Cheat! Trophy in LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars

  • Cheat!


    Collect all Red Power Bricks. (Single Player Only)

    How to unlock Cheat!

    The Red Power Bricks are located around your ship and the enemy ship and are only accessible after you have certain characters and the cost of studs to purchase the brick.

    initboy95 has posted a brilliant thread with instructions on how to get each red brick: Red Brick Locations.

    There is another really quick and easy way to get this trophy and this is to go to this thread, created by bluenose122 (Red Brick Cheat Codes) and enter all the codes for the red bricks. Once you have entered all of the codes, the trophy will unlock for you.

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  • normally i wouldn’t cheat to find the bricks in lego games but man i’m so happy i did for this one. as soon as i realized i would have to backtrack to change my character every time i decided to look up the codes. saved me a lot of time and would honestly recommend it

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