAD80GB has very kindly created a text guide to help everyone. Here is the link: LittleBigPlanet Acing Text Guide. Here's another acing guide too for additional help, credit to ScrubsIsAwesome: Ace Guide
  • The levels you have published were hearted by 50 or more people and you were hearted by 30 or more people


    This trophy can be done the hard way by waiting for the hearts on your level and you as an author or you can post in this thread: Create Boosting Thread which will dramatically reduce the time needed (whilst following the rules of course).

    Alternatively you could use this method: Create gold trophy - the easy way
    You could also self boost this using the and a PC and the method that aerindyr has found:Create Trophy in less than 30 minutes (step-by-Step)
  • Play 150 community levels, tag 50 community levels and heart 10 community levels


    There is nothing much to say about this really. If you search for levels with "short" in the title you are sure to find quite a lot of quick levels to speed up this trophy a lot. Don't forget to tag at least 50 as you go along and heart at least 10 to fulfil the other requirements too. Unfortunately there is no way to track plays so you will need to do so yourself. The trophy will pop after you have played your 150th community level, providing you have fulfilled the other 2 requirements like you should have.

    Here are two threads if you need help:

    Playing all 150 levels
    Share trophy

    Searching for "1 Second Level", "H4H" or "P4P" will usually return short levels so this could reduce the time taken for this trophy.

    Note: You must complete the levels for them to count towards the 150

    You cannot heart the level via You must play the level on your PS3 and heart it from there.

    Here is a way of finding out how many levels you have played, from estcartin:

    I did found a way. If you go to and go to you recent activity, it list all as far as I can see. Well you load your whole activity by clicking More button, once you have it all you search for the word "Played". The number of results is the number of levels you have played.
  • Earn all LittleBigPlanet trophies to unlock this platinum trophy


    As always for the Platinum, collect all of the non-DLC trophies to unlock this rare beauty!

Secret trophies

  • Place a sticker or a decoration on another player's sackperson

    The trophy description is misleading! The trophy cannot be obtained by placing a sticker on a random player. It must be on a friend or on a 2nd controller's character.

    This can be done with two controllers offline or online (see ahead for more details). Simply, when there is two of you in-game. Open your pop-it and select any sticker, then position it over the other sackperson and press . Huge thanks to Terminator for the following tips!:

    I've found that this trophy doesn't work with randoms, the person you stick has to be on your friends list else the trophy won't pop.
    You can also do this with just one controller if you are quick enough. Press and hold the button until the menu comes up, then switch your controller's assigned number to 2 from the controller settings menu. Load a sackperson then quickly switch the controller's assigned number to back to 1. You will have about 5-10 seconds to place a sticker on the second sackperson before it disappears.
  • Kill 100 Creatures across all levels

    Creatures are anything which have a "brain" on them which looks like half a score bubble. You should definitely get this by the time you finish the story around about the end of the islands. However, if you don't then play some levels online and search for maps with "enemies". To kill a creature then you have to jump on its "Brain(s)".
  • Unlock the race in First Steps

    This trophy will not be available on your first run through of the level "First Steps" as you will not have the required sticker. On a second run you need to run past the king and humpty-dumpty. Just after humpty-dumpty you will see an outline of a shoe hanging down. Simply enter your pop-it by using , select the sticker icon, look in the switch triggers section for a multi-coloured shoe and then press to select and again to place it on the trigger. Now the race will be available and the trophy will pop. It's best to get this trophy first then Ace the level afterwards, as trying to do both will make life difficult for you.

    Note: The sticker for this trophy is found in the first level at the sticker tutorial.
  • Spend 8 seconds or more in the air

    See Incredible Height! for more details on this trophy.

DLC: Metal Gear Solid Level Kit

11 trophies

  • Publish a level containing the METAL GEAR SOLID® Paintinator Powerup


    Very simple trophy. Go into create and add in the Paintinator Powerup. Once you've selected and added it, publish the level and the trophy is yours. No need to actually spend time building a level.
  • Collect all of the METAL GEAR SOLID® prize bubbles

    The following videos will show how to collect all the prize bubbles. Please note that you will also need the diamonds as they open a door at the end of the level with more prize bubbles.

  • Complete Act 3: The Mission firing less than 125 paintballs

    You can't get this by killing everything so rather than explain it with text, I've included a video detailing what you're able to skip.

