Center of attention Trophy in Little Big Workshop

  • Center of attention


    Link a billboard to five workstations.

    How to unlock Center of attention

    You'll need to unlock the Billboards perk in the Research and Development menu (). It'll cost you 1 point to unlock, but will be one of the more important items that you unlock at the beginning of your game. It's purpose to to link multiple of the same workshop to each other so all of the work going to them can be evenly split up among the linked workstations.

    If you have a task that requires you to cut square blocks, wood cylinders, and wooden corner pieces but you only have two workstations, instead of doubling up on any one station, you can assign all the tasks to the Billboard and both workstations will work on all 3 tasks at the same time. Again, these are incredibly beneficial to your Workshop, especially in the latter game where you'll need multiple of each workstation just to complete the client challenges within the time limits.

    For this trophy, you need to have 5 of the same workstation all linked to one single Billboard. It doesn't matter which one you choose and you can resell any you don't want after the trophy unlocks. To link them, select the Billboard and click on the image of the chain link. Select the 5 required workstations and then hit confirm. When you do, the trophy will unlock.

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