Planetary Historian Trophy in Lifeless Planet

  • Planetary Historian


    Read 20 documents.

    How to unlock Planetary Historian

    There will be more than 20 documents that you can collect while going through the game. Most of these documents will be right in your path. They look like either tape recordings or pieces of paper. There will be a bright white shining light coming from it as well to indicate where it is located.

    If you haven't obtained this trophy by the time you've gotten every other trophy, you can use chapter select and pick up the collectibles that way.

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  • I got this trophy without really trying... just make sure to go to every "shiny" things you see, and you won't have to specifically look out other than the one's you see right away.
  • I did follow the guide and did collect more then 20 but still didn't got the trophy what did I do wrong can any one help or explain what happend?
  • @1: Same here, this trophy is virtually impossible to miss as the game telegraphs the document locations from half the map a way. 2: All I can think of, is that you died and didn't re-collect your recently found documents after respawning.

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