Creative accounting Trophy in Little Big Workshop

  • Creative accounting


    Survive having less than zero money.

    How to unlock Creative accounting

    If you start to bite off more than you can chew as you progress through the game, there's a high chance you'll start to spend more than you're making, causing your funds to go negative. Once you reach -$5,000, you'll go bankrupt and it'll be game over. To get this trophy, you need to go negative and then get back into the positive before you hit bankruptcy. Luckily, this is actually pretty easy to setup so if you don't get it naturally, you can still get it without much trouble.

    If you don't have any tasks active, you'll still lose money due to having to pay your employees (even they're just sitting around doing nothing). You can idle the game and just allow your money to deplete and once you've reached the negative, sell off any workstation to bump you back in a positive standing. When you do, the trophy will unlock.

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