UH OH! Trophy in LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars

  • UH OH!


    Using the Force, take control of a Super Battle Droid and destroy 50 other Droids.

    How to unlock UH OH!

    As a Jedi character you can take control of Super Battle Droids by pressing and using the force on them. Once controlled, just move them around so they are firing at other droids and destroying them. Destroy a total of 50 droids to unlock this trophy.

    Credit to Boris Johnson for the following tip: I found a good place to spam "Uh Oh" was in Blue Shadow Virus, when the Super Battle Droids are spawning out of the side doors you're supposed to lock. Just pick one up and keep destroying the rest until the trophy pops. It's also a good level to get Goldie Blocks.

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  • easy to do
  • Blue Shadow Virus in Free Play Mode, after dropping down into the corridor at beginning of level I changed one character to a Super Battle Droid and a Force character as the other. As long as you don't close the doors the enemy droids spawn out of you will get this in a few minutes.
  • Thanks for the tip....
  • To add on to what RainDeadMaker posted... After you drop down, you need to do a little bit of work to get the two characters reunited in the tunnel. As the first character, don't kill any of the droids in the tunnel. Just get to the end so that it prompts you to tag over to the other screen. Do that, destroy the cover of the hole so that you can jump down into it, and then make your way down the side scrolling tunnel until you use force on the thing above to make a new hole. Jump down, of course, and get to work. You can also work for this trophy at the very beginning of the level in the swampy area, though that'll take more time. -- Yours Truly, Paul R. # Spook Central: The Ghostbusters Companion - www.spookcentral.tk # The Corner Penthouse - www.cornerpenthouse.tk

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