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  • Champion Milestone


    Complete the champion milestone set

    How to unlock Champion Milestone

    The Champion Milestone set will unlock once you've completed the Gold Milestone Challenge set (see Gold Milestone and while it isn't the most difficult tier, it is the most time consuming. There are 3 challenges in this tier:

    • Deliver a total of 800 products of any type or difficulty
    • Complete the ultimate challenge for at least two clients
    • Have a higher net worth and average revenue than Nemesis Inc

    The first challenge is pretty straight forward. Just deliver 800 products to the Market. They can be any tier (basic, medium, advanced) and all count towards this. If you're looking for quantity, you can set a handful of Basic items to sell, but for the 3rd challenge in this set, you're also going to want some money in return, so be sure to mix and match as much as possible.

    The second challenge you'll be getting naturally as you go for Platinum. There's a good chance you will have already done this with Crazy Steve and Swekia as they're the first 2 clients you'll open up and their tasks are not too overly difficult. Your clients need to be level 5 before their final challenge will open up, which will then be marked with a gold star in the challenge menu of the market.

    The third challenge is by far the most time consuming out of all the challenges you'll do in the game. Nemesis is the fine gentleman dressed in purple and a fancy mustache that calls to bant at you every time you doing something successful in the game. You need to get your factory to a higher value and daily profit than his. You can check these stats in the FERB's Ranking menu (). Nemesis will always be on top (until you pass him, of course) and your factory will be listed under the factory name you assigned it. To get the value up, you need to build and buy, with more emphasis on the latter. The more equipment you have, the more valuable your factory will be. By the time you reach this point in the game, you want to look into building the advanced machines as they're not only more efficient but will also add far more value to your factory than the basic machines. Swimming in Money should still be a priority if you don't already have it so try not to buy too much for this challenge until you have it. If you already unlocked the trophy, then you should have a lot of funds to burn through. You can easily purchase all the machines needed to pass Nemesis.

    For the daily profit, you need to make sure your AR exceeds your AP, basically. In the Economy & Statistics menu (), you can see your daily costs, your current cost of goods (of active jobs), and the expected payout of said jobs. The more jobs you have running, the higher your expected payout will be. At this point in the game, your factory is more than likely a decent size so you can have a few jobs running at one time. While you're playing, there is number just below your current wallet amount. You always want this number to be green to represent that you are in the profit. If it goes red, you need to look at your expenses and see where you're overspending or if you need to start another job to increase your payout. The number of employees you have will also play a factor as you do need to pay them but the more workers you have, the more jobs you can do at once. Just make sure you have ample breakrooms available so they don't pass out from being overworked.

    Again, this one will be time consuming so don't worry about rushing through it. Once you've passed Nemesis on the FERB's board (and if you've completed the other 2 challenges already), the trophy will unlock.

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