    This becomes a serious pain at times, especially when you're trying to get past the turrets. I can't remember how many times I died trying this, you'll get it eventually though. Just follow the video and make sure not to get trigger happy.
  • Destroy the Metal Gear REX boss in under 2 mins 30 seconds

    Beat REX in under 2:30 which is very easy once you know how. This video should tell you that exactly, not to mention the Ace trophy + 100% of the items.
    • At first, shoot at a curve to hit the rocket launcher thing on his back. Your goal is to kill it before it returns into hiding.
    • Then walk up to his front leg while he's shooting green balls, and unload at his leg.
    • With the satellite beams, avoid the first until the target becomes visible and lob your paint balls at it.
    • The final stage is the tricky one, until you know where to stand. Jump up the little slope on your left and manage to balance yourself on it. Then it's just a matter of finding the right angle and bombs away.
    Quickly run to the right, take out the Liquid things and it's a done deal!
  • Destroy the 5 hidden target diamonds in Act 4: The Level Factory

    Find all the 5 hidden diamonds and shoot them in Act 4. Easy enough. Just search around and you shall succeed.

    For the last one, use the launcher when it's at its lowest point. To help you time this, you can jump on the actual launch barrel as it's going down, and just keep jumping up and down until it's at the desired location. The launcher stops moving if you stand on the barrel.

    A really good summary of all 5 diamond locations can be found here. Alternatively if you prefer a visual guide see below:
  • Achieve a score of 3,750 in the VR Survival Challenge

    You have to get 3,750 points in this Challenge level. This is very hard by yourself, very easy with friends. Points accumulate amongst players so grab a buddy/buddette and you'll get this no problem. The video, however, shows how to get it by yourself.

    Just stroll from right to left, left to right as you shoot the robots whenever they appear, all-the-while shooting diagonally to take out the roof turrets.

    Remember, when you die you lose points. About 150 or so and the trophy is based on your score at the end of the level. This means you need about 3900+ points to end up with 3750.
  • Fire 5,000 paintballs

    Straightforward trophy. You will most likely earn this while working on the other trophies in this DLC pack, especially whilst attempting Virtual Survivor. Paintballs fired accumulate across the levels. If you finish all the trophies first, just pull out your paint gun and keep firing it until the trophy unlocks.
  • Ace Act 5: The Boss

    Refer to the video posted in Speedy Rexecutioner which shows how to Ace this act.
  • Ace Act 3: The Mission and Act 4: The Level Factory

    The two videos relating to prize bubble collecting on Act 3 and 4 under METAL GEAR SOLID® Booty Master also serve as a guide to explaining how to ace each Act. Simply follow the video and you will achieve it eventually.
  • Destroy the Metal Gear REX boss

    Earned after you defeat the Act 5 boss. As you need to defeat him in a certain time for Speedy Rexecutioner and without dying for Ace Act 5: The Boss it is impossible not to earn this. For a video showing how it is done refer to the video in Speedy Rexecutioner.
  • Fire 40 paintballs in under 5 seconds

    This is more tedious than it sounds. As soon as you obtain the paintball gun, whip out your best Thumper impression and bash that button as fast as your finger can possibly handle.

    Don't just do it in 5 second bursts but keep on going. You will be like an engine, revving up, eventually reaching the 40:5 ratio.

DLC: Pirates of the Caribbean Level Kit

11 trophies

  • Achieve a Score of 7000 in the Diving for Treasure Survival Challenge

    This Challenge can be completed solo or with a partner. Depending on the skill level involved (and luck), one option might fare better to use than the other and vice versa. Be patient as this Challenge may get frustrating to successfully complete. This is where all your underwater practice from the story levels needs to pay off. Timing is of the essence in avoiding the ascending spikes while trying to grab fresh air from the falling Anchors. The goal is to grab as many score bubbles as you can as quickly and efficiently as possible. Grabbing multiple bubbles in succession will earn you Score Multipliers which can greatly enhance your points very quickly. Be patient and you'll get the 7000 points before you know it!
  • Collect all of the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN prize bubbles

    Obtaining this trophy will require you to collect every Prize Bubble in the Pirates of the Caribbean DLC. See here for the 100% Prize Bubble videos: LINK
  • Destroy the KRAKEN boss

    Rather than explain the Boss strategy for the Kraken I'll refer you to this > thread < which details multiple strategy and tips discussions. It will prove very helpful in unlocking this trophy should you have problems with the Kraken. This same thread should be used as well for the "Ace the Kraken!!!" trophy discussion. However, here's a video of the Boss fight for reference.

