Horrible working conditions Trophy in Little Big Workshop

  • Horrible working conditions


    Have five collapsed workers at the same time.

    How to unlock Horrible working conditions

    As with a few other trophies, this will most likely unlock naturally, but more towards the middle-end game of your Workshop adventure. Workers will collapse when they become tired and there's nothing to replenish their energy (Coffee/Cola). The more workers you have, the better chance you have to get this trophy. You can remove the Coffee and Vending Machines in your break room(s) to help assist with this trophy but use that as a last resort as again, when your Workshop starts to grow and you hire more employees, there's a pretty good chance this will unlock naturally.

    If you want to prolong the time your workers are asleep once they pass out, remove the recreational items in your break room (TV, fooseball table, lunch table etc.). The more recreational items you have, the quicker they'll recover from passing out. If you don't have any of these items, they'll take close to a minute to get back up, giving the other workers plenty of time to join them in their snooze. Once you have five collapsed/sleeping workers at one time, the trophy will unlock.

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