Bronze Milestone Trophy in Little Big Workshop

  • Bronze Milestone


    Complete the bronze milestone set

    How to unlock Bronze Milestone

    The Bronze Milestone Challenges will be available from the start of the game. They are as follows:

    • Deliver more than 100 products
    • Complete at least three client challenges
    • Execute a plan with a billboard linked to it
    • Reach Factory level 5

    The first two are pretty straight forward. You'll be using Crazy Steve and Swekia for the challenges more than likely. For the Billboard, you need to unlock that perk in the Research and Development menu. It'll be available from the start and will cost you 2 Points to learn. You can link a billboard to 1 or more of the same machine, then when you're planning out your order, make sure you choose the billboard when given a chance versus the actual machine itself (the blueprint will automatically highlight the billboard when it's available for use). The last one is to just reach Factory level 5 so just keep completing tasks until you've hit that.

    When all 4 Challenges are done, the trophy will unlock and the Silver Milestone Challenges will become available.

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