Caffeine overdose Trophy in Little Big Workshop

  • Caffeine overdose


    Have three break rooms at the same time.

    How to unlock Caffeine overdose

    If you skip the tutorial for Too cool for school, you can actually do this at the very beginning of the game. Otherwise, you'll need to unlock the Construction Tools in the Research and Development menu () for 2 points before you can build walls/create rooms. Your Workshop will by default start with 3 separate rooms, which is exactly what you'll need for this trophy (if you've already placed workstations or loading/storage zones in any of the rooms, you'll either need to remove those or just build new rooms for this).

    In the store, go to the break room tab and purchase any item available. Place it in an empty room and that room will turn into a break room. Do this to 3 separate rooms so you have 3 separate break rooms and when you do, the trophy will unlock.

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