    Credit to Miguel_Zorro for this great tip:

    When fighting the Kraken, destroy both cannons on each ship. As long as you destroy the cannons but leave the third target on each ship intact, they won't respawn. In the video, they leave a cannon firing at them on each ship. Using the way I did it, you don't have to worry about the cannons at all.
  • Ace Port Royal

    Requires completing Port Royal without dying. Getting through this level without a scratch is relatively easy. This video will show you the level and Prize Bubble locations. You'll learn the ropes on swimming and navigating underwater starting with this level. Note: There are 3 Prize Bubble Stickers that are otherwise unobtainable on this level unless you Ace Port Royal. These are: Ceramic Barrel Stein, Rigging and Lintel Wall Stickers.
  • Ace Pirate Town

    There are a few obstacles to watch out for in Pirate Town so practice your timing early on. Be patient and continue perfecting your nautical skills as you progress through this level. Note: For Acing this level you obtain the following Stickers: Fat Fish, Long Fish and Cannon Stickers.
  • Ace The Frigate

    Use caution as you make your way through the Frigate. Enemies and obstacles can pose potention problems if you try to rush through it, or get sloppy. Take your time and follow the provided video for reference if you need to. Note: For Acing this level you obtain the following Stickers: Blue Window, Blue Tiles and Blue Low Wall Stickers.
  • Ace Cursed Bay

    The difficulty scales up a bit in the Cursed Bay. There are trickier obstacles this time around but with patience and timing, you'll fare just fine. Note: Once you aquire the appropriate Sticker you can access the Race (activated towards the beginning of the level, just to the right of the first sand dune) in order to obtain the "HMS Interceptor" trophy (please refer to the "HMS Interceptor" trophy description for more information on this Challenge). Stay focused, though, as you're trying to complete this level without dying as well. Note: For Acing this level you obtain the following Stickers: Raggedy Tree, Coconut and Coconut Tree Stickers.
  • Ace The Kraken!!!

    Refer to this > thread < for Kraken strategies and tips. Note: For Acing this level you obtain the following Stickers: Sea Serpent Head, Sea Serpent Tail and Sea Serpent Body Stickers. Additionally, here is a video walkthrough.
  • Publish a level containing WATER


    Acquiring this trophy is relatively self-explanatory. You must create a level that contains the new WATER tool. Initially, it may take some time getting used to putting a level together with water but the learning curve isn't as difficult as you might think. Lots of existing items will just float to the surface unless bolted/glued to something solid so take some time to experiment and figure out what works for you and what doesn't. Once you've finished your masterpiece you're ready to "Publish" your level online. Note: You'll find the new WATER options in the "Global Settings" menu in your "Tool Bag" (the Bag with flowers on it). Move the slider to the right to begin the adjustments (WATER depth and conditions). Additionally, you will not be able to install the new WATER tools (Scuba Gear, Emitter/Receiver, etc) in your newly created levels until you have acquired them from the Water Creation Tutorials.
  • Complete 20 community levels that contain WATER


    Nothing difficult here. Simply play 20 unique community levels containing WATER and this trophy will unlock. In most cases you will not have any trouble finding a community level with WATER in it. However, if you'd like to specifically narrow your search you can type in "Salty Dog" or "WATER" in the Search Box and you'll get more than enough levels to choose from to start playing.
  • Complete the race in Cursed Bay with at least 4000 points left on the clock

    Trophy-wise there is little room for error here, but with practice and timing, you'll do just fine. Learn the race route until you have every little detail and obstacle memorized. The tips provided below the video has been confirmed to save a couple of seconds in this Challenge and should prove most useful.

    Credit to Thali for this great tip:

    I used a bit of a lame tactic after failing it. Rather than planting the sticker to drop the race starting line, progress through the level to the point where you need to raise the ship by grabbing the bubble underneath it. After raising it, head back to the start and begin the race as you usually would. Saves you a few seconds if you're struggling.

    Credit to Miguel_Zorro for this great tip:

    The tip about running ahead and popping the prize bubble, then going back and starting the race again, is a good one but I found an improvement to this. Hit the checkpoint that's up ahead (near the prize bubble that you need to pop). Then on your way back to start the race, make sure you avoid the earlier checkpoint. When you start the race, die on purpose. You'll respawn up far ahead, saving a lot of time.

    Credit to BludgaBoy for making and uploading all posted videos.

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