Stealth wealth Trophy in LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars

  • Stealth wealth


    Collect all Gold bricks. (Single Player Only)

    How to unlock Stealth wealth

    There are 130 Gold bricks in this game. These are broken down into:

    22 for completing each of the game's levels
    22 for obtaining True Jedi in each of the game's levels
    22 for collecting all the minikits in each of the game's levels
    16 for completing all Bounty Hunter missions
    16 for completing all Republic Assault missions
    16 for completing all Separatist Assault missions
    16 for completing all space missions

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  • Going into outer space to do the space missions and in some of them the gold brick isnt there, does anyone know what to do or has had the same problem
  • I had the same problem, it is resolved by, lets say in maridan, go on the invisible hand and shoot down the frigate that you see. In Ryloth you need to go on the republic cruiser and shoot down some debris and so on. Basically if there is no mission then there must be something you have to do with the guns on each cruiser
  • I thought -when I saw 130 blocks- that this one was going to be the easiest of all the other games, but then I realized that instead of the Blocks that are found on the Hub in other games, here you must collect 220 Minikits, so by now this one is the worst.
  • For the 16 Assault missions per side you need to play 1 of the sides first, finish the 8 missions available and this will unlock the corresponding trophy for the side you choose but will also unlock those 8 Planets for the other side, so go there and now you have 16 missions available, when you complete the planets that are blocked for the other side -the remaining 8- they will be unlocked there, so after you finish the 16 on this side, and got your trophy you must go back to the other side and now the remaining 8 Planets will be available, all the planets will appear as hostile but you only need to complete the 8 you haven't, so just check and see if it is marked or not as completed missions already.

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