Lifeless Astronaut Trophy in Lifeless Planet

  • Lifeless Astronaut


    Die every possible way on the planet.

    How to unlock Lifeless Astronaut

    Whilst here are multiple ways to get yourself killed, only the following 10 methods will actually count towards this trophy but do note that you have to hit a checkpoint afterwards or else your death won't count:

    • Suffocating in the Landing Site chapter or any chapter where you're about to run out of air
    • Jumping off a high ledge (can be obtained anywhere there is a high ledge for you to die from)
    • Crushed by a falling rock during the Foothills chapter
    • Killed by a tornado during the Town chapter
    • Kill yourself with dynamite during the Research chapter
    • Get killed by a plant during the Wasteland chapter
    • Get killed by the tentacle/hand looking plant in the Dead Forest chapter. This one is when you first reach the forest but instead of going left to where the green orbs are, go straight ahead and into the plant.
    • Get killed by a plant that shoots out the ground during the Nightfall chapter
    • Get killed by one of the spider-looking plants that you can hop on during the Cliffs chapter
    • Set yourself on fire during the Inferno chapter

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  • This video helped me out. This does NOT have to be done in one sitting, or even one playthrough. I died through some on my first playthrough, then used chapter select to go back to specific areas to die a specific way while on my collectible run. I somehow got this trophy WITHOUT dying by a tornado... hmm...
  • For anyone, who is having trouble with this trophy, despite following the guide - die in all the described ways + there is a 4th plant. After following the guide you have: - wasteland plant - shooting plant in nightfall - spider plant (hard to miss) If the trophy didn't pop, go to dead forest. When you follow the main story path you will come to a kind of tree wall. You wan't to pass through the middle, but notice the plant? Do it. This is the plant, that will drag you underground and this one was missing for me.
  • If you didn't unlock the trophy by any means, there's a post by IISkyLanderII right here I've followed it to the letter and had it unlocked right after the inferno death. All credits goes for IISkyLanderII. Cheers!
  • @2: That 4th plant is what I was missing as well but you have to hit a checkpoint after dying and respawning, else that death won't count.